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Mega Man X3 Discussion (Nintendo SNES) [game]
8.53/10 from 17 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Mega Man X3 on the SNES!

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Who else is playing Negative World's 6th favorite Mega Man game on the Virtual Console?!

My experience with X3... despite loving X and X2, I never played it back when it released on the SNES. Not entirely sure why, though I think it was a combination of the fact that it came very late in the SNES cycle, it was kind of tough to find used (even back then I rarely paid full price for a game), and it just sort of... looked weird. I found it maybe 10 years later at a Gamestop used and picked it up. Got to the end castle area and just stopped for some reason. And... then I lost my job, panicked about money, and sold off a bunch of my games, and since X3 was going for a good $30-$40 used on eBay at that time, it was a casualty. I always regretted selling it though, so it is nice to have it back in my collection!

Early impressions for my second time... music isn't as good as X / X2 (though the first stage song is pretty awesome, as are a few others), and well... the stage design seems a bit lacking next to those games as well. Also there are some weird stretches where there just aren't any enemies or pitfalls at all, which is compounded by the fact that there are rooms in most stages that you go into and nothing happens (until later in the game...)

With that said, it's still a pretty fun game! I never really got into X4 (despite owning and finishing it) and I heard it just gets worse and worse, so I kind of see X3 as the last good X game.

Until the inevitable retro sequel made by IntiCreates...

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Posted: 08/30/14, 20:39:39  - Edited by 
 on: 08/30/14, 20:45:47
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The music - that's my biggest gripe with the game. The first level has an amazing track, and Zero has a pretty cool (abeit short) theme, but other than that there's maybe only one or two tracks that I like (I think one was Volt Catfish and another was a Doppler level).

IMO for the most part the tracks are forgettable or repetitive (Neon Tiger bleeeeeeggggh), whereas I feel like almost every song in the first two games is a knockout.

The game also just doesn't *sound* like the first two games. I wonder if it's because there are actually two versions of the soundtrack? There's the SNES one but then the game has completely different music on the Saturn.

Edit: also I remember the mech ride suits being way too hard to figure out. I think you had to get secret modules for them and you could pick from them when on the mech platform things.

The armor was pretty sweet in this one. I liked the Mega Buster upgrade maybe more than the one in X2. I'm sure the helmet was also way better than the one in X2 (even though I think X2's armor looked the best).
Posted: 08/30/14, 21:47:38  - Edited by 
 on: 08/30/14, 21:50:35
The Playstation ones get terrrrrrrrrible. I thought it was just people overstating it, but you see a massive drop in quality as you progress through the series.

I know own the 3 X titles on Wii U (porn title?). Just started playing X3 again, I think this is the one I rented as a kid but nothing is really bringing up any memories right now. So it might have been X2. Either way, I like playing as Zero.
Posted: 08/30/14, 22:17:59
The game is hard. At least a notch harder than X and X2. Though admittedly I am really familiar with X and X2 so that kind of warps things in that regard.
Posted: 08/31/14, 16:17:42
Yeah of the first 4 or 5 Mega Man X games I think it's the only one I haven't beaten. I do have X5 on PC somewhere. Not the best game but not nearly as bad as the games that came after it.

I didn't think X4 was that bad but I remember it being decidedly easy at the time, and that X' voice was an ear sore. The game itself wasn't awful though. I thought the transition to higher res pixels mostly worked well, and I might prefer it's soundtrack over X3.
Posted: 08/31/14, 17:18:19
@PogueSquadron I sort of hated the graphics / style of X4. And X's voice... WHY?! The soundtrack is tough to say, the zero theme is AMAZING but I don't remember being impressed by much else.

At the end of the day I guess it is tough to say whether X3 or X4 is a better game, but I tend to side with X3 because it at least retained the feel of X / X2 a bit. X4's style / presentation / etc. just felt like a bit of a mess to me.
Posted: 08/31/14, 18:07:55  - Edited by 
 on: 08/31/14, 18:09:12
I agree there. I thought the art felt like a natural evolution. x looked more like he did in the official art. Whether or not that was detrimental to gsmeplay is another thing, but it probably would've felt weird if they retained tiny X on the super duper Playstation.
Posted: 08/31/14, 20:11:31
When I replayed X4, it was actually better than I remember. But I agree with Zero in that the presentation kind of hurt the whole package, X's voice definitely included. (X looks like he'd sound like a teenager, so why does he sound like Rocky the Flying Squirrel???)

