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Sonic & All-Stars & More All-Stars Racing Announced!
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April 02, 2013, 03:16
Oh man, the game announcements just keep on coming, donít they? You might be wondering what Sega was planning on doing with Mario Kart now that they have acquired Nintendo, considering that they already have their own kart racing franchise. Well, wonder no longer, because Sonic & All-Stars & More All-Stars Racing has been announced for the Wii U, 3DS, and Sega Dreamcast! Yes, you heard me right, a Dreamcast version is in the works. In fact, word has it that, with the Wii U in trouble, the Dreamcast might be making a bit of a comeback...

Although only a single screenshot has been released for this game (see below), Sega has announced a few details which should whet your appetite:

-90% of the roster will be Sega characters (Sega felt that Nintendoís characters were lacking in charisma)
-17 different versions of Sonic available to race as, including classic, modern, knight, werehog, and more!
-SEGA CHAN the robot to make a secret appearance
-Tingle, a favorite Nintendo character over at Sega, reported to be in the game
-Dreamcast version running smoothest online due to the more advanced online infrastructure

I'm not sure if this is the Dreamcast or Wii U version...

Sounds good to me! Which Sonic characters or friends or other friends would you like to see in Sonic & All-Stars & More All-Stars Racing?

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04/02/13, 03:16   Edited:  04/08/13, 00:53
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Haha I'm loving this. I have a question though Zero, were you able to find any articles that say what Sega's gonna do with Nintendo's other franchises, like Zelda, or Metroid? *cough**cough* I wanna know

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 on: 04/02/13, 03:19

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 on: 04/02/13, 03:27
Playable Segata Sanshiro or no buy.

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 on: 04/02/13, 04:02
Dreamcast version! Clearly it's going to be the definitive version, I never thought I'd see the day when Dreamcast would return. Oh me of little faith, of course Deamcast lives on.

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 on: 04/02/13, 04:46
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