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VIDEO GAME DEALS - Check the last post for the latest deals! [community]
Check last post for the latest deals!

And if you're shopping at Amazon, don't forget to use the Negative World Amazon shop!

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07/30/08, 18:48   Edit:  01/25/18, 20:51
$10 off de Blob and other assorted games

I'm not sure if those other games legally count as games though. How did De Blob end up throw in with all that other pure trash!?!!?

It seems like you can only get the coupon from 12-4 on saturday though? Or maybe all day saturday and sunday, it's a bit unclear. But it definitely only WORKS for those two days.

Kind of a weird limited deal but if you were planning on picking it up anyway...
10/23/08, 20:40
If you missed the Buy 2 Get 1 free at Toys R Us, Target is doing it for Wii games next week! Sale starts Sunday, Nov. 2nd.

Details here
10/31/08, 05:09
Toys R Us 10/31-11/1 ONLY.

50% off
Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles $24.99 (Sale Price)

Mario lunch box $9.99

Hmm. Resident Evil UC is actually a very solid light gun-esque game, especially if you have two people. I recommend it.
10/31/08, 07:21
Toys R Us 10/31-11/1 ONLY.

50% off
Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles $24.99 (Sale Price)

Mario lunch box $9.99

Hmm. Resident Evil UC is actually a very solid light gun-esque game, especially if you have two people. I recommend it.
10/31/08, 07:21
20% off used DS and PSP games at EB/Gamestop next week. And remember, if you have their card you get an ADDITIONAL 10% off.

Man, I love the holidays. Tons of deals!
10/31/08, 07:34
Far Cry 2 for $39.99 at Game Crazy on PS3 and 360 on Friday
11/27/08, 01:08
I picked up GHWT with guitar for $70 to go along with my Rock Band 2 which I scored for $150
12/01/08, 23:40

Amazon Gold Box tomorrow (thursday 12/04) is all Wii all day! Here are the hints...

9am-11am: Remember the good ol' days? (Classic... controller???)
11am1-1pm: Kind of like being a part of the Mickey Mouse club. (probably some Disney band crap)
1pm-4pm: Who needs medical school? (Trauma Center!)
4pm-5pm: No need to worry about avalanches. (Wii Ski?!?)
5pm-6pm: Mario prefers it stirred, not shaken. (Wario Land Shake It?)
6pm-9pm: Now your Mii can boogie to the beat. (Boogie? Or is that too obvious... Wii Music?)
9pm-1am: You gotta get'cha, get'cha, get'cha, get'cha head in the game (Mario Strikers? Brain Age?)
12/04/08, 07:39
Cheap Ass Gamer! so that's the site you've been referencing when talking about where you shop for games at. I was just gonna' PM you about that info too. :p
12/21/08, 11:20
Hmm, cheapassgamer isn't a shop though, just a site that posts all the best game deals (well, or ANY game deal) there is.

Speaking of which, here is the newest thing I found on CAG...

MadWorld pre-order $39.97 FREE SHIPPING on Amazon

Make sure you select "super saver" on the shipping to get the free shipping!!!

That's either $10 (+tax) off or the game is releasing cheaper than we thought... I just ordered mine!

Hmm, and a Ouendan 2 import for $30 ($20 off) as well...
02/23/09, 22:56
Two pretty solid new deals.

Tuesday March 31st Wii day at Amazon Gold Box

Not sure what games are going to be there but the Gold Box deals are usually very, very good.

Buy 2 get 1 free on Wii games $49.99 and less at Target!

Not a bad deal if you're looking to pick up a few new games.
03/31/09, 00:26
Buy 1 get 1 half off on select Wii/PS3/360 games at TRU. Not too much for Nintendo-only owners, but if you're planning on getting MadWorld anyway, or have a PS3 or 360... might find a good deal here.

04/06/09, 06:43
Some awesome deals at Blockbuster on Wii games right now, I might have to check it out...


Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy $9.99
Bully: Scholarship Edition $19.99
Carnival Games MiniGolf $19.99
de Blob $19.99
Guitar Hero: World Tour $24.99
Mario Strikers Charged $14.99
Mario Super Sluggers $19.99
Super Mario Galaxy $24.99
Wario Land Shake It $19.99
All Star Cheer Squad $19.99
Ninja Reflex $9.99
04/16/09, 06:25
House of the Dead Overkill $30

MadWorld $30

Both from Amazon. Both with free shipping. Can't really beat that, no?
05/18/09, 19:17
06/02/09, 23:04
Buy 2 get 1 free on all PS3, PS2, PSP titles this week at Target. I'm trying to clear out some of my backlog right now but I might take a look.

06/08/09, 07:48
$10 off Boom Blox Bash Party, Tiger Woods 10, Grand Slam Tennis (Wii) at Amazon / Best Buy.
07/01/09, 21:08
So... word on the street is Best Buy is having a Buy 2 get 1 free on all DS games from 7/5-7/11.

The only game I really want right now is Shin Megami Tensai Devil Survivor... but I'll probably check it out anyway, see what there is to see.
07/01/09, 23:21
Are any of you guys ever checking this thread?! You SHOULD be, some awesome deals.

Here is the newest one, for Gamestop... starts today (Tuesday, July 28 2009) and goes until... ?

The following Wii titles will be marked down to $19.99 for a limited time:

Wii Music
Wario Land: Shake It
Mario & Sonic: Olympic Games
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

I believe that is all. Anyway, I'm surprised at the big titles on the list for only $20

On a side note, some other games on other systems like FEAR 2 and Street Fighter 4 will also be marked down to $20.
I think the markdowns on Prince of Persia, HAWX, and Bionic Commando (all $20) still haven't ended either.

Anyway, if you don't mind posting a thread about it I'd appreciate it. That, or take this knowledge and hoard some games for you and your friends lol. Thanks for your time!

~DJ Kirbs
07/28/09, 18:58
I'd totally bite on ExciteBots, Street Fighter 4, FEAR2 and HAWX.

And MadWorld, Wii Music, Wario Land and Jungle Beat if I didn't already own them.

But alas, I'm in Canada. WOOOOOOO!
07/28/09, 21:27
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