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The NEVERENDING QUEST is BACK! [community]
Old school Neg Worlder's remember fondly the experience quest. I decided to remake it. I actually had this ready long ago, I just wanted to get some more stages going, but I've been pretty busy and thought WTF, it has 10 stages already which isn't a bad start. I'll work on more stages once people need them.

So enter the new and improved NEVERENDING EXPERIENCE QUEST.

For the newbz, essentially it is a meta-game contained in this site, seeing how many stages you can complete. Some are just simple quizzes. Others will make you think outside the box. Can't explain it much more than that, just play it yourself and see what I mean!

The Neverending Experience Quest can be found HERE or under "NEQ" in the "etc" menu above (link actually does something now.)

You can also view user rankings HERE (just sort by NEQ to see who is leading the quest.)

A. Massive XP now given for every stage completed. MASSIVE.
B. There is now a strike system. You start with full XP for any given stage, but lose XP each time you answer incorrectly, up to 3 strikes. After that, there are no more penalties, so guess away!
C. There is now a hint system. When you answer incorrectly you will get a hint. There is only one hint per stage.

Post any questions, concerns, bugs, etc. in this thread! And you can also use, but do NOT post actual answers in this thread.

WARNING: DO NOT POST ACTUAL ANSWERS IN THIS THREAD. OR ANY THREAD, FOR THAT MATTER. The point of the game is everyone figures it out on their own. If you want to private message a friend an answer that's between you and them, but keep it private.


Have at it!

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06/26/09, 21:39   Edit:  10/22/12, 08:13

Are you assuming the new ones can only come from capsules?
06/26/09, 21:56
Oh... yeah. Damn you're pretty far already huh. Guess I better think about stage 11... or start making some VERY tough challenges.

There MAY be a logical flaw in that question, but I think the "He uses his remaining pikmin to build up" part clarifies it a bit?

Fuck I haven't even played Pikmin in awhile and I'm spacing out, I knew what I meant when I made the question and it made sense to me then. You'd be surprised how tough it is to make questions which you are absolutely sure only have 1 logical answer...
06/26/09, 22:20
Yeah, I was just wondering about this a few days ago. Right on time.
06/26/09, 22:24
Anyway, I figured the motivation of having people clamoring for stages 11+ might help me actually get around to them. Plus I think adding a few stages here and there will keep it interesting longer, last time tons of people "finished" it in days and then it was pretty much dead a month later. Need to space it out more.
06/26/09, 22:26
I like the ones that are there, though. Very cool. It'll be impossible to come up with an infinite supply of content, so just get more people to experience it. E-mail the link to GoNintendo.

After you fact-check that Pikmin question!!
06/26/09, 22:48
Hmm, but as it stands its for site members only, so unless I could talk GoNintendo into signing up for the Negative World to test it out. And it kind of HAS to work that way, since the theory behind it is it is a true meta-game where certain questions will require you to move outside the NEQ page and do stuff elsewhere on the site. Though I'm not sure how many current questions are actually like that. Negative World Neverending Quest veterans know what I mean though. For instance one of the old questions required members to make a forum post saying a certain phrase or something like that. Etc.

The pikmin one hmm... I hesitate to discuss too much in open since that would pretty much give the answer away. But it really does come down to... how does one get more pikmin? Unless I'm confused there is only really one way, right? Other than when you first meet a new type to begin with where you just stumble upon them, but we can exclude that by the fact that with this question you start with the 3 colors in question.

I think that is the toughest one so far, which makes me wonder why I put it so early on. Though for the most part I just placed them as I thought them up, considering it is supposed to be ongoing it doesn't need a specific difficulty curve per se.
06/26/09, 23:12
More Pikmin? You can get them from capsules OR from dead enemies, right?

I was wondering what you meant by meta-game, since it seemed more like a quiz so far.
06/26/09, 23:40
Hmmm... poor start. I don't even know the first question
06/26/09, 23:47
^^^ Well I guess you could say "I suck" at the Neverending Experience Quest then, eh? HAHAHAHA I'M SO FUNNY.

Hmm yeah, but the result is pretty much the same from those two ways of gathering pikmin, except capsules give you bonus pikmin if you bring them to the base of the color they are. I think? It's been awhile since I played.

Probably 75% or more of the stages ARE going to be quiz form, since that's the lazy/quick way to do it while some of the others require specific programming, but I still try to work the others in a bit. Makes it more interesting.
06/26/09, 23:47
Damnit Dave, did you cheat and look at my Negative World backup files on my laptop for all the answers?

I think I need to make a few super tough questions.
06/28/09, 08:36
I'm stuck! Is the limit of input-able characters on level 5 supposed to be so low??
06/28/09, 08:55
Yep. A general hint for a lot of these is "think outside the box."
06/28/09, 10:55
Ok I was going to make a small complaint about the tiny size of the text box and the fact that I couldn't actually SEE what I was typing, although I was working around it. Untill I got to the Pikmin question. I went through it logically, GOT the right answer and put it in....but got the fail screen:P. So I assumed I was wrong and typed the same answer out in letters. No good. Then I figured my logic must be way off tried something else completely. Fail again, all bonus Exp gone *tear*.

Then I noticed I didn't have my numlock on and when I thought I typed the answer the first time, it turned out I hadn't, and I just couldn't tell because of the text box. I'm an idiot.

But then I went back in to it in Opera., and the text box was fine. So it must have been an IE problem. I will take the loss of Exp as punishment for using a fail browser. [/contrition]

Up to level 5 now. Forgot how much I've missed this thing. Remembered how much hatred I had for you though Zero :P

EDIT- Woop, finished. Only casualty was the sleep I intended to start 2 hours ago. Better get cracking on more levels Zero. *whistle*
06/28/09, 17:37
'I will take the loss of Exp as punishment for using a fail browser.'

Hmm, good point. I should have the site detect what browser you use and IE users get half XP points for EVERYTHING!

That's two at the "end" already. Definitely need some tougher questions. I'll think some more out though I can't guarantee they will be coming very soon.
06/29/09, 06:00
he he, i suck at this game.. this will require research.
06/30/09, 11:52
06/30/09, 19:48
Haha Oni :P

The young'uns might be at a bit of a disadvantage :P
06/30/09, 23:41
the two letter thing on question 5 is boring me. too obtuse.
07/01/09, 05:52
Well. Kind of, but if you know the right answer all you have to do is figure out how to make it fit.

That is the tough part of making something like this though. When someone gets stuck they're not going to spend too much time trying to figure it out. And there's no GAMEFAQS for the Neverending Experience Quest. Maybe I should add a skip feature and you can skip stages without gaining XP? But then, everyone will get to the end REAL fast ALWAYS.

07/01/09, 21:03
I'm happy to see the NEQ back. I struck out on the Pikmin question, but it's still fun. It looks like a few people are already done with the first ten stages already, not me but I am working on it.
07/01/09, 23:39
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