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Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon on the Switch
9.3/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon on the Switch!

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03/18/23, 05:13  
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03/18/23, 05:13   
From what Iíve played of the demo, itís a little slow and it leans into a lot of puzzle solving. Combat is a little weak. More of a means to and end, rather than a main focus of the adventure. Itís not bad, just not what I expected, I guess. I already bought the full retail release from GameStop, so I guess Iím in for this regardless.

But first I must finish Breath of the Wild. Priorities.
03/18/23, 14:59   
Curious how this game would land for someone who knows next to nothing about Bayonetta.
03/19/23, 19:01   
Okay, so I finally started this game up. It always looked beautiful and charming, but I feared that it would be beautiful, charming, and boring, like Okami.

But it's actually... kind of awesome? This is one of the most pleasant, coziest games that I've ever played. Just dripping with vibes, man.

I had heard that the game was too easy, but I recently read about some Hard Mode unlock code on GoNintendo, so I enabled it before starting the game. I haven't died yet, but it is at least challenging enough to be engaging. And it's just fun. The simultaneous two-character control is reminiscent of Brothers and that Animal Crossing game from NintendoLand, but Platinum has added their own twists, along with a nice sense of tactility. And when the wires in your brain start getting crossed, you can just join the chatacters until the game requires them to act independently.

Combat is like a breezy, lite version of Platinum's signature brand of multiple-character action. Movement is fast and smooth. The traversal puzzles and little mini-dungeon areas are satisfying. The graphics and music are absolutely beautiful. The storytelling and gameplay flow and characterization are way more cohesive and coherent and consistent than in the main Bayonetta series... It's just GOOD, man. It's, like, a real, no-fooling vidyagame. It feels like a genuine labor of love.

I dunno. Maybe I'm just in the mood for this type of game. I don't want to oversell it, as it's such a modest and unassuming little gem. But I haven't been this pleasantly surprised by a game in a looong time. It makes most modern games seem crass and bloated by comparison. Try it out!
04/29/23, 04:28   
Edited: 04/29/23, 04:30
So, yeah. I basically broke the shit out of this game by maneuvering Cheshire further than I was supposed to be able to in one particular area, thereby triggering an event and skipping the first boss and a big chunk of the first area. It automatically gave me new powers that I didn't earn. It felt kind of cool to wander around an area that I wasn't supposed to be able to access, like doing a sequence-break in Simon's Quest or Metroid... but I eventually got stuck because another event DIDN'T trigger properly.

Luckily, I had an old save to go back to. Still love this game!
05/03/23, 01:50   
Edited: 05/03/23, 01:51
I love doing things like that.
05/03/23, 02:16   
@Stan McStanly
Yeah, it was actually exciting, until I realized that I was stuck. That's why I have such fond memories of Metroid on NES. NES secrets/glitches, in general, were so satisfying to discover. Because there were NO TELLS. No crumbly walls... no weird patterns or anomalies. Just worlds upon worlds, randomly stuffed with invisible shit. And nothing to guide you but chance, persistence, and apocryphal folk playground knowledge.
05/03/23, 05:23   
Edited: 05/03/23, 05:28
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