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Metroid Prime Trilogy Discussion (Nintendo Wii) [game]
Metroid Prime Trilogy on the Wii
9.67/10 from 69 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Metroid Prime Trilogy on the Wii!

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Just curious if anyone else picked up this set? It only being $10 for the first week is a crazy good deal. I still have the physical version, but couldn't pass this up.

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01/30/15, 05:31    Edited: 01/30/15, 05:32
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Yep I'm going to jump on it. $10 (Prob $13 here) is a steal for all three games, even if I already have the physical copy. Slightly more convenient than changing discs and sliding into Wii mode too.
01/30/15, 05:46   
Three of the best games ever.
01/30/15, 06:13   
I purchased the steel case from Blockbuster when it went out of business but I just didn't have the guts to take it out of its shrink wrap! Now I can keep my shrink wrapped copy, and play it for the low, low price of $10.99 CAD.
I assume the value of my sealed copy probably went down with this virtual release, but whatevs!
01/30/15, 06:16   
I don't know if this is true for all doors in all of the games, but apparently the loading times are better in the download version.
01/30/15, 06:27   
Played and finished all of these games, some of my favorite games of all time. I passed on Galaxy 2 and Punchout because I own them already, and while I own all of these already, as the first two are now "new play control" I won't pass this up!
01/30/15, 06:41   

That makes sense, if it's loading directly from a hard drive rather than the disc...

This isn't related to disc vs digital, but I wonder if they fixed the issue with the stalactites in Phendrana Drifts (The section where you have to use missiles to knock them from the roof to form platforms). When I was playing the Wii copy of trilogy, the missile pathfinding on the Prime 3-style Wiimote aiming was iffy. So for one or two paticular stalactites, the missile would strike *just* off target. After spending a quarter of an hour ranting at the 'bug' and then going online, I found the solution was to change the control options back to the traditional GC style.

Mildly annoying.
01/30/15, 06:51   
How will the friend credit dealy work in this version? Still not possible? Any workarounds included?
01/30/15, 07:27   
Huh. My E-shop balance after downloading this is $6.66. Ominous.
01/30/15, 08:43   
@Mop it up

There was a note at some point when I was buying the game that mentioned that feature is no longer available.
01/30/15, 08:46   
Cleared the Frigate last night and landed on Tallon IV proper, ready to begin a mission that I haven't played in 12 years.
Was worried about the pointer controls but my oh my, they are superb, I must have forgotten since Corruption.

Plus, my wife was watching TV so I had to use the gamepad as my screen. Very functional. Little tricky to read some of the text, but it got me up and running.

Echoes is the one that I skipped, but I can't really remember much about Prime so... here goes...
01/30/15, 09:21   
What's the download size? I very well might pick this up despite owning the steel book version from yesteryear.
01/30/15, 13:38   
The PAL version was a little under 8GB.
01/30/15, 14:31   
@Mop it up

Saw this on reddit. I didn't really read how it works, but it's a save file with that stuff unlocked.
01/30/15, 14:59   
I sold mine for $70 this week and scooped this up...great, great game. And now I don't have to get up to change the disc to play it!
01/30/15, 16:04   
If you transfer your Wii saves to the Wii U, this game still runs off those saves. Thought that was a nice touch.
01/30/15, 16:49   
Getting this while its still $10 but I officially need external storage. Has anyone used a usb thumb drive for storage on the Wii U?
01/30/15, 17:06   

Nintendo doesn't recommend it, but I've read reports that people have been using thumb drives without any issues. However, I've also read that people have had problems getting games to load properly off a thumb drive, so I think it depends on the speed of the drive. If you get one that's at least as fast as a spinning hard drive then you hopefully won't have any issues. I'd also recommend that you don't keep your most important save files on one just in case it fails.
01/30/15, 18:14   
From what I understand (which might not be a whole lot), the problem with USB thumb drives is that their flash memory can't take too much of the writing/re-writing of information for too long, and that gaming consoles like the Wii U will wear them out faster. I've been wanting to use one of those myself, but I'm too scared of losing all my stuff.
01/30/15, 18:38   
Yup, I need more storage space too. Gonna have to beat Punch-Out!! and delete that (and Game & Wario) from my hard-drive in the meantime. Probably wasn't a good idea to download Smash...

Definitely looking forward to replaying these games and showing them off to some other people though. I haven't ever actually played all the way through Metroid Prime 2.
01/30/15, 19:02   
all hail the 250gb-hard-drive-they-scalped-from-an-old-PC Master Race
01/30/15, 19:41   
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