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Shantae: Risky's Revenge (Nintendo DSiWare) discussion [game]
Shantae: Risky's Revenge on the DS
8.77/10 from 19 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Shantae: Risky's Revenge on the DS!

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Shantae: Risky's Revenge (Nintendo DSiWare) Review (10.0)  by  

The music, the colors, the controls, this game is amazing!

I never played the GBC game so I wasn't sure what to expect but this is hands down one of the best 2-D games on the DS, and I'm only an hour in, it's simply amazing.

Seeing all the gorgeous pixel art created by the geniuses at Wayforward really makes me sad that we never got a proper 2-D Metroid game on the DS. Still, Shantae is the next best thing, it's right up there with the excellent Castlevania games from Iga-San.

BTW, played the Lords of Shadow demo last night, that game is NOT Castlevania, it has no vania flavor, they just slapped the name on, as expected. Still sad.

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10/06/10, 16:25   Edit:  09/17/12, 01:37
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Risky's Revenge is indeed fantastic. I'm lovin' it so far. (I just beat the first boss) Best thing about the game is that even though it's DSiWare, it feels like a full retail release. There really doesn't seem to be any corners cut. (that probably explains the premium price) The sprite animation is really fantastic. I said "wow."

Also, I played Lords of Shadow last night. It's true, it doesn't *feel* like Castlevania at all. Well... I mean for the most part. You're still whipping demons and ghouls and stuff in a gothic/horror/adventure setting. But the gameplay is certainly more God of War than the 'Vania we know and love.

Having said that, I don't think it's a bad game. It's not Castlevania, but it's still fun for what it is. IMO, anyway.
10/06/10, 17:52
I'm on my way to the second dungeon in Shantae, and I agree with Grant so far. There's a lot of smooth, charming sprite work everywhere and it really feels like DSiware's biggest game yet. Really digging it right now.

As for Lords of Shadow, the art direction certainly reminds me of Castlevania. For the 3D Castlevania realm, it looks like a job well done and a step in a promising direction for the franchise. I really want to play it soon.
10/06/10, 22:49
It's so incredibly charming and fun, all day at work I'm chomping at the bit waiting to get home and play more. I haven't felt this way about a game in a long time. As much as I loved the excellent Dragon Quest IX, Shantae is reverberating with my sense of nostalgia and fun a lot more, it's so colorful and rich and entertaining.
10/06/10, 22:55
I downloaded it and played for 20 minutes or so. But I'm gonna go back and beat the GBC game before moving onto the DSi game. But the GBC game is hard. The overwolrd is HUUUUUUUUUGE. Anyway, glad they decided to ditch the episodic thing they were planning with Risky's Revenge and just packaged the whole game together.
10/07/10, 00:05

But I'll have to wait until the 3DS (not going from lite to DSi at this point). It sounds like I shall not be disappointed. :)
10/07/10, 01:59
Remind us all about this when 3DS comes out
10/07/10, 02:51
Glad to hear a lot of positive impressions about this game. Time's coming up to get some Wii60 points, so I'll be sure to check this one out.
10/07/10, 03:38
yeah sucks i have to wait for the 3DS. i'm sure i will have forgotten about it by then and be pleasantly surprised when i'm browsing the DSiWare for the first time.
10/07/10, 03:47
Duh, Shantae is awesome.
10/07/10, 04:13
I've been trying to get through Mighty Flip Champs first. (I did already download Shantae though).
10/07/10, 08:22
I hope the original will be up on GB VC once the 3DS is out. Then I'll get to play both!
10/07/10, 08:22
Hurry 3DS, hurry damnit ! I wanna play a DSi game called Shantae Risky's Revenge !
10/07/10, 09:12
nate38 said:
Remind us all about this when 3DS comes out

Yup. I passed on the DSi. This is the first time I've really felt like I was missing out on something because of it.

But I'll definitely give it a download when I have a 3DS.
10/07/10, 13:29
There is a lot of great DSiWare, I'm really glad I invested in one way back, it's made the DS platform so much more awesome. Plus I'm not so sure that DS games will look that great on the 3DS since the screens won't match in resolution and aspect ratios... but I'm really anal about stuff like that.
10/07/10, 16:55
I agree. There are a lot of hidden gems on DSiWare. Tons of fresh, polished concepts. Don't believe the lack of hype. And it's just a much better system, overall. Well, you guys will find out eventually. About the software, at least.

Yeah, I'm trying to clear Mighty Flip Champs first, too. To clear up space (and for the bonus (which isn't really necessary)). It's given me a new appreciation for the game. Challenging!
10/07/10, 19:07
Well I don't know about the superior bonuses, but the one for just having the game on your DSi when you play Shantae is just 100 gold, or whatever the in-game currency is. I'm guessing the other bonuses are just more of that.

So, you know, if you're playing through MFC, make sure you're doing it for the right reasons, i.e. because you enjoy it, not for the bonus.

Hope I'm not sounding like a condescending ass. It's just that I've gotten caught up in that kind of thing. "Oh, I'm not really enjoying this game, but I gotta make sure I finish it before I start this second game that appeals to me more", and then I get sick of the first game and stop playing, and never even start the second.
10/07/10, 20:10
I bought Mighty Flip Chimps for my DSi, but sold it to get a DSiXL. Is there a way to get all of those game (that can be found on my Nintendo.com account) transferred to the DSiXL?
10/07/10, 20:21
shinriley said:
I bought Mighty Flip Chimps for my DSi, but sold it to get a DSiXL. Is there a way to get all of those game (that can be found on my Nintendo.com account) transferred to the DSiXL?

EDIT: Meant to just @ you. Hit the wrong button.
10/07/10, 21:54   Edit:  10/07/10, 21:55
Kind of, I think, but you have to call Nintendo and be really persuasive. I'm not sure they'll bite if you don't have the original system, though. That's kind of a big, abusable loophole.

Yeah, I looked up the bonuses (which you can actually get at any time, I believe, so there's no need to complete MFC before starting Shantae), and found them minor (and potentially balance-breaking?), but I decided to keep playing MFC, because I also have to clear up space (this and Base 10 should do the trick) and I want to try to actually complete games, because I've recently found that novel experience somewhat more satisfying than flitting from game to game, like a meta-Wario Ware. And I've gotta say, I've been enjoying it a lot more, for whatever reason. MFC adds new mechanics on a fairly regular basis. The difficulty curve is kind of weirdly spiky, but whatever.

I'm definitely not going to try to S-Rank all the levels right now.

(You condescending ass.)
10/07/10, 22:07   Edit:  10/07/10, 22:07
I don't know about game-breaking, as less grinding for money in Shantae is definitely a good thing.

Maybe I'll give MFC another shot, then, if you're enjoying it more. I got burned out on it fast.
10/07/10, 22:14
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