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Zen Pinball 3D (Nintendo 3DS eShop) discussion [game]
Zen Pinball 3D on the 3DS
8.5/10 from 10 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Zen Pinball 3D on the 3DS!

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This game has finally hit the North American eShop and it's pretty fantastic... four fun, quality tables in 3D for $6.99.

I've already put a couple hours into it and I'd have to say that Excalibur is my favorite of the tables so far. There's a lot of fun toys and modes that aren't too difficult to unlock. The physics are well done and the graphics are pretty nice, though perhaps not quite up to Farsight's efforts with The Williams Collection.

I was hoping to get my hands on Pinball Arcade soon, but it looks like that's going to be a little delayed on the platforms that I have access to, so it's nice to have a quality pinball game like this to tide me over. I guess it is also going to support DLC tables in the future. Good stuff.

If you like pinball, you should probably buy this.

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01/13/12, 10:11    Edited: 02/21/12, 17:15
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Game looks good. And I was initially struck by how small everything is, but I guess you can get used to anything.

I only played the table on the bottom right, and got the NW high score... for now!
01/13/12, 10:23   
Yeah. I poured many hours into The Williams Collection on 3DS, so I think I was already prepared for that... it's kind of worth it for the portability and 3D effect.

I have the 4th best score in "my country" on Earth Defense... well see how long that lasts, considering it's not even 1/10th of the overall best score. haha.
01/13/12, 10:26   
Edited: 01/13/12, 14:13
So...wait. There's online leaderboards? I'm not usually one to play pinball on consoles or portables, but I might bite at this one.
01/13/12, 16:07   
Yep, online leaderboards as robust as the ones in the PSN version.
01/13/12, 16:20   

Wow, really? Is that... a good thing?

Serious question, I'm honestly asking.
01/13/12, 17:39   

Yes it is.
01/13/12, 18:09   
I almost bought this last night, for some reason I resisted. The 3D in the trailer looks really awesome.
01/13/12, 18:58   

Wait a minute, I thought I had a "Mikey" on my friend leaderboards...
01/13/12, 19:14   
I've always disliked the analog buttons introduced by the DualShock 2. I always felt that they were a little less responsive for digital applications, and I sometimes felt like I had to press them harder to make them register the input. Or for racing games, all of a sudden I'd realize I wasn't going as fast as I could because I wasn't holding the button down hard enough. Very annoying.

The one use I liked for them, though, is for the plunger in the PSN version of Zen Pinball: the pressure determines how far back you pull it. It works and feels great.

And I miss it.

You can use the circle pad to do a similar thing, but it's not the same. It doesn't feel right, and not just because it's on the left when the plunger is on the right. There's also a delay between when you let it go and when the plunger shoots the ball. Heh.

01/13/12, 20:34   
There better not be an imposter among us! Is there a difference in frame rate with 3D on and off?
01/13/12, 20:50   
lol, "3D off".

I don't know, but I'm satisfied with the framerate with 3D on.
01/13/12, 20:53   
The game looks like a mess with the 3D off... wouldn't be worth it.
01/13/12, 21:42   
So the 3D is nice? And are the tables retreads from any of the Farsight collections?

Damn, now I want to play Perfect Dark...
01/14/12, 03:11   

They're Zen Pinball tables. I've seen them before in... Zen Pinball. Look them up if you want to check if they're also in their XBLA games.

And I really, really like the 3D. It looks fantastic.
01/14/12, 03:16   
Yeah, I prefer Farsight's work, but you have to give Zen credit. Farsight just recreates proven tables while Zen makes their own. I can safely say I'll continue to support the work of both studios.

One thing I'm not digging about Zen Pinball is the fact that nudging seems to do so little... almost not even worth bothering.
01/14/12, 03:54   
Oops, I got the devs mixed up.
01/14/12, 03:57   
Well, I presume you can at least use a button to tilt the table, which is a step up from Pinball Pulse.
01/14/12, 04:17   
I bought it this morning. So far, so good!
01/14/12, 20:18   
A word of warning: I started playing on the bus, far from wi-fi, then got home (where there is wi-fi), lost, then checked the leaderboards.

My score wasn't on it. Looks like to get on the online leaderboards, you have to start and complete a game within wi-fi range. I can't say I like that. It means you don't get to show off any high score you get when offline!
01/14/12, 20:31   
Maybe there is an option to submit your latest scores or something?
01/14/12, 20:48   
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