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New Year Donation Drive
So I basically decided long ago that I'm not going to constantly hit you guys up for donations. As long as I'm breaking even on the site (and I am... see below!) then I'm cool. It'd be nice to bring in a bit for the work I put into the site as well as years of funding it out of pocket, but whateverz. I'm not going to shove it down anyone's throat. Yet breaking even does require some donations, so I think maybe once a year or so I'll remind everyone that donations exist and yes, you... even you... can donate! If you want to. So here is the link for donations, if you're interested.

I appreciate you all!!! It's been a great ride so far, and I don't know what I'd do without Negative World! (Other than have a lot more free time.)

-Zero aka Andrew

PS. Please feel free to bump this thread with any comments, concerns, etc. so that it stays on the front page. Otherwise I might have to sticky it and I know how much you all hate sticky threads!!!

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01/02/12, 00:09    Edited: 03/25/24, 18:57
You need a big banner up the top. Your face and "A personal appeal from Negative World founder Andrew Nee"

....I don't know why but I think that would be funny

..Also make new NEQ levels paid DLC
01/02/12, 00:32   
Edited: 01/02/12, 00:32
I'm just glad the podcast isn't driving up your costs too much.

Wait, that means it's not popular enough...

01/02/12, 00:33   
@Shadowlink Fine, append this on somewhere...

A personal message from Negative World's founder...

01/02/12, 00:46   
Edited: 01/02/12, 00:55

I want to see that guy battle this guy.

01/02/12, 00:52   
01/02/12, 01:21   
But mine is funnier! Except not. Yours is actually funnier, by not trying to be funny.
01/02/12, 01:24   
It's like Trapped in the Closet.
01/02/12, 01:27   
I donated just because of that picture. I'm serious.
01/02/12, 08:03   
I wish that mustache was real. Make it happen!
01/02/12, 13:42   
I donated some money to Negative World a few months ago
01/03/12, 01:51   
HHhhm. This month I got some extra $$ from work. Could be the sub hours I put in. I might be able to do some damage here if I earn extra moolah by the end of the month.
01/03/12, 06:59   
Edited: 01/03/12, 07:00
I donated some monies. While I don't have the time to contribute actual content toward the site, I can at least contribute financially. I've been freeloading too long.
01/04/12, 03:27   
I will donate one dollar!

01/04/12, 13:26   
Edited: 01/04/12, 13:27
I will donate Zero dollars:

I think I'll do $10 again.
01/08/12, 00:32   
I donated $20.
01/11/12, 05:49   
This drive seems to have done well. Nice.
01/23/12, 07:16   
The drive ends at the end of the month. I suppose. Though of course you guys can donate whenever you want.
01/30/12, 22:22   
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