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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury on the Switch
9.23/10 from 7 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury on the Switch!

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02/10/21, 18:59  
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This writeup by Patrick Klepek is great! I'm hyped. Probably more than is healthy for a five hour game. Does it make sense to spend more time anticipating something than actually doing it? Hype!
02/10/21, 18:59   
Edited: 02/10/21, 19:32
I'm excited to dive back into this game again. The reviewer at IGN appears to not be a fan of the original as he's expecting this game to be Mario Galaxy, and since it isn't, he's just not satisfied. Opinions are all reviews are but I'm glad to see that in general people are loving the re-release, its improvements, and the new experimental mode.
02/11/21, 15:46   
I'm excited to play through this with my daughter. She really wants to get into Bowser's Fury. My copy is in the mail and will arrive tomorrow!
02/11/21, 18:32   

Ah, classic IGN. Getting someone that doesn't like a game to review the game!
02/11/21, 21:22   

And not like places should find someone who is already in love with a game. I don't want something skewed. It just seems to me this dude had already setup incorrect expectations about what he thought the game needs to be, even though Mario games have always changed. If every game that wasn't Mario Galaxy got knocked down for not being Galaxy,... that'd be weird. Seems weird to me here too.


I'm pretty stoked for Bowser's Fury also. I think I'll dive into that first before replaying the core game. This little experiment of Nintendo's is an interesting one and I am stoked to see if it pays off or not.
02/11/21, 23:51   
Dang, Mario seems so much faster in this version. Love it! Makes a great game even better.

I like 3D Workd better than Odyssey. I just do. I hope they arenít done with this more pure platform bliss style of 3D Mario.
02/14/21, 08:38   
Bowser's Fury is pretty wild. I'm glad to see they brought back Plessie for it, he felt under-utilized in regular 3D World.
02/15/21, 00:10   
Just beat Bowser's Fury! It's exactly what it says on the tin: a huge new Mario Odyssey level, but with 3D World movement and obstacles. And it's great! Short and sweet enough to replay for the rest of your life without getting sick of it.

And 3D World itself is awesome too. It was really a victim of timing when it first came out on the heels of New Super Mario Bros., New Super Mario Bros. Wii, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario 3D Land, New Super Mario Bros. U, and New Super Luigi U. That's a lot of traditional linear modern art Mario! And Galaxy 2 came out only a few years prior too!

Everyone was a little insecure and skeptical about the Wii U, so what we really wanted at the time was Super Mario Universe. The next BIG thing for Mario. So 3D World being yet another game in the vein of what we'd been getting every couple years for a decade was pretty underwhelming.

But now that it's been seven years since the game came out and we now have Odyssey to fill that void, it's great going back to 3D World! It really is the pinnacle of that era of Mario. It's a lot more magical than I remember. Lots of pretty little musical cues, barely any text at all.

I replayed Galaxy when 3D All-Stars came out, and that game is beautiful, of course, but... am I the only one who thinks it's kinda slow? Mario's moveset feels constrained, and a lot of levels are based around waiting for moving platforms to align properly. It's still great, but if you'd asked me a year ago, I'd have said that Galaxy is easily leagues better than 3D World, but after replaying both games... 3D World still has awesome gameplay, and it's more magical than I remembered. Galaxy is still magical, but it's less fun than I remembered. I think I'd put them at about the same level!

(I only got about 60 stars when I replayed Galaxy though. I forgot how many stars in that game are just trickster comets! Everyone always said that Galaxy 2 is so much better than Galaxy 1, which isn't something I ever picked up on when I first played them. Is Galaxy 2 faster?)
02/15/21, 03:09   
@Secret_Tunnel I think Galaxy 2 is a bit faster in that it doesn't have as much in between stages, but some people missed that too. Honestly like 95% of why I say it is better than Galaxy is Yoshi is in it and feels awesome. But I do feel like they really pushed a lot of the gameplay concepts to interesting levels too.
02/15/21, 04:08   
@Secret_Tunnel It was more frequent than one Mario game every couple of years; seven of the eight Mario games you listed released within a four-year span, starting November 2009 with New Super Mario Bros. Wii and ending with Super Mario 3D World in November of 2013. Mario is my fave franchise and even I was feeling the fatigue!

