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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds on the 3DS
9.39/10 from 44 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds on the 3DS!

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Review (Nintendo 3DS) (9.9)  by  

The latest entry in Nintendo's famous adventure series, The Legend of Zelda, is just about upon us! This game takes place in the same "world" as the classic SNES game, A Link To The Past, following a new Link on a new adventure through Hyrule, and an alternate kingdom, Lorule.

Time to grab the Master Sword once again, adventure fans. The world needs a hero, will you answer the call?

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11/13/13, 15:39    Edited: 11/13/13, 15:50
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Did everyone read that it got a perfect score from Game Informer?

Awh yeah!

Edit: Sorry for stepping on yer toes there GDG!
11/13/13, 15:44   
Edited: 11/13/13, 15:49
The game has gotten it's first review already (most are embargo'd until Friday) - and it's from GameInformer. It got an incredible score.

I can't remember if Negative World considers review scores as a "spoiler" - so for now, I'll hide the score as a spoiler. If it's not a big deal, I'll take the spoiler tag down. (if people want)

GameInformer gave The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds a 10/10 score. Here are the highlights:

* Surprised at Nintendo's willingness to shake up Zelda formulas
* Loved the item rental/purchase system; makes it genuinely scary when you're about to die
* Heart piece puzzles are still clever despite having access to all the items whenever you want
* No more map items to grab in dungeons, layout is shown right away; doesn't dumb down the experience
* Seemed to really love the turning-Link-into-a-drawing mechanic; says it forces you to look at the entire game from a different point of
view instead of just solving puzzles and moving on
* "As if some of the best dungeons in Zelda history weren't enough, they typically end with some of the best bosses Link has ever
* Some bosses return from LttP, most are brand new
* Completely free to do dungeons in whatever order, no number system or NPCs that tell you where to go next
* Freeing to wander the map and explore at your leisure
* World map laid out in same manner as LttP, but not copy-paste job; lots of tweaks to aid traversal and exploration
* "I wouldn't change anything about this game"
11/13/13, 15:46   
Edited: 11/13/13, 15:48
I can safely say that I haven't been this excited for a Zelda game in almost a decade. It seems to correct everything that I have been bitching about for the last few entries... There's no forced hand-holding or hour long tutorials and the game features a proper (even if reused) overworld without any gimmicky shenanigans. If the game is too easy the first time around, the Hero Mode where enemies do four times the damage sure as hell won't be. I just hope that the game is received well enough to where Nintendo realizes that there is a demand for classic Zelda as they did with the Mario side-scrollers... and that some of these improvements make it into future console Zelda games as well.

Oh my gatos, the 22nd is almost here!
11/13/13, 15:59   
Hinph said:
I can safely say that I haven't been this excited for a Zelda game in almost a decade.
Agreed. I was excited for Twilight Princess on GCN but all the delays sorta killed it for me, and by the time it came out it felt dated and honestly not that exciting (though still a solid game).

This, however, is hitting all the right notes, classic Zelda game play, but streamlined, and with beautifully crafted visuals, and on a handheld... it's like someone at Nintendo reached into my dreams and decided to make them come true!
11/13/13, 16:06   
Edited: 11/13/13, 16:07

Yeah, I experienced the same thing with the hype cycle for TP. I think that might have been the moment where Nintendo realized that showing off a game too soon is a bad thing... And I, for one, love that they only seem to show off games when they are relatively close to release now. Don't show me something I can't have for years!

With Skyward Sword... Well, the hype just never happened.
11/13/13, 16:14   
Skyward Sword is in my pile of shame, still in the shrinkwrap. At this point my Wii is getting disc read errors and not even hooked up... so I'll wait to get a Wii U and then play it over the HDMI looking all pretty. The question is, by the time I get a Wii U in a year or two will I want to go back to Skyward Sword?
11/13/13, 16:17   

It's definitely a good game at its core, worth playing through... It's just that it reaches a new level of obtrusive sidekick interruptions. I truly hate Fi.
11/13/13, 16:25   
By the way, I'm lovin' the very 1990s-esque commercial they have for the game:


Oh haha, no worries! Actually, I may have been doing the toe-stepping, since you posted that before me!
11/13/13, 16:47   
I though we were past the phase of spoilering review scores.

The hype. It rises!
11/13/13, 17:18   
Oh man, those bullet points are like the nectar of the world's most beautiful flower.
11/13/13, 17:26   
My frothing demand for this game increases
11/13/13, 17:44   
anon_mastermind said:
I though we were past the phase of spoilering review scores.

I think so too, but sometimes a review score will slip out, and someone will cry foul...

I dunno. I'd rather NOT spoiler-tag a review score. I'll un-spoiler it if that's what everyone would prefer. Thoughts, anyone?
11/13/13, 19:39   

I understand where people could find it silly, but is it that hard to mouse-over it? No. I don't have a problem with it.

mrbiggsly said:
My frothing demand for this game increases

Jargon said:
Oh man, those bullet points are like the nectar of the world's most beautiful flower.

Agree heavily with these two statements. The trailer during the Nintendo Direct really got me hyped. I'll have to wait something like ten days to play it though as I'm getting mine from Canada so that I can get that awesome treasure chest. Still, it'll be a great December game and by then I'll likely have Super Mario 3D World beat.
11/14/13, 01:04   
This looks absolutely brilliant. But I know I'll only be able to handle 1 game at a time, so it'll have to be EAD Tokyo's first. But Zelda will come soon after.
11/14/13, 02:35   
Those bullet points.... THOSE BULLET POINTS!
This is truly exciting!

Oh man, I'm still kicking myself for not going for that box. The mere thought that I'll have it in my house and it won't be mine... MADDENING!

The pre-order bonus is no longer being offered. BOOO!

M-maybe they won't send you yours by mistake...
11/14/13, 03:06   
Edited: 11/14/13, 03:06

11/14/13, 03:09   
Oh My God at those bullet points. This game is going to own my life.
11/14/13, 03:09   
11/14/13, 03:22   
Don't feel bad ploot, I didn't even know about it either. What the hell internet you suck for not letting me know of this until it was too late.

In other news, I just finished A Link to the Past in anticipation of this game. Can't wait for it!
11/14/13, 03:27   
I'm getting the Gold XL... maybe the little chest is a secret hidden in the box? Could happen!
11/14/13, 03:31   
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