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Dead Space: Extraction (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
7.68/10 from 12 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Dead Space: Extraction on the Wii!

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So maybe it's because the last rail shooter I played was Panzer Dragoon Orta on the Xbox or maybe I'm just a soulless gamer, however I'm am absolutely loving Extraction. I just beat the fifth chapter so I'm guessing I'm close to half way there and thusfar this game has been an absolute riot.

I don't get what the hate is for rail shooters if they are done this well. It tells a story in a very compelling manner and as far as narrative is concerned I think Extraction does as good of a job of it as any non rail shooter I've seen in the action genre. Sure it's kind of campy, but that's the point. Carlos might crucify me for this however honestly it's holding my attention better than the "real" Dead Space on my PC.

Did everyone else here like this or what was the consensus, because I fucking love it. Being as such are there any other rail shooters that I should pick up that are as good or close to as good as this? How is the House of the Dead game? Any other suggestions? Thoughts?

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Posted: 02/10/11, 06:52:52
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I thought it was a neat, unique interactive experience with a decent narrative, but I wouldn't necessarily call it a kick-ass 'game', because I didn't think the gameplay itself was kick-ass.

Different criteria for different folks, I guess, but when people like the RebelFM guys call this the best game on the Wii, or whatever, I have to shake my head. It kind of reminds me of people who bought a Gamecube solely for Twin Snakes, Resident Evil, and Eternal Darkness.

Anyway, Extraction was an interesting game. Worth playing, probably. But if you're in it for the rail-shooting, there are probably better places to go...

I still want to see my ultimate fantasy rail-shooter, with random enemy placement, dynamic AI, branching paths, upgradeable weapons with cool secondary functions... Infinitely replayable. That would make me pretty damned happy.

Or just, you know, a fucking four-player Point Blank, finally. That would work, too.
Posted: 02/16/11, 19:26:02
I just beat the game. Good stuff. Damn the whole story of the Dead Space is hard to follow though; confusing shit, esp. with all the pre-Dead Space 1 stuff, I mean there's the movie Dead Space Downfall, Extraction, and the motion comic that is unlocked within Extraction. Then of course there's all the Unitologist stuff, and the whole Markers business. Visceral really should address this because I don't feel I should have to go onto the Dead Space Wiki and read every article there to fully understand it.
Posted: 02/17/11, 11:07:29
I finally beat this game, I took a long break after chapter 6 and then beat it in one sitting last night.

Fucking awesome game. I thoroughly enjoyed the narrative and the characters, the voice acting and animation was great and the pacing was spot on. I really, really enjoyed playing it. The comic thing you unlock is also a pretty sweet unlockable and on the whole I liked it so much I may play through again on a much higher difficulty... I don't think I died once on normal.

Still a great, fun light-gun game. I'd highly recommend it.
Posted: 02/26/11, 20:11:12
How many chapters are there? I must be near the end, maybe I should knock it out one of these days.
Posted: 02/26/11, 20:16:04
Zero said:
How many chapters are there? I must be near the end, maybe I should knock it out one of these days.

There are 10 but the last real challenge is at the end of 9. The 9th level is by far the longest and hardest with a boss at the end that actually almost killed me. Chapter 10 is very short.

I think you said you were on 8? You could beat it in less than 2 hours I would imagine. Yous should do it, the last 3 chapters are where most of the plot elements come together and tie in with Dead Space 1. It's very satisfying, imo.
Posted: 02/26/11, 20:21:17
Actually I just checked and I'm at chapter 9, so I guess I'm pretty much done huh? I'm at the end of Trauma Team too, I could probably knock these both out soon. Neat!
Posted: 02/26/11, 21:01:33  - Edited by 
 on: 02/26/11, 21:01:51
Alright, finished! It was pretty good. As stated many times, it's more of a narrative "experience" than the type of game you can replay over and over. Which is weird because it has 4 different difficulty modes, but it's not exactly built in a way to make me want to replay it.

I don't quite get the ending though. Did I turn into a monster and kill everyone on the ship?

I've been knocking out a lot of games lately, without buying new ones! I'm proud of myself. My backlog isn't even insane anymore/
Posted: 03/02/11, 23:07:30

It would seem as though Nate did indeed turn, but seeing as how Lexine and Gabe are in the DS2 DLC missions Severed, they survived your little, um, shall we say, "outburst".
Posted: 03/02/11, 23:25:02

Their seems to be much controversy over the ending. Some say it was just a dream, others believe the turn happened.

Lexine survives because by looking closely, she grabs a pistol right before the ending ends.
Posted: 03/03/11, 05:58:37
Yeah, I didn't really get what happened either, if it was a dream sequence or a flash into the immediate future after the shuttle launch.

Regardless this is a game that is well worth 6 hours of your time. It's a great narrative experience for a game and while I probably wont go through it again I really, really enjoyed my time with it. Honestly it is one of the better single player only games I've played recently.
Posted: 03/03/11, 07:06:13
Man, where the heck do some of you live that paid upwards of $114 for N64 games?!

Seriously, every N64 game I bought brand new never cost me over $49.99. Seriously. I remember a couple games that stated they would be more when released: ex. Starfox64, I remember reading the game would be $59.99 cause of the rumble pak that was included. When the game actually was released I was surprised to see the price at the $49.99 level.

I own over 30 titles for the n64 and none of them cost me over $49.99
Posted: 03/03/11, 07:57:47

I don't even remember what N64 titles cost back then since I was too young to buy them myself.
Posted: 03/03/11, 13:44:04
I just beat Dead Space: Extraction; my friend owns the game and we played it together. It was neat, but it's not as good as the first Dead Space (haven't played 2 yet), and the idea that anyone could consider this the "premiere" hardcore game on Wii is laughable. I don't see myself ever playing the game again.
Posted: 10/24/11, 02:29:08
It's really not "multiple playthroughs" friendly.
Posted: 10/24/11, 03:19:32
I really enjoyed it, I got it for $20 and it was a cool interactive movie with good atmosphere.
Posted: 10/24/11, 06:12:38
I only played the demo on PS3 (I know, blasphemy) and my Wii copy is still shrink wrapped. Currently playing The Darkside Chronicles which is like 3 times better than the original Umbrella Chronicles on Wii as far as I am concerned. It could also be one of the best looking Wii games ever.

But yeah, Dead Space Extraction will be most likely opened after I play the original Dead Space on PS3 which too, is still shrink wrapped.
Posted: 10/26/11, 23:35:53
Disagree. I hated DSC and thought UC was way better.
Posted: 10/28/11, 09:27:04
Dead Space Extraction is way too heavy on the story, I thought. If I'm playing a light gun shooter, of all genres, don't waste my time.

Darkside Chronicles was a mess, the camera was too shaky to accurately shoot anything. UC was pretty good. But in the end, my favourite light gun shooter (and the only one I'm keeping) is House of the Dead Overkill.
Posted: 10/28/11, 18:33:24
I've only played through the first 3 chapters or so. It's fun so far. I think playing with a second person is more fun than playing it alone.
Posted: 10/28/11, 19:20:49
This is the case for almost any video game ever.
Posted: 10/28/11, 19:23:11
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