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Give your money to the NW in the form of a donation! [community]
A couple of users were asking about donations, so I set up a donation button through Paypal.

You do NOT need a Paypal account to donate, it also accepts credit cards. What you do is click on the button, put in your donation amount (USD) and then if you are going through Paypal sign in and complete it, if you are using a credit card hit the credit card link near the bottom left. The actual transaction is done on the Paypal site, so you don't have to worry about Negative World stealing all ur credit cardz.

It costs me about $75 a year to keep this site up, not a whole lot, but I do make dirt at my day job, am paying for grad school, and still live with my mom at 30 so every bit helps. Also, the web designer spent a lot of time and work to implement skins, navigation layout, make the site work quick and neat, and implement the options you asked him, all this instead of doing a paid professional site. I'm not going to grub for money though, you either want to donate or you don't. No pressure.

So clicky clicky the button below!

PS. As this is a free site and I want it to be free and equal to all, donations will NOT get you into the lower levels. Sorry. But we will give you our unrestrained love... that is a fair trade, right?!

URL to share (right click and copy)
02/10/10, 07:23    Edited: 02/20/11, 18:05
For sure bro, I will when I can..
02/10/10, 07:59   
I'll definitely chuck a few bucks your way in a week, may be as long as a month. But for this site you shall get cash that was going to go toward IGN!
02/10/10, 08:04   
My Paypal account is pretty barren after some recent purchases, but I threw the remaining $3.50 your way. It worked just fine for me, so no need to worry.

I'm sure my generous donation will pay for 2-full hours to maintain the site. = P
02/10/10, 08:29   
Hey every bit helps. I'm not really expecting people to drop down major donations.

Though, you know, those would be accepted as well.
02/10/10, 08:31   
Don't beg me for money when I'm trying to make money. D:

Nah, just kidding... It seems like I'm projecting to make more than I expected selling on eBay, so I'll throw some money towards NegativeWorld once all of my items are sold.
02/10/10, 08:40   
I'd like to donate, but I first need to get a job so I have a consistent source of income.
02/10/10, 11:47   
You should sticky this. And I could probably see clear to send some cash once I get my tax refund back. It's megaton this year.

David V
02/10/10, 17:23   
Done. :)
02/10/10, 19:16   
X-pert74 said:
I'd like to donate, but I first need to get a job so I have a consistent source of income.

My situation exactly. I'll be sure to help you out once I find one though.
02/10/10, 20:34   
Hopefully within the next week or two I can throw something your way. It's better than giving my money to IGN anyway.
02/10/10, 21:00   
Would you rather have had 2/3 of the annual hosting costs or that priceless artwork?

Wait, don't answer that. =p
02/10/10, 22:19   
Hey, cool stuff is pretty cool too. I obviously don't run this site to make money, I mostly just set up donations to defray some of the expenses of running it. I'm not going to be sad if everyone doesn't rush to give me cash.

I'll also try to keep people updated on how many donations come in, so you guys know whether you're helping me pay to keep the site up... or buying me a new Ferrari. With that said, Negative World has taken in $23.50 in donations so far! Sweet! HERE COMES MY FERRARI!
02/10/10, 23:41   
Edited: 02/10/10, 23:43
Lower levels? What is this you speak of? (also nice new banner and slight redesign)

EDIT: Oh wait, it's just the Metroid skin that automatically appeared for me. Anyway I love it (goes well with my icon too)
02/11/10, 00:54   
Edited: 02/11/10, 00:58
Always willing to help
02/11/10, 01:18   
I'll kick you a couple bucks when my taxes come back. It's been a bad year financially to put it mildly, though at least I still own my house which is more than you can say for a lot of people who got one in early 07...
02/11/10, 01:20   
I'll kick some your way in the next couple weeks as money comes in. It's the least I can do.
02/12/10, 19:47   
$48.50 so far! You guys rock! Now let me think, what color would look best on my Porsche? No, I'm not confused, this is in addition to my Ferrari!
02/12/10, 23:29   
zero i will be sending in like $10 when i get my tax refund.. the IRS had a data crash and los tmy info delaying my deposit up to 2 weeks.. i vowed to not spend money on game related things til i get my money.

consider this a promise.
02/18/10, 22:15   

If 48.50 is enough to make you consider a Porsche, I would like to know WTF you're getting your cars from. Because I need one.
03/11/10, 00:03   
Yeah and though I'm honestly not tracking name to name or anything, I will say this... we have sure received a lot more PROMISES of donations than ACTUAL donations, lol.

Which is fine, I'm not going to money grub, but donations certainly help.
04/13/10, 19:17   
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