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Iwata Asks - Nintendo 3DS built-in software
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March 31, 2011, 17:44
It's a new Iwata Asks interview, this time with the people in charge of making the 3DS's built-in software.


Sorry for not making this post all nice like DrFink used to, but he doesn't seem to post these anymore.


- Takahashi, director of "Tomodachi Collection" was put in charge of overseeing the built-in software because Miis are a very important feature of the 3DS, so it seemed natural to put someone whose game leveraged Miis heavily in charge.

- In designing the 3DS menu and its the icon layout, the team took a lot of cues from the Wii's Photo Channel.

- Originally, creating a Mii from a photo was supposed to allow you to take a photo of yourself, display it on the screen, and let you create the Mii manually while comparing with the photo. Until Miyamoto came along and said "Too bad it can't create the Mii automatically for you" sort of under his breath. Kawamoto struggled with the idea until a third party came out with a piece of software that creates portraits. The timing was perfect timing.

- The skit of the Mii character struggling with that box on his head was thought up because no matter what, they couldn't get the loading down below 20 seconds, and "progress bars are boring".

- The Find Mii game was designed specifically to make repeated Streetpass encounters with the same people more exciting.

- These people are "currently working diligently" to bring video functionality to the 3D camera.

- Currently there is no plans to bring the large AR Cards for North American Club Nintendo

- Half of the staff for AR Games was from HAL Laboratory.

- The merge lens functionality was a huge hit at Nintendo's offices during development, so much so that Suzuki's AR team felt frustrated and made Face Raiders with the goal to "beat" that. "Well, during development, we really are both comrades and rivals, you know. "

And there you go.

All in all, not as many secrets or Easter eggs were revealed as I had hoped, but interesting read nonetheless.

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03/31/11, 17:44   Edited:  03/31/11, 19:37
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Nice, thanks for the summary. I'll read the whole article later when I'm not at work.

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 on: 03/31/11, 19:36   Edited:  03/31/11, 19:36
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