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WarioWare: Get It Together! Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
WarioWare: Get It Together! on the Switch
8.54/10 from 5 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for WarioWare: Get It Together! on the Switch!

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08/21/21, 05:43  
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There is a demo out on the eShop!

And it kind of rules? Feels like the new "control different characters" gimmick really works well here?
08/21/21, 05:44   
I agree, it was fun! It helps that the controls are really tight and the game makes the smart decision of showing your character in the tube thing (with interactivity) during the few seconds between microgames. One way or another, the demo got me a bit more interested in the game.
08/21/21, 06:09   
The demo sold me on the game. I was iffy about it. Are there boss fights in the demo? Iíve only beaten 26 stages and havenít run into any bosses yet.
08/22/21, 05:31   
Gonna hold off on the demo so I can go into the game fresh. I'm so damn excited for a new traditional Wario Ware game after, what, 10+ years?
08/22/21, 22:20   
Gotta say, the demo sold me. I wasn't convinced that we would enjoy it...then I played it with my daughter and we had an absolute blast!
08/23/21, 20:39   
What a fun demo! I'm surprised they managed to come up with a fresh twist on WarioWare while still preserving the frantic pace of the earlier titles. So much replayability here! And it looks like the full game will have online modes and weekly challenges and stuff. Wow, I'm excited for this! Perfect palate cleanser after the grand-yet-janky Skyward Sword.
08/29/21, 05:02   
Finally had a chance to play it in multiplayer. Fun stuff! I wonder how much they'll be able to pack into the full game. I hope that the versus multiplayer modes are surprisingly robust.

It's hard to understand how the main versus multiplayer works, but it seems like you might switch between bits of several simple multiplayer games? Like (conceptually) ten seconds of Pong, then ten seconds of Tetris, then ten seconds of competitive Mario Bros. Which, if true, is an awesome, WarioWare-esque concept.

I'd also love a Mega Party Game$!-type mode.
09/07/21, 15:35   
Edited: 09/07/21, 15:41
This game is so fun! Best WarioWare game since the three originals. The combinatorial explosion of possibilities you get from all the different playable characters is awesome.

The postgame vending machine stuff feels a little gacha-ey. The WarioWare and Rhythm Heaven team is one of my favorites at Nintendo, but they seem to have lost some confidence in their ability to make a solid game with no story or experience points or meta stuff. Rhythm Heaven Megamix had way too much fluff.

But it's easy to ignore. The core game is so much fun that you can just focus on that, and some of the missions actually lead you into doing some pretty interesting challenges. This will be one I pick up and play a bit of every now and then for a long time.
09/11/21, 06:52   
Sounds good! I think that Nintendo adds those types of stretchy elements to avoid getting railed by modern critics/gamers. Who always check HLTB before grabbing a game. And don't continue to play multiplayer games without leveling progression.

Speaking of which, have you gotten to try the multiplayer modes yet? If so, how do they stack up against those of the greatest game of all time, Mega Party Game$?
09/11/21, 16:45   
I got it, of course!

Played through a bunch of the story mode or whatever it is called. Definitely enjoyable. It feels like overall there is slightly less utter zaniness in the mini-games? But then again, they made a mini-game out of the Fire Emblem Three Houses tea time mini-game and that actually made me laugh out loud. Definitely would never in a million years have guessed that would be in here.

I think my only small concern is that the way it is set up where you can select your characters adds some variety in a way, but it also makes going for high scores... which really, is a huge part of WarioWare for me... feel less pure in a way? Like, I haven't quite done the math but there must be over a thousand possible character combinations. Which will be the best combo for any given stage? Should I pick based on which I like playing with most, or is there a larger strategy at play here that would dictate ideal combos for the various stages? Certainly some characters make certain mini-games MUCH easier than others. I dunno. I've mostly just been using the auto-fill for characters so far.

Which brings me to another thing, there are supposed to be weekly challenges with leaderboards or something, right? Which is cool. But why aren't there any overall leaderboards for the main stages? Sure, the top would probably just be a bunch of people tied at 999, but it'd still be interesting to see how we all fare against each other. Leaderboards are so easy to set up too, and the data stored for them is so minimal! In Retrospect even has them, I programmed that all myself, it's not that hard! Anyway, can't really complain too much, maybe the weekly stuff will kind of scratch that itch for me. When is that starting!?

Anyhow. The core game is pretty great. Not sure how much I will get to try out the 2 player mode, but I definitely want to try that as well.
09/11/21, 21:25   

Yeah, appeasing critics is my suspicion too. The story is so bare-bones, why even bother with it? It's like they feel obligated to throw it in for the type of people who play the main single player mode in Smash until they've unlocked everything and then never pick it up again.

I haven't gotten a chance to play multiplayer though! I want to.


You unlock the weekly challenges after beating the story! The first one is fun.

You unlock another thing after beating the story which addresses another concern of yours that I agree with: the ability to play the main stages with a team of every character in the game. Which, to me, is way more fun than choosing a team of three. Feels more pure and conducive to the rest of the game.
09/11/21, 23:04   
@Secret_Tunnel Hmm. Yeah I unlocked it all now. Some neat stuff.

