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In Retrospect, the game Iíve been working on, is being officially announced today and I need your help! [community]
Friends, acquaintances, strangers and more!

Many of you know that Iíve been making my own game, In Retrospect, for many years now. Some of you have probably even seen it or tested it out, especially if you visit the indie dev thread on here. Well, I'm finally announcing it to the general public. Check out the latest trailer and get pumped!

At the moment it is being announced for Steam only. Iím going to try to talk to publishers to see if they can help me get it on the Switch, and eventually talk to Sony and Microsoft as well, so hopefully a console release is also in the future.

And this, among other reasons, is why I need your support!

Below are several social media accounts, the Steam game page, and the mailing list for In Retrospect and my company, Paper Salamander Games. Please follow / like / etc. the social media accounts, add the game to your Steam wishlist, and join the mailing listÖ or whatever combination of the above you feel comfortable with! The more followers I have, the more likely a publisher or the ďbig 3Ē is to show interest, which will lead to more platforms for release. Either way it is definitely coming to Steam, so you can still follow and anticipate it!

In Retrospect
†††Paper Salamander Games

Don't forget to share this with anyone else who would be interested! This page is public so you can just link them right here.

Oh, and bump the thread too!

Thanks a bunch!

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07/18/19, 00:07    Edited: 07/22/19, 04:28
Roger dodger.

Good luck!
07/18/19, 17:43   

I like the whale.
07/18/19, 18:31   
Congrats on finally setting a deadline! I hope the rest of the development goes smoothly for you. I will share out the links via Weekend Panda, I fully understand how important it is to get that kind of support from folks you know, especially at the beginning. Us Indiedevs gotta help each other out. :)

EDIT: One suggestion, you have almost no images posted via Twitter on the official announcement. You might want at least a screen capture of the title/logo, it will help it get a lot more attention than just a line of text. Most people ignore random announcements on Twitter unless there's some art to look at too. Gifs even better. From experience, ha ha.
07/19/19, 00:06   
Edited: 07/19/19, 00:11
@J.K. Riki You mean on the official Twitter account? Yeah that's a good point. I haven't really figured out the best way to distribute news to a bunch of places at once, that was an auto-generated post from my blog that gets sent to Twitter and Facebook.

I guess my logic right now was that the Twitter and Facebook accounts are brand new (before I went live with this they both had exactly 0 followers) so no one would even be on them yet UNLESS they got there from following these big blowout posts like this NW one, ones I put on my own personal Facebook and Twitter, etc., which had a lot of information / the trailer / etc.

But I should still have more on the accounts themselves moving forward, since if this catches on people will be showing up there from all kinds of places. Maybe a pinned Tweet with visuals and info or something.
07/19/19, 00:27   
Edited: 07/19/19, 00:35
Man, I remember playing the prototype thingy like 300 years ago. Itís looking good!
07/19/19, 04:57   
Very cool!

Loved the whale bit, the head, and the MM2 vibes I got from some of that track!
07/19/19, 04:59   
FYI your website there brings up all kinds of security alerts on my computer (no idea why or anything, but it happens) so just letting you know. I mean, I know it's you so I would click to continue, but if I was just following a link posted online or Twitter or something I'd close the window and never look back.
07/22/19, 02:27   
@J.K. Riki I think I accidentally added an "s" into the http when posting since I copied and pasted code from another link and switched the URL. The site doesn't really need a secure connection (no credit card numbers being transferred or anything) so it isn't set up to handle one like that.

It should be better now?!
07/22/19, 04:29   
Edited: 07/22/19, 04:30

I agree. The heads and the whale stood out. And the music was sick. Iím not really into runners, but this game looks pretty cool. Good luck, Zero!
07/22/19, 06:17   
Edited: 07/22/19, 06:19

Yep, no more security warnings.
07/22/19, 15:07   
Congrats, happy to help! I don't have a ton of social media but I'll like on Youtube and buy on Steam (for now added to wish list).

ploot said:
Man, I remember playing the prototype thingy like 300 years ago. Itís looking good!

EDIT: love the music and colorful visuals, can't wait to play.\
07/23/19, 14:46   
Edited: 07/23/19, 14:47
Done, done, and done. Good luck!
07/23/19, 19:24   
08/06/19, 07:20   
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