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Devil May Cry coming to Switch this Summer
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May 06, 2019, 22:06
The original Devil May Cry that is. I don't have a ton of experience with the franchise but I played and enjoyed the first one!

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Posted: 05/06/19, 22:06  - Edit:  05/06/19, 22:06
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Weird choice to stick to the original and ONLY the original. Why not the whole HD Remaster trilogy? Or if they really had to stick to one entry, why not DMC3 Special Edition, the best one? Why not DMC4 Special Edition? Heck, we don't even know if this is even the remastered version of the original or, like, a straight port of the PS2 game. Capcom is weird sometimes.

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 on: 05/07/19, 01:48
It's probably a "test".

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 on: 05/07/19, 01:58

I just played 5, it was my first in the series but I appreciated the style and humor. I might check this out!

Iíve been playing a lot of Capcom games lately, just started Dragonís Dogma.

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 on: 05/07/19, 02:31
What a crock. Just release the HD Trilogy. I LOVE me some Bayonetta and I hear this is more or less the same fun action. However I'm not interested in piece-mealing the series like this. Maybe if each was $20 to keep a total trilogy to $60 I'd consider. Doubt that'll happen though.

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 on: 05/07/19, 02:57



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 on: 05/07/19, 03:31  - Edit:  05/07/19, 03:52
Zero said:
It's probably a "test".

But only Capcom does stupid crap like te-


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 on: 05/07/19, 14:30
So weird that they aren't doing the trilogy. The collection is already complete, it's already in HD and on systems that are on par with the Switch. I can't understand the idea behind putting just the ONE on Nintendo's system. It's baffling.

It's more baffling than the time EA put Mass Effect 3 on Wii U, but not the Mass Effect Trilogy that was announced a few months later. Just...what. WHAT. *slaps forehead*

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 on: 05/08/19, 18:07
You could probably skip the second one.

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 on: 05/08/19, 22:27
Yeah 2 is notoriously bad. I mean, compared to the rest I guess. Mostly people just say it is mediocre and too easy.

I've played 1 and 3. Skipped 2.

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 on: 05/08/19, 22:28
This is really weird. Especially if people are planning on using this as litmus test for the series. Like, I enjoy DMC1 a lot. But it was among the first of its kind. Naturally, it's gonna be clunky and shallow compared to later games, Bayonetta, Revengeance, Wonderful 101, and maybe even Ninja Gaiden. It's got like 1 or 2 combos and isn't nearly as free form as later DMC's. Plus, it still has the growing pains from having started life as Resident Evil 4. At this point it kind of is more of a historical novelty. One that I like a lot, but an artifact nonetheless.

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 on: 05/08/19, 23:50
I can't wait for this! I've been hoping to have Devil May Cry on the Switch for a long time.

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 on: 05/09/19, 17:34
I'm not interested in this sort of game, so this doesn't affect me.

Then why am I posting here? Who knows.

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 on: 05/09/19, 19:17
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