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Zero's ongoing list of bannable offenses.
I will add to the list as necessary.

1. Ripping on Metroid Prime's scanning.
2. Calling Henry Hatsworth (awesome game) "broken".
3. Thinking that the Beatles Rock Band is not milking the Rock Band name just because it is a Beatles game.
4. Using Kirby to suck me up and then walk off the edge while playing me in Smash Brothers.
5. Comparing Lost favorably to Metroid.
6. Confusing Ostro with Birdo.
7. Posting weird Advance Wars hentai like this (NSFW!)
8. Not posting weird Advance Wars hentai like this (NSFW!)
9. Claiming you are undefeated in Ice Hockey but actually you just hit the reset button any time you are about to lose.
10. Thinking just because Nintendo does something it is ok for you to do it.
11. Not knowing why you were banned.
12. Anything that isn't on the list yet, but will be someday. Ex post facto applies here.
13. Trying to get around not being able to predict what will happen by predicting you will be banned... or... wait, does that make sense?!
14. Thinking Family Guy is on par with or, god forbid, better than Futurama.
15. Liking Baby Bowser in anything that isn't Yoshi's Island.
16. Making bad banana puns. Unless you pull off 3 in one statement, in which case it is ok.
17. Downvoting Resident Evil 4 in the games ratings.
18. Skies >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tales. Do not disagree.
19. Acting like The Beatles Rock Band isn't milking the franchise just because it is The Beatles who are the most supercalifragelisticexpialidocious band ever
20. Editing Zero's Beatles hatin' posts.
21. Passing Zero in XP.


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11/19/15, 07:33    Edited: 11/19/15, 07:32
Along with number 4, what about using Bowser's side B attack to sumo slam you out of the ring?

EDIT: I couldn't bring myself to google image search "weird Advance Wars hentai."
02/22/10, 09:01   
Edited: 02/22/10, 09:08
I am sorry to inform you that Burningham17 broke rule #8 in this very thread, and has been banned.
02/22/10, 09:03   
Nintendo did number 6 twice. Why can't we?

Hey guys, did you notice the Ostro bathroom door in my Touch Fuzzy comic?!

Oh right. NSFW
02/22/10, 09:07   
Edited: 02/22/10, 09:08
Because Nintendo is your parent and knows best.
02/22/10, 09:08   
I'm so confused! 7 and 8 contradict each other, and 5 just makes no sense at all!
02/22/10, 09:24   
Lost reminds me of Metroid in a favorable way.
02/22/10, 09:26   
10 - But Nintendo raised me... They taught me how to Drive how to Fight, how to Dance, and finally how to CRY
02/22/10, 10:03   
Rule #1

You don't talk about Negative World.

Rule #2

You don't talk about Negative World.
02/22/10, 10:06   
Edited: 02/22/10, 10:06
Do I get to be Brad Pitt?
02/22/10, 10:12   
Only if I get to be Edward Norton
02/22/10, 10:16   
Edited: 02/22/10, 10:17
Can I just rip on Metroid in general?
02/22/10, 11:33   
What kind of list doesn't go to 11?
02/22/10, 15:16   
well, atleast i can still clam to be undefeated in Blades of Steel
02/22/10, 16:29   
@Shadowlink BANNED.
02/22/10, 18:29   
@Shadowlink BANNED.

@Het_Nkik BANNED.

@Whiffleboy BANN... hmm. Not banned.

@carlosrox BANNED.

@missypissy BANN... actually that's kind of hot. Not banned.

@X-pert74 BANNED.

@TheBigG753 BANNED.

@Scrawnton BANNED.

@Zero ... BANNED.
02/22/10, 18:31   
Are we supposed to enforce these, now?

Where's my ban hammer?
02/22/10, 18:34   
Who is we, I already banned you.
02/22/10, 18:41   
Actually, it might be best if everyone would just assume they are banned until otherwise informed.
02/22/10, 18:42   
What was I banned for?

Oh and I didn't get banned for my second post so it cancels itself out therefore leaving me unbanned!! No wonder this post worked!
02/22/10, 18:52   
Not knowing why you were banned is a bannable offense.
02/22/10, 18:56   
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