X > X2 > X3 > X4 >> X5 >>>>>>>>> X6

X6 is unbelievably terrible.
Posted: 08/31/14, 21:03:21
Hmm, I totally forgot about the "you can only choose one of these upgrades" thing. Am I going to screw myself if I pick the "wrong" one? Too late... already picked the dash upgrade. Hope it wasn't a dumb choice.
Posted: 08/31/14, 23:18:16  - Edited by 
 on: 08/31/14, 23:18:51
@Zero If you get any of the chips (e.g. the double air dash chip) you can't get the golden armor that includes all the chip upgrades. I think that's all you miss. But you don't get that until Sigma's fortress anyway. And the only one I really liked was the double air dash anyway.
Posted: 09/01/14, 01:31:06
I finished X3 100% today. It was pretty good. I don't think it tops the original X, but I enjoyed it more than X2. So for me, the list goes

X > X3 > X2

Finishing up the SNES trilogy has gotten me interest in tackling the PS1 trilogy. I had X6 and X7 back when they first came out and enjoyed them quite a bit. I couldn't beat any of the main stages in X6, but getting through the majority of X7 was one of my biggest gaming accomplishments at the time. I've since lost both games, and my memory of them has almost completely faded, so who knows if I would like them today. I'd like to revisit them and find out. That said...


What did you dislike about X6? I get the impression that the last 3 or 4 X games are almost universally hated, but haven't heard why aside from reasons relating to the presentation.
Posted: 09/01/14, 06:05:40  - Edited by 
 on: 09/01/14, 06:06:48

To make it short, the stage design is unbelievably bad...like, unfairly so. Blind jumps, repetitive mini-boss gauntlets, points where you can get stuck permanently (and have to kill yourself to "progress"). The presentation was fine (outside of translation goofiness and some meh cutscenes), but the gameplay was the real problem.
Posted: 09/01/14, 06:19:23
Well, without thinking I shut down my Wii U without exiting out and lost like half my progress (luckily I had made a load point awhile back and didn't lose everything.) Probably won't be too tough getting back where I was, but still annoying.
Posted: 09/01/14, 20:23:31
Zero said:
Well, without thinking I shut down my Wii U without exiting out ..

Why is this even an option? I mean..is this a widespread thing?

I had a buddy from out of town over a few weeks ago playing Mario Kart (he, too, owns a Wii U), and I was just sitting next to him, but right from the Track Select screen, or something, he simply powered it down via the GamePad. ..Huh?

With the exception of a critical FREEZE or something of the sort where nothing is responsive, I always-always-ALWAYS back out to:
-the Start Menu of the Game,
-then head to the Home Menu of the Console,
-Eject My Game,
-and THEN Power Down.

The "without thinking" part doesn't disqualify it; clearly this is something that happens on occasion for you in non-Save scenarios.
Posted: 09/01/14, 20:45:04
Because you want to treat it like an old game basically. We're also so used to playing gsmes that auto-save so sometimes you just forget.

I've forgotten to back out to the menu with VC games before. And with Mario Kart...why would it matter where you are when you shut down, as long as you're not in the middle of a race? There's nothing to save if you're in the menus.
Posted: 09/01/14, 21:00:02  - Edited by 
 on: 09/01/14, 21:49:58
Mega Man X3 (SNES version at least) is hands-down one of the best games I have ever played. I have no complaints about it; I love its increased difficulty over the first two X games, its level design, boss designs, and especially the absolutely amazing Super NES soundtrack.

I'm pretty sure the Super NES X games in general, but X3 in particular, are responsible for my later getting into metal music. This soundtrack is fucking incredible I really dislike the remixed soundtrack; it loses all of the gritty dark metal atmosphere of the original, and replaces it with some very unengaging generic PSX-era instrumentation. It's very displeasing to me; I actually dislike it even more than X4's soundtrack, which was another huge change in tone from the soundtracks of the first three games.
Posted: 09/02/14, 02:19:04
Finished! Not too much to really add to the discussion. It still sits in this weird place for me where it is good enough to not throw in with the crappy X games, but nowhere near as good as X and X2 in my eyes.

Hmm, and F to hell whoever decided that hitting Sigma's tiny ass head should be a thing, doubly so if they were the one to decide that dead on hits just won't count sometimes.

But yeah, decent game, if uninspired.
Posted: 09/26/14, 23:32:11

You gotta kinda hit his SCALP, don't you?
Posted: 09/27/14, 19:23:09
@Zero It's been years since I last played X3, but I wonder if some of your shots didn't make contact with his head because his chest armor absorbed the impact, given that it juts out pretty far past his face.
Posted: 09/27/14, 21:49:13
But it is an energy blast, if half hits something the rest should keep traveling! Stache is right, you kind of have to aim for the scalp. Blah.

To be honest the only reason I was able to beat his final form is I got his original form down to where he would barely even touch me. Then I'd just burn through my energy tanks and I still barely pulled it off.
Posted: 09/28/14, 07:14:15
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