Not totally sure "All" solves my issue though. I mean yeah, since the main game's stages aren't linked to leaderboards I'm really just playing against myself anyway, so if I always played that way, it'd be a consistent experience. But that's also clearly NOT the best way to get high scores in the game. Some of the characters are just way, way more difficult to do well with than others. There are a few that I'd probably never use if I was seriously going for high scores. I'll have to see how I feel moving forward but it already feels a bit intimidating to try to play as a high score game the way things are set up. Even just going with the characters I find easiest, it feels like it might not be clear which are best for any given stage. I kind of wish the game had just had specific sets of characters for each stage and you always play with the same set.

Interestingly enough, the Wario Cup challenge mode seems to acknowledge the issue. Even though it doesn't apply to the first challenge, some text popped up that talked about if you choose more difficult characters, you will get more points for completing stuff. And that makes sense. But that scoring balance is not in the main game at all! But yeah, the first challenge is definitely a more "pure" high score experience. So maybe the challenge mode is where you go for high score gameplay. But only one challenge a week? I think they should have a few weekly challenges.

Regardless, I'd still want to play the main game for high scores too, so I'll just need to figure out what feels best.

PS. How does your challenge score end in 70? Don't you just get 200 for each round you clear successfully for that one?! Also, did you really get a nearly perfect run? How many times did you try it?! It's too fast!!!
09/12/21, 02:51   
Edited: 09/12/21, 03:21

Haha, WELL, the other unnecessary twist is that when you level up your characters by giving them the stuff you spend coins on, that increases their base score in the Wario Cup. So it isn't really head-to-head at all, I got 9-Volt up to level 30, which gives him a base score of 120, which gives me 240 points for each microgame I beat. Which ended up being probably an extra thousand points total.
09/12/21, 03:57   
What? Pay (fake money, but still) to win?! That kind of sucks. Why would they do that?! The scores mean nothing at that point. How does Nintendo manage to screw this stuff up so bad sometimes?!

What's the max level for the characters? Like would you eventually just max them all out and THEN you can finally start doing score stuff seriously?!
09/12/21, 04:30   
Edited: 09/12/21, 04:30
Zero said:
What's the max level for the characters?

That's the million dollar question that I can't find the answer to! There are missions to get the characters to Level 30, and that's pretty cheap to do, but my concern is that it goes up to Level 99. Maybe the base score stops increasing at some point? No one seems to be talking about this!
09/12/21, 04:47   
I'm still in Story Mode but you guys are freaking me out with this stuff! I really hope Nintendo doesn't pull a New Super Mario Bros 2 and have these weird arbitrary scoring problems that mess with an otherwise solid structure...
09/12/21, 07:07   
@Secret_Tunnel Missions? Where is that?! I just bought a bunch of items in the shop and gave them to 9-Volt but I only got up to like 22 or something.

@TriforceBun I mean, for the main game, ULTIMATELY you can probably just go with the characters with the easiest and quickest movement and be more or less fine? Maybe?! It's just tough to really know without playing a ton. But for the challenge stuff it's tough to compete seriously against people with bonus multipliers you don't have so I dunno. Not sure how tough it will be to max out characters.
09/12/21, 08:37   
Edited: 09/12/21, 08:39
Welp, the bad news is...

...that it will probably take forever to max out your character.

The good news is that with a Level 30 9-Volt, I still managed to get in the Top 3% in this first challenge without too much trouble, and presumably that's out of all the hardcore WarioWare fans who have already beaten the game. So maybe no one will actually bother to level up their characters any farther than that, heh. It sucks that the friend leaderboards are corrupted with weird multipliers, but it seems like the global rankings shouldn't ever be too hard to get an A in. We'll see how that changes as time goes on, maybe in two months the only people still playing will be the people who have everything maxed out.


Missions are at the bottom of the main menu! They're a smaller icon than all the other modes.

Zero said:
Not totally sure "All" solves my issue though. I mean yeah, since the main game's stages aren't linked to leaderboards I'm really just playing against myself anyway, so if I always played that way, it'd be a consistent experience. But that's also clearly NOT the best way to get high scores in the game.

For the record, your high score for All is recorded separately from your high score for Team of 3, so whichever way you play will always be consistent with itself.
09/12/21, 09:15   
Oh it saves it separately? Awesome! WE'RE BACK, BABY! Probably mostly just play it that way except for specific challenges and such. Though some characters are weird. The one that warps around for instance, I still can't figure out how to consistently do certain mini-games with her.

But yeah for the challenges, level 100? Jesus Christ. Who would even get that with 1 character, let alone all of them?! But yeah I guess it doesn't matter too much for global since you don't see the exact scores anyway.
09/12/21, 10:03   
I actually have never played Wario Ware for points, but it sounds intriguing. I hope keeping scores with friends is easy. Even though I know you will all decimate me, I still like keeping track of that stuff. Some of these games, especially the 99 games, just don't do stat tracking very well, which is frustrating. I hope Tetris Effect Connected has some good stat tracking going on. I plan on grabbing it even though I have it on Gamepass for now.

(I still am kicking myself for losing my original Pac-Man Championship score from the late 2000s. I think there was a point that I was 46th in the world on the main leaderboard :0)
09/12/21, 16:09   
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