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Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 - Abolishment Poll - Round 6 [poll]
Crossing Cup - Wild Woods (5/12 votes)
Bell Cup - Ribbon Road (0/12 votes)
Bell Cup - Big Blue (7/12 votes)
Mario Kart's second DLC pack has released finally and with it come eight awesome courses. I wanted to gauge the interest and appreciation of these various courses around here so I thought I would put on an Abolishment Poll to determine the proper order of things. For more discussion on Mario Kart 8, visit it's Discussion Thread.

For those interested in participating (and why not? it's very little effort), just post IN BOLD the track you find the least appealing of the set. The bold votes will hold more weight over the actual poll voting to prevent any kind of tom-foolery (or Tom Nook-foolery perhaps). To go the extra mile, tell us why, or if your favorite is losing the poll(s) then tell us why we're wrong!

Have a go at the courses. Have a vote. But most of all have fun!

This phase of the Abolishment Poll is live until Sunday, May 10th, @ 7:59 PM EST.

Again, vote for the LEAST favorite of the remaining options
and post in BOLD your choice below.


4th Place:
Crossing Cup - Animal Crossing

5th Place:
Bell Cup - Super Bell Subway

6th Place:
Bell Cup - Neo Bowser City

7th Place:
Crossing Cup - Cheese Land

8th Place:
Crossing Cup - Baby Park


For what many deemed kind of boring of the bunch in the start, the Animal Crossing course of the same name managed to last for quite a while. If we could only have four tracks instead of eight this DLC pack, that would have made the cut. Now three remain and only one does from the Crossing Cup. Will the Wild Woods hold out against the exceptionally revamped Ribbon Road, the F-Zero nod Big Blue, or will it crumble underneath it's vast forestation theme?

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Posted: 05/09/15, 05:38:35  - Edited by 
 on: 05/09/15, 05:38:30
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Big Blue is a fun track, but I like the other two more.
Posted: 05/09/15, 05:40:09
Yeah I think I'll go with Big Blue as well. It's a great one but I think the other two are more fun at 200cc.
Posted: 05/09/15, 05:42:03
I'll be honest, I've only played each of the new set of tracks once. In a lot of cases I felt like that was enough to vote, but now... I just don't know. I think Ribbon Road is my favorite of the ones left with Big Blue right behind it but... I need to play more before voting.

Posted: 05/09/15, 05:47:37

Well play more tomorrow alrighty!?
Posted: 05/09/15, 05:57:14
No tonight!

So after playing through them all again I have to go with Crossing Cup - Wild Woods. Big Blue isn't quite as good of an F-Zero course as I wish it was, but it still has some elements of brilliance and an awesome song.
Posted: 05/09/15, 06:57:04
Wild Woods
Posted: 05/09/15, 07:03:46

I don't agree with your vote as I have to go with Big Blue but I appreciate you playing and voting so quick!
Posted: 05/09/15, 07:28:54
Aside from missing a cylinder section like the N64 Big Blue, I thought it was a good track, and way better than the Mute City track. I wish it were two laps though, feels a little short as one.

Gonna have to go with Wild Woods, what a mishmash.
Posted: 05/09/15, 07:34:59
I thought about this for longer than I should have, but in the end I voted for Big Blue. It's an awesome, awesome track, but I think it's just a bit too short. I wish at least one of the laps was longer to keep the excitement going!
Posted: 05/09/15, 09:34:45
Big Blue.
Posted: 05/09/15, 12:13:17
Big Blue
Posted: 05/10/15, 06:47:02
Crossing Cup - Wild Woods
Posted: 05/10/15, 07:24:54
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