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Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 - Abolishment Poll - Round 4 [poll]
Crossing Cup - Wild Woods (1/14 vote)
Crossing Cup - Animal Crossing (5/14 votes)
Bell Cup - Ribbon Road (0/14 votes)
Bell Cup - Super Bell Subway (7/14 votes)
Bell Cup - Big Blue (1/14 vote)
Mario Kart's second DLC pack has released finally and with it come eight awesome courses. I wanted to gauge the interest and appreciation of these various courses around here so I thought I would put on an Abolishment Poll to determine the proper order of things. For more discussion on Mario Kart 8, visit it's Discussion Thread.

For those interested in participating (and why not? it's very little effort), just post IN BOLD the track you find the least appealing of the set. The bold votes will hold more weight over the actual poll voting to prevent any kind of tom-foolery (or Tom Nook-foolery perhaps). To go the extra mile, tell us why, or if your favorite is losing the poll(s) then tell us why we're wrong!

Have a go at the courses. Have a vote. But most of all have fun!

This phase of the Abolishment Poll is live until Wednesday, May 6th, @ 11:59 PM EST.

Again, vote for the LEAST favorite of the remaining options
and post in BOLD your choice below.


6th Place:
Bell Cup - Neo Bowser City

7th Place:
Crossing Cup - Cheese Land

8th Place:
Crossing Cup - Baby Park


Neo Bowser City was kind of on the chopping block since the beginning. Now it's time has come. Perhaps the rainy theme or cityscape just wasn't meshing with folks. Personally I feel like it's hard to use items effectively on the thing. However, the Animal Crossing track and the Super Bell Subway have started to see some votes but will they go out next or will something else surprise us?

"I think it's easy to agree that the tracks as a set are stupendous,
so there's not a reason to complain.
but only one can be the very best,
and only one can remain."

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Posted: 05/05/15, 05:53:19  - Edited by 
 on: 05/05/15, 05:53:14
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Super Bell Subway is a fun track to race, but a little bland in style.
Posted: 05/05/15, 05:54:52
Animal Crossing
Posted: 05/05/15, 06:26:23  - Edited by 
 on: 05/05/15, 06:26:54
Bell Cup - Super Bell Subway gets my ticket to ride on by this time around.
Posted: 05/05/15, 07:01:07
Sorry Crossing Cup - Animal Crossing, love the theme but the actual track design is kind of boring.
Posted: 05/05/15, 07:12:43
I can't vote Animal Crossing out just yet. The theme is too good, and K.K. Slider hiding in different areas depending on the season is a nifty Easter egg.

Super Bell Subway, it is your time! I like you, but somebody's gotta go!
Posted: 05/05/15, 07:53:05
Super Bell Subway. Like it a lot, but it doesn't feel quite as imaginative as the others, I think.
Posted: 05/05/15, 10:23:38
I enjoy the nods that Super Bell Subway has throughout but it can be a bit annoying to race on also. Pretty fun and perhaps my favorite of those kinds of tracks (aka driving on roads/paths) but my love of Animal Crossing is strong and I loved how that track was handled. For me it might not even be next on the chopping block... I've got another franchise in my sights.
Posted: 05/05/15, 13:21:50
Crossing Cup - Wild Woods. It just doesn't seem that memorable to me.
Posted: 05/05/15, 14:47:41
Super Bell Subway. It's not a bad track, but not very memorable either.
Posted: 05/05/15, 16:22:06
For me it's a tossup between Wild Woods and Animal Crossing. I liked the subway one, but since it's under fire then I'll choose Animal Crossing in the small hope of a comeback.
Posted: 05/06/15, 02:33:27
Animal Crossing gets my vote. It's a pleasant track and I like the seasonal changes, but I prefer the more thrilling tracks from the second round of DLC.

I think Super Bell Subway is fantastic. The underground section is great with its multiple branching paths, and the speeding subway train, which can be an obstacle or speed booster, adds a fun dynamic to the course. Also, its theme music is wonderful.
Posted: 05/06/15, 22:03:54

That's it... You're officially banned from ever visiting Moonside again!!!
Posted: 05/07/15, 02:01:39

Awww. Now how is Kabuki going to get signatures for his "Scary Faces are Still Faces" petition?
Posted: 05/07/15, 09:44:27
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