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Rhythm Heaven Fever - post your Endless Games high scores! (1- and 2-player) [community]
I think the four unlockable Endless Games in Rhythm Heaven Fever are quite fun, so I was wondering how many of you have given these a try? I've posted my scores below. These are not a serious attempt from me, so I'm sure I can improve! Have you given these games a shot?

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And check out the official Negative World review of the game!


Mr. Upbeat
(unlock with 3 medals)

1) canonj - 329
2) Mop it up - 256
3) roykoopa64 - 209
4) anon_mastermind - 175
5) Secret_Tunnel - 160

Wake-up Caller
(unlock with 11 medals)

1) Secret_Tunnel - 22
2) roykoopa64 - 18
3) canonj - 15
4) Mop it up - 9
5) anon_mastermind - 8

Munchy Monk
(unlock with 23 medals)

1) canonj - 701
2) roykoopa64 - 427
3) Mop it up - 410
4) Secret_Tunnel - 418
5) anon_mastermind -233

Lady Cupid
(unlock with 32 medals)

1) canonj - 179,540
2) anon_mastermind - 118,750
3) nate38 - 114,560
4) Mop it up - 96,940
5) Secret_Tunnel - 88,380
6) roykoopa64 - 70,940

Note: Only scores achieved by two separate people will be counted.

Clap Trap
(unlock with 1 Duo Medal)

1) anon_mastermind & sister - 17
2) roykoopa64 & Snorlax - 10

Mochi Pounding
(unlock with 2 Duo Medals)

1) anon_mastermind & best friend - 140
2) anon_mastermind & sister - 75
2) roykoopa64 & Snorlax - 75

Kung Fu Ball
(unlock with 4 Duo Medals)

1) anon_mastermind & sister - 277
2) roykoopa64 & Snorlax - 211

Pirate Crew
(unlock with 6 Duo Medals)

1) anon_mastermind & sister - 2,323
2) roykoopa64 & Snorlax - 2,162

Bossa Nova
(unlock with 8 (all) Duo Medals)

1) anon_mastermind & sister - 127
2) roykoopa64 & Snorlax - 58

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Posted: 02/28/12, 03:38:50  - Edited by 
 on: 06/20/12, 03:22:26
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I only have ballpark estimates for my scores...I had like 120ish(?) in Mr. Upbeat, and I remember failing immediately after a break around that number. I had 10-15ish on Wake Up Caller, though just stopped because the game takes so long between each go and I got kind of bored with it. I definitely got the password for the cellphone when I was playing it though. I don't think I got nearly as far as you when I tried Munchy Monk, probably 200ish.

Oh, but I recorded this video of me playing Lady Cupid for my review. Sorry about the occasional sound distortion, my capture device is on the fritz or something.

Spoilers: Final score is 114,560

EDIT: wasn't there another endless game? Or am I thinking of a toy....?
Posted: 02/28/12, 03:43:17  - Edited by 
 on: 02/28/12, 03:56:36

Impressive! I added your Lady Cupid score to the OP.

If you check your save file, you can see your exact records for each game.

The only other Endless Game is Endless Remix, but you have to get Perfects on all 50 games.
There's also 2-player Endless Games, but I didn't include them here.
Posted: 02/28/12, 04:26:33
My scores so far:

Mr. Upbeat - 329

Wake-up Caller - 7

Munchy Monk - 441

Lady Cupid - 179,540
Posted: 02/29/12, 05:14:08
Mr. Upbeat- 160

Wake-Up Caller- 22

Munchy Monk- 418

Lady Cupid- 88,380
Posted: 02/29/12, 06:38:13
OP updated, keep 'em coming!
Posted: 02/29/12, 06:54:53
I think Mrs_Mustache and I did 110 on the tandem Mochi thing.

EDIT- And we're also accepting head-to-head challenges by any two Meet-Up members in Montreal.
Posted: 02/29/12, 11:40:04  - Edited by 
 on: 02/29/12, 11:40:45
Got some better scores on a few games:

Mr. Upbeat- 98 (this one seems to leave little room for error)

Wake-Up Caller- 18 (Wasn't too bad considering they gave me the point even if I wasn't exact. If you're off by 15 minutes you still pass.)

Lady Cupid- 70,940 (this one's tricky but the good thing is you can take your time so you don't waste arrows, though it seems better to just get into the rhythm and keep going. The points start to rack up faster once you get to the blocks that take two hits to destroy).
Posted: 03/02/12, 04:15:57

Oh, I guess our score didn't qualify..
Posted: 03/02/12, 04:18:19

Sorry, I didn't mean to ignore you. I was only planning to post 1-player Endless Games high scores, though I didn't really specify this in the OP. I'm not sure a lot of us have 2-player high scores, but I could certainly add them in. Actually, I did play some with May too, so I could post ours as well. I guess we could leave it up to each person to say who they got the high score with, such as "Mr and Mrs_Mustache," and so forth?
Posted: 03/02/12, 04:34:43

Haha, yeah, that works. We did stinky on some other stuff, like that Karate thing. So hard!
Posted: 03/02/12, 04:45:48

Yeah, really!

Oh, if you could do me a favor: next time you pop in the game, can you look up your Mochi record just to verify? Or you're sure 110 is the official score? I asked @nate38 to do the same on some of his scores he recollected from memory.
Posted: 03/02/12, 05:04:15

Yeah, I'll check next time we're on here. 110 stands out, because it was more than 100, but less than the one we failed on.
Posted: 03/02/12, 05:07:31
Ooo, let's do Me and Mrs. Mustache vs. You and Mrs. Mustache! I almost beat you in that Mrs. Mustache trivia thing!
Posted: 03/02/12, 17:16:50
My wife and I have the following scores to report for the 2-player endless games:

Clap Trap

Mochi Pounding

Kung Fu Ball

Pirate Crew

Boss's Nova
Posted: 03/03/12, 07:21:01

You shut your mouth!


I'll double check on these scores tonight or tomorrow. We're HOOORRIBLE at Clap Trap.
Posted: 03/04/12, 00:32:36
A couple of new scores:

Wake-up Caller - 15 (I want to get a better score than this but the game is so slow and tedious...)

Munchy Monk - 701
Posted: 03/06/12, 23:16:25
I didn't know there were two player endless games. Hmm. Shirley and I may have to take on Roy and Snorlax.
Posted: 03/06/12, 23:22:59

Nice Munchy Monk score! OP updated.


Go for it!


Still waiting for yours dude.
Posted: 03/07/12, 03:30:36

We have lost our watches, and we have no idea how to use the internet anymore.

Next time we play, I"ll be sure to get on here.
Posted: 03/07/12, 03:45:47
Mr.Upbeat - 175
Wake-up Caller - 8
Munchy Monk - 233
Lady Cupid - 118750

Clap Trap - 17
Mochi Pounding - 75
Kung Fu Ball - 277
Pirate Crew - 2323
Bossa Nova - 127
Posted: 03/07/12, 06:46:05
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