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Crashmo (Nintendo 3DS eShop) discussion [game]
Crashmo on the 3DS
8.86/10 from 7 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Crashmo on the 3DS!

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Crashmo Review (Nintendo 3DS eShop) (8.8)  by  

Started this up last night and made it through the first 30 puzzles (and first ten training puzzles). I dig the challenge. Very good so far.

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11/24/12, 16:09    Edited: 11/24/12, 16:09
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Loving this game! It's really challenging compared to Pushmo... I like that.. I think...
11/24/12, 16:09   
I've got so much on my plate I don't have room for another Pushmo, especially since I've yet to beat the first game! Good to know a sequel is ready and waiting.
11/24/12, 17:12   
I've only had time to play the first 10 stages or so, IE tutorial stuff. It seems pretty fun. I like that it is similar yet very different. I'm a tad bit worried that it will be um... not just harder, but more "open" in what you can do and therefore when you get stuck in this game, it might be harder to narrow down your potential options.
11/24/12, 18:36   
I wanted to download this last night, but not enough money on my account. Was too lazy to get the credit card. I'll pick up a points card next time I'm at Best Buy.
11/25/12, 00:00   
So I'm through the first 81 puzzles, and I like the challenge. The sad thing is that the main "story" will be done before I know it (there's only 100 stages), even though I know the last 19 stages will get brutal (and they aren't a cake walk right now either).

There are extras, but Crashmo feels less beefy than Pushmo. Training mode is a joke. 90 puzzles, the bulk of which can easily be solved (and if you can't, you can talk to Papa Blox's helper to show you how to solve them). There's also Prototypes, which I think consists of forty puzzles (I could be mistaken, but I've only done the first four so far and there only look to be ten). It looks like there's at least one more extra mode, but I haven't unlocked it yet...
11/27/12, 00:53   
Definitely challenging. Some of the 1 and 2 star puzzles are making me scratch my head, tough to imagine 3, 4, and 5 stars!
11/28/12, 00:21   
Holy shit this game is hard. As soon as it stopped holding my hand, I was cold, alone, and positively frightened. Took me a good 15 minutes to solve the first puzzle, lol. Something about Crashmo's puzzle solving just doesn't click for me, like it did with Pushmo.
11/28/12, 16:33   
Yeah it's a lot harder. I'm through the first 87 and I'm absolutely stuck on 88. Skipped past it and 89 wasn't any easier. Wow...

EDIT: On that same note, has anyone else gotten a SpotPass from Papa Blox every day since downloading about the parachute puzzle?
11/28/12, 16:38   
Edited: 11/28/12, 16:38
Need help with 1-6
11/30/12, 00:24   

#26, right? Stand on the small red block and push the big yellow block forward. That'll make it happen.

I'm still stuck on #88 myself...
11/30/12, 00:29   
Edited: 11/30/12, 00:30
@anon_mastermind I think it is because there is no real direction. In Pushmo except for some of the insane later stages you can look at the thing and at least kind of map out what you are probably supposed to do and in what order, even if it ends up a bit different in practice. But you can take steps, and know they are steps foward. In Crashmo you just kind of stare and it and think "where to even start?" and even once you start, you're still unclear a lot as to whether you are heading in the right direction.

Still, it's not too bad. I'm enjoying it a lot, actually. But I think Pushmo is probably the superior game. Though I'm glad they made Crashmo and not Pushmo 2.
11/30/12, 02:47   
I feel the same way. Luckily I'm getting better, I was able to solve the last few puzzles in a minute or two each. Thanks @ludist210 for the help on #26.
11/30/12, 17:41   
So I finished the first 100 puzzles (as well as the 90 training puzzles) and 40 more opened up. They are tough, though they feel easier than the Pushmo bonus puzzles (which I have yet to finish).
01/28/13, 16:15   
I'm slacking, I have the eShop funds but haven't purchased this bad boy. Sounds like its fun like Pushmo so I have to get to it soon.
01/28/13, 16:34   
@ludist210 Yeah this is kind of an odd game, it starts off feeling like it's going to be a lot tougher than Pushmo, but then the difficulty arc isn't really there. In fact, I'd say it almost gets easier as it goes along, at least to a certain degree. I'm pretty far into it and most stages still only really have one little hook you need to solve to solve the whole stage.

I am enjoying it though. It has grown on me a bit. Not at the level of Pushmo, but as a neat alternative.
01/28/13, 21:46   

Agreed. The difficulty curve is there, but it's not as high as Pushmo. I tackled puzzles 101 and 102 within a couple of minutes, whereas the first few bonus puzzles of Pushmo threw me for a loop.
01/28/13, 21:58   
Beat the first 100 puzzles, now on to the bonus set!

I think I liked Pushmo overall more due to the nature of the puzzle design. It allower for more elaborate structures and gives a greater sense of accomplishment for scaling these structures. Also, more Nintendo-themed puzzles.

Crashmo is still great, though. These two will go down in history as an amazing one-two punch of puzzle goodness.
02/25/13, 23:05   
I'm in the 50+ puzzles now, they just introduced the doors. I'm really digging the game! I like how the levels are progressing towards being 3D more and more. I mean, initially you're pretty much always dealing with 1 block of depth, and moving pieces around mostly on the X and Y axis. But now with the doors, I find myself creating basically "tunnels" in the structure to get to the bird. I love it!

I might be liking it more than Pushmo, so far.
02/27/13, 16:04   

Congrats! Now it gets hard...

I'm on 110 (bonus 10) and got stumped, then picked up Fire Emblem. Still going to finish (since there's just 30 more after it), but it's on hold for now.
02/27/13, 16:13   
I finally got around to starting this. You guys aren't lying that it starts out much trickier than Pushmo. I've already had to really stop and think things through a couple of times and I've only done the first 20 stages. Not sure I'll be able to 100% this one as I did its predecessor.
06/23/15, 08:10   
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