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Triangle Strategy Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Triangle Strategy on the Switch

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Triangle Strategy on the Switch!

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03/04/22, 06:06  
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Reviews are in!

Scoring pretty well so far! 83% out of 41 reviews at the moment.

Who is picking this up? I won't get it right away but down the line, perhaps?
03/04/22, 06:07   
Edited: 03/04/22, 06:07
There is way too much coming out right now. I will get to this at some point...I still need to play Octopath.
03/04/22, 09:09   
Curious how this is, because I was actually really disappointed by Octopath, aside from the few songs I keep on my playlist when I go running.
03/04/22, 15:15   
Slowly inching my way through the demo. Lots of reading. Fine so far. Will probably get the game sooner than later.
03/07/22, 06:10   
I'm only through the first mission but I'm really enjoying this. Unlike a certain Switch Fire Emblem game that failed to grab my interest I can definitely see myself going back to this one.
03/08/22, 00:13   
I was really put off by the demo and immediately deleted it. I probably won't pick this up. I got Ni No Kuni on sale a few weeks ago and have been playing that instead. Discount games!
03/08/22, 14:51   
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