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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle on the Switch
8.33/10 from 12 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle on the Switch!

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This game is hitting... today for some, tomorrow for others! What a weird combo but it seems like it turned into something special!

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08/28/17, 15:41    Edited: 08/28/17, 15:42
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Reviews are coming in!

Probably unsurprisingly considering how positive impressions have been, it's scoring very well! 85 between (22, now 38) reviews on Metacritic at the moment.

Who actually expected this when it was first announced?!
08/28/17, 15:43   
Edited: 08/28/17, 16:01

I actually had pretty high hopes for it back when it leaked. The strange combination was unexpected but was sure it could deliver if done right. I've never been too overexposed to the Rabbids so I didn't feel any reason to hate them like some do so the potential for humor seemed like a good match. Glad to hear it's working out though! The Switch just keeps delivering with the hits this year.
08/28/17, 16:12   
I actually like the Rabbids but I haven't been over-exposed to them either, really the only game I've played with them is the original Rayman Raving Rabbids on the Wii, which wasn't spectacular but was a fun showcase for some of what the Wii remote could do at launch.

I always meant to play Rabbids Go Home, that looked pretty unique and got decent reviews as well.
08/28/17, 16:19   
Edited: 08/28/17, 16:19
I love Xcom and this game heavily draws from that so perhaps one day I will check it out. Never expected that of a Rabbids game.
08/28/17, 18:14   
This is on my "want to get eventually" list. It looks surprisingly fun.
08/28/17, 18:53   
It's on its way from Gamefly right now! Pretty excited for it, I wanna get into strategy games so bad but they're pretty hard for me to learn.
08/28/17, 20:25   
@Stephen I'm imaging a story about someone with a time machine who goes back a (system) generation or two and tries to convince X-Com fans that there will be a Rabbids game that they will enjoy and gets executed for heresy or something.

08/28/17, 20:32   
Edited: 08/28/17, 20:34
This game looks better than it has any right to be, so I'll probably check it out at some point. I wish it had more Mario characters though.
08/28/17, 20:42   
Just beat the first world and the game is just such pure joy. If someone doesn't end up loving its charm by the first boss, then they really have no soul I cracked up a bunch just seeing how everything was animated. And that soundtrack was just so good too! Which I guess is really no surprise given who composed it. Really though, this has to end up being the biggest surprise of the year just by how good no one expected it to be.
08/29/17, 19:48   
Picking this up after work. I don't need this digitally.

Excited to see Mario and Rabbids' *worlds* collide.
08/29/17, 19:58   
I grabbed the GameStop-exclusive collector's edition today while driving around during work. This box is huge! Not *quite* Sonic Mania huge, but...still pretty sizable. I'll see if I can post a photo or two...if someone else doesn't beat me to it!
08/29/17, 20:45   
It should be in my hands within the hour!
08/30/17, 02:34   
Dat intro. So good.

People wanted to see...
08/30/17, 22:18   
This game is a national treasure and belongs in a museum.

Once I beat it.
08/31/17, 15:34   
Is Rabbid Peach a gender neutral character? Trans? Sorry, I don't know the correct terminology.

But their sex is never explicitly stated is it? Yes I know they call the character "she" and "her", but these days that doesn't necessarily refer to their biological sex. For instance, is there anyway to differentiate sex between Rabbids? Has there even been explicitly male or female Rabbids? In the intro the Rabbids all just look and act alike when suddenly one of them ends up with a Peach wig and I believe after gets the dress. The game also says "cosplaying taken too far" if I'm not mistaken.
Is it a male Rabbid dressing up as Peach/identifies as female so they call them "her"? Cuz that's the way things seem to be going these days.

I just found it interesting as I was playing the game for the first time with my bros watching and I commented on it possibly being vague on purpose.

Wondering what others' thoughts are on this.

Ps. Just because I bring stuff like this up it doesn't necessarily mean that I believe in it, just that I think it's an interesting possibility.
08/31/17, 20:08   

Do the rabbids fuck?

...I assume their civilization has no concept of either gender roles or biological sex. We just assume they're all dudes because that's what they sound like, and Ubisoft can play that for comedy because drag queens are the only group of people on the planet with a sense of humor.

As for whether it's deprecating or empowering... you could ask a million different people and get a million different answers. My philosophy is to just let it be and not think too hard about it.
08/31/17, 22:18   
Edited: 08/31/17, 22:21
Thank you for a proper response.

Yeah I always wonder if these kinda things are seen as deprecating or empowering. Could go either way.

Do females see Rabbids as male or female? They can be seen as androgynous I suppose, but like you said, they kind of feel male, maybe to males only though?
09/01/17, 00:05   
How is the multiplayer? I'm guessing it's offline only, which is totally fine. I'm wondering if my 7yr old would enjoy as long as I'm there helping him.
09/01/17, 00:37   
@Secret_Tunnel the less we know about Rabbid reproduction the better off we are as a society.
09/01/17, 01:20   

From what I heard it's basically the same thing, just that one controls a character(s) and the other controls the others. So really, with that in mind, you can essentially easily play co-op by yourself and get the same experience since it's turn based combat anyway.
09/01/17, 01:25   
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