I share your sentiment that I could better appreciate SM3DWorld after Odyssey released, but I do still prefer the regular 3D Marios over this and Land. It's still a great game in its own right, though it definitely shines brightest in multiplayer, so I'm thrilled they added in online play. It's kind of like playing a Mario Party platformer / adventure, which is pretty awesome.
02/15/21, 18:50   
Yeah, the series was being milked a bit too much for my liking for awhile there. A new Mario game should be a big deal that has been given enough development time and resources to really shine and do new things. While none of those games were bad, the NSMB series especially was on rapid fire, and it was a bit ridiculous that they werenít even at least trying to keep the production values high considering how many millions of copies those games were selling. Kind of insulting, but the core gameplay and level design were still nice.

I always did like 2D Mario more than 3D overall, so I really dig 3D Land and World for blending the best of the two styles together and giving you focused, linear platforming fun. Itís like what I imagine Nintendo would have done with Mario 64 if they werenít facing the technical limitations of that hardware that forced them to cleverly reuse levels with different objectives. Iíd probably rank 3D World as my favorite of the 3D games with the exception of Galaxy 1 and 2 (which are also pretty linear and focused on platforming design). I still enjoy 64, Sunshine, and Odyssey a lot though, so thereís room for all of these styles in my life! Keeps the series interesting when they keep doing new things, so I welcome that.
02/16/21, 05:47   
Dunkey's reviews are a work of art on their own. His energy is contagious, too good not to share!

02/17/21, 19:11   
I've always loved 3D World. It's an amazingly consistent explosion of joy. I still haven't experienced Bowser's Fury first-hand, but I did redeem the game online. Pin set #2 at 2pm CST today, people! Man your phones and/or PCs!

I've been churning through so many library games these days that I haven't had time for much else...

Yeah, I also appreciate his respect for Mario. And gameplay-focused games, in general.

@Mop it up
I always saw Plessie as female, for some reason.
02/17/21, 20:27   
Edited: 02/17/21, 20:29
@Secret_Tunnel Yeah honestly, Dunkey's video makes me really want to buy the game now. I might just drop $60 tomorrow to play through Bowser's Fury in one sitting!
02/18/21, 06:27   
Edited: 02/18/21, 06:27
Is anyone here interested in playing the multiplayer? It's a lot of fun!
02/18/21, 18:50   
@Mop it up I'd give it a shot, though I'm always skeptical of Nintendo online...
02/18/21, 19:09   
I'd love to do online 3D World.
02/19/21, 11:14   
One of the things which I wish they kept was the ability to move using the D-pad. Since the movement isn't true analogue then I preferred to use it for this game since it felt more precise. It doesn't really make sense that the D-pad isn't an option, since there are unused buttons which could have been used for the functions they put on the D-pad in this version. Also, is it weird that I miss the dumb Miiverse posts at the end of each stage? Poor Miiverse, we hardly knew ye! I know they weren't going to put in a substitute for that, but they also took out the time trial ghosts as well, something they could have brought back. Perhaps this isn't the definitive version after all...!

If anyone's curious, here's a list of most of the changes from the Wii U version:

02/22/21, 21:23   
@Mop it up

Of all the changes, besides the speed increase, I am most appreciative of the time-saving...

"If the player dies after collecting a Green Star or a stamp, they will keep it instead of having to collect it again. This does not apply to Captain Toad's levels."
02/23/21, 03:46   
Random thought. I get the feeling that Bowser's Fury was at least partially inspired by Wario's Woods.

Also random: this screenshot I took may come in handy sometime:

03/03/21, 00:53   
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