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Punch-Out!! (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
Punch-Out!! on the Wii
8.87/10 from 46 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Punch-Out!! on the Wii!

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Hell yeah. HELL yeah. I love this game so much. We can use this thread to discuss any game in the series, since they're pretty similar.

Don't you love games that instead of throwing random BS at you, use one simple yet awesome game mechanic, and polish it to absolute perfection? That is the definition of a classic video game to me. And Punch-Out is one of the best examples of that. It's just so addictive, so purely fun.

Gotta love the characters too. This is how you do racial stereotypes right - you make them all equally awesome and extremely unique. My all-time favorite is Aran Ryan, because he cheats and he doesn't give a shit, plus he's Irish. Can't compete with Irish people. But I also love Piston Honda, Flamenco and Great Tiger.

So what's your favorite Punch-Out game? Mine's chocolate.

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10/13/12, 19:04    Edited: 10/13/12, 19:08
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Best game ever.
10/13/12, 19:54   
Hmm yeah, oddly enough I don't mind the obvious racial stereotypes in this game. I guess because it is to ridiculously over the top and applied pretty equally across the board. Kind of like the Simpsons. You can point out individual stereotypes and say "this is terrible!", but once you look at them in context you realize they are doing it to everyone and in such ridiculous ways that it makes you question the stereotypes. Sort of. Although The Simpsons adds a lot more context than Punch-Out!! does.

Anyway. I definitely love this game. If there was one thing I didn't like, it was that they reused too many old characters instead of coming up with more new ones. But considering how differently the characters play than they did in the old games, it still felt pretty new. It had a very nice challenge level and the "rematch" mode or whatever it was called added so much to it.

Speaking of which, I still need to finish this game. I got all the way up to Aran Ryan on the "rematch" mode but never got further. Not because he was too hard or anything, just that other games came up. Although the fights were getting pretty darn hard at that point...
10/13/12, 20:57   
Awesome game. And really tense. I'm reluctant to ever play it again after finishing all the challenges because it's so nerve-wracking to play. Totally worth it the first time through, though.

I actually did a school report on the use of stereotypes in the game lol. Everybody loved it, EVEN THE WIMPY FRENCHIES.

Next Level Games is the bomb. Well, when they're working on Nintendo properties, anyway.
10/13/12, 20:59   
Edited: 10/13/12, 21:00
@Zero Mr. Sandman on Title Defense is impossible, especially if you're playing on an LCD TV, the lag makes him almost unbeatable. Not quite, though. I beat him but it took me a while

nate38 said:

I actually did a school report on the use of stereotypes in the game lol. Everybody loved it, EVEN THE WIMPY FRENCHIES.
lol awesome
10/13/12, 21:29   

I love stereotypes! They're awesome.

Making it even better this time around was ACTUAL LANGUAGE from their homeland. Pretty neat. I think I actually asked Shamim (as seen in the Quizno's HEELS episode) about one of the things that Great Tiger said. Good stuff!


Theres a lag on those TVs? Goofy. Last time I tried, I got up to Soda Popinski Title Defense without going down. Bah. I've beaten the game a few times. Good stuff. I really liked this game.
10/14/12, 02:19   
After enjoying some original Punch Out in NES Remix 2, I was reminded that I needed to finally play this game. Ran through the first two circuits pretty easily. It's definitely Punch Out, alright, but really nice presentation and even though the characters are the same, they are different enough in their attacks and special moves that it's completely fresh gameplay wise. I'm excited to try the Title Defense stuff that I've heard is extra tricky, but first things first, I've gotta beat the World Circuit.

I'm pretty disappointed that they didn't make a sequel to this game on Wii. I was hoping they were rehashing the old characters to reintroduce the franchise and then we'd get a second one with a completely new roster, but it didn't happen. Maybe on Wii U? Certainly could be even prettier in HD.
05/22/14, 04:52   

On the newly recorded RFN episode 384, I predict that Next Level Games is going to make a sequel to Punch-Out!! on the 3DS. It's not really based on any fact, and is most likely wrong.

Still, they DID open a twitter account a mere couple of days ago...
05/22/14, 05:32   
I'd love even an HD port to Wii U. I'm sure not a lot of people got to play it
05/22/14, 19:33   

They wouldn't really need to clean much up in my opinion. The art-style of the game already looked great on the Wii. I think it would translate to the Wii U. I'd buy it again.
05/22/14, 19:37   
@ludist210 My thoughts exactly.
05/23/14, 00:10   
Yeah, sequel would be nice.. I'd prefer Wii U, of course, but..


Title Defense is a whole new cup'a Joe. GLASS JOE!
05/23/14, 00:30   
Credits have rolled, but we know that's not the real end. Took me three tries to beat Glass Joe+. This will be fun.
05/24/14, 19:15   
That reminds me, I still need to finish this game. I got up to erm... I dunno, pretty far into the "rematch" stuff but other games came along and it got lost in the shuffle.
05/24/14, 21:29   
Man, Great Tiger in Title Defense mode was a tough one. I thought I had him beat many times only for him to get up at the last minute and ruin everything. Finally took him down though.

I just noticed that there's some kind of challenge mode in Exhibition after you've beaten someone. Anyone try that? Looks like it could be pretty fun.
05/26/14, 19:26   
@Jargon Yeah, it's great! Each fight has three achievements, and they almost always push you to learn some new quirk in the boss's pattern, or they tell you how many different stars you can earn. I got 'em all!
05/26/14, 19:31   

Contrary to what Nate says, I found the challenges to be hair-removing. Maybe I'm just TERRIBLE at them, but the frustration was too much for me. If Nate found success, AWESOME.

--Yeah, I think Disco Kid has something like 7 different ways to get Stars? Good grief.
05/26/14, 23:48   
Phew, barely survived Bald Bull on the second go around. What a dastardly fiend.

I'm expecting Super Macho Man to give me fits. I've always been good at dodging his classic spinning attack, but who knows how they'll switch things up!
05/28/14, 05:39   

TDBB is wild. When I play Punch-Out!! (now), I restart a character and go from scratch. My last run I went undefeated until I got to NORMAL Bald Bull, I think. My timing is off. I could probably use a few more reps.

Do you like that aspect of the game? I thought it was one of the coolest things; I always wondered why we never defended our title!
05/28/14, 18:50   
I think it's great. The initial run to the belt is probably enough for a lot of people who just want to enjoy the presentation with only a small amount of challenge, but the title defense gives seasoned Punch Out!! vets like us something to really sink into. I'm having a lot of fun and thinking about it when I'm not playing it, which is a tell tale sign that I'm hooked.
05/28/14, 19:01   

How'd you like the Credits theme/game? I really liked it a lot. GREAT TUNE.
05/28/14, 19:10   
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