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Nintendo Switch: What do you think of the name? [poll]
Love it!  (7/41 votes)
Like it  (24/41 votes)
Meh  (7/41 votes)
Don't like it  (2/41 votes)
Hate it!  (1/41 vote)
I'm a little underwhelmed by the name but, I'm already over it. It's not like when the Wii was announced and I thought the name was terribly stupid. And don't get me started on the Wii U. On the other hand, the NS does have a nice ring to it. And that's how I'll be calling it from now on.

What do you think?

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10/21/16, 06:43  
I like it. It does the trick. I liked NX more, but this makes a lot more sense for the final name. It's a million times better than "Wii" and a billion times better than "Wii U" (which is probably the single worst name for a major game console ever).

I like the fact that we are going back to having "Nintendo" right there in the product name too. Nintendo Switch. Cool.
10/21/16, 06:50   
Edited: 10/21/16, 07:03
Nice to see a name that isn't just a continuation of a product line.
10/21/16, 06:59   
I hate it, it's terrible! "NX" was such a bad-ass name!

not as bad as Wii U though
10/21/16, 07:40   
NX was sexy and I dunno why they couldn't have just kept it and still sold the concept. I mean, does 'Switch' really communicate the concept as *best* as possible? Nintendo GO or something could have worked better. Why 'Switch' in particular?

But I mean the name is totally fine, I like it, nice and simple for a big product like this. It doesn't feel particularly *inspired* though.

Hey, nice. I didn't notice it'd basically be called NS colloquially. That sounds nice. Do you call it Switch or The Switch?
10/21/16, 08:08   
Edited: 10/21/16, 08:10
I like it. It's fine. Mostly, I'm glad they didn't call it a name with "New" in the title.
10/21/16, 08:45   
Can we still all just call it the NX please? I feel like X could stand for Switch the way it sometimes stands for cross.

Wait until the New Nintendo Switch in a couple of years.
10/21/16, 14:45   
Edited: 10/21/16, 14:57
I think it's just fine.

Honestly, the name attached to it is pretty inconsequential in my book.

The only relevant part is that it says, "Nintendo" on it.
10/21/16, 15:53   
I like it. I also like how NX still works as an abbreviation. X is a variable, and variables can switch, so...!
10/21/16, 16:24   
I like it, but the logo makes me love it. That logo is MMmmmmmmmm good. Love it. So it brings up my vote a peg.
10/21/16, 17:20   
Like the name, like the logo. I'm especially glad that it isn't another "Wii" name.
10/21/16, 17:41   
Yes, NX sounded good, but in the gaming world, X is pretty synonymous with x-box. Nintendo knows the masses get confused easily, especially after the whole Wii/WiiU thing. The last thing they needed was to inadvertently promote a competitor. They NEEDED to get rid of the X in the name.
10/21/16, 20:10   
Personally, I think it's boring and lame. But that's the kind of name they need, as it doesn't need to be explained or sound like something stupid. So I think it's fine to use.
10/21/16, 20:23   

Good point, I agree. Tossing the X for that reason alone is a very smart thing indeed.

EDIT: Also, as mentioned in the other thread, I really dig "NSwitch" so I'm calling it that.
10/21/16, 20:45   
Edited: 10/21/16, 20:45
I'm just sorta bugged by the single syllable aspect of it.
10/21/16, 22:05   
Meh. But also... who cares?
10/21/16, 22:18   
10/21/16, 22:46   
10/21/16, 22:48   
Greg Miller (former IGN PSN personality gone solo) has been saying "X Gonna Give it To Ya" for months now when reporting NX news/speculation. Now that we have an official reveal someone put the trailer to the actual song for him. I think it sync's up with the video rather nicely. Maybe there was some editing made.
10/21/16, 23:01   
Ah nice. Will watch later.
10/21/16, 23:27   
It's a good name that emphasizes the duality of the system.
10/22/16, 01:23   
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