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Breath to Images - #5. Inverted Star Man
September 02, 2012, 00:39

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Star man has a few issues he needs to work out.


...does everyone else?

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09/02/12, 00:39
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 on: 09/02/12, 01:08
This... is a very long comic. Hilarious though! Not enough Zero bashing, however.

And yeah, I suppose I should eventually make it so signed in members can just comment on the comic page itself. I realize that it is a little silly to view the thread, go to the comic, and then come back to the thread to comment. I forget why I didn't set it up that way to begin with. Probably laziness, although there was some other issue associated with it. Ah well, it's just one extra click. No one likes extra clicks...

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 on: 09/02/12, 01:28   Edited:  09/02/12, 01:29
I started to skim Star Man's text, but the punchline is really funny.
Works well!

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 on: 09/02/12, 07:22
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