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Top 10 Animal Crossing Fan-Art [top ten]
This day and age, producing fan art based on something you're passionate about is about as common as weed in a town you've neglected for months. Still, it is absolutely one of the best ways to showcase your love for something and Animal Crossing is no different. I searched far and wide across the internet to find some incredibly great Animal Crossing fan art in honor of the new release coming in just a matter of days. Most of the threads on my search took me back to DeviantArt which is a haven for art of all kinds. The following top ten list is not necessarily some objective definitive list but they were the top ten that I saw. Each one was something special in my eyes and I tried to find a vast array of art styles and concepts. There were so many great pieces of art that I even found myself having six honorable mentions, which I will post in the thread later so not to lengthen the main list any further. With that said, enjoy!
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 on: 06/04/13, 18:19:47
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Untitled by MintChoco

MintChoco's DeviantArt Page
MintChoco's Tumblr

For the first image on our list I chose a very simple drawing of an Animal Crossing character. This villager is done up in a very simplistic art style using no outlining at all and yet a harsh lack of shading to really define the lines for the artist. The concept of using a leaf as a parasol reminded me of some very pleasant memories I've had in past Animal Crossing games as well as the New Leaf coming out soon.
Animal Crossing Bells Bag by Louness26

Louness26's DeviantArt Page

Number nine in the countdown isn't a 2D art of any kind and is in fact a neat and functional real life Bells Bag. For a homemade craft, this makes for a simple and elegant piece of art. It looks just like the actual bags in the game and doesn't seem like it would be that hard to replicate yourself. Anybody up for the challenge? I'm sure it would sell for a couple of bells.
Tom Nook Will Rule Us All by Pickassoreborn

Pickassoreborn's DeviantArt Page

Pick's choice in representing the true nature of Tom Nook is quite an ominous one. I found it interesting that the human characters have no pupils which give this piece of art all the more freaky of a feeling. Here's hoping Tom Nook has found a softer side to himself in Animal Crossing New Leaf.
Animal Crossing Wii Mod by ManaManson

ManaManson's Deviant Art Page

When it comes to console modifications, I've always seen simpler designs. A Triforce decal here, a Metroid "Z" there, but this one goes a few steps further. ManaManson took her Wii stand and used clay to build up a much more significant base. Then she painted it and attached a plethora of unique little Animal Crossing figurines to it. After finishing it off with an actual Wii cover, she's got one awesome console mod which shows that she is a true fan of the series. I wonder if it would look a little cleaner without the huge logo on the front, but hey, that's just be nitpicking at this point.
Booker Dewitt by Olympia Aurion

OlympiaAurion's Tumblr

As a resident uber-fan of the Bioshock series here on Negative World, I was very excited to see an awesome mashup of Booker from Animal Crossing and Booker Dewitt from Bioshock Infinite. This easily made the cut because of it's unique mix of two very different games, plus it was kind of nice to see an obscure Animal Crossing character get the spotlight for once.
Drama In Animal Crossing by Mary's Lamb

Mary's Lamb's DeviantArt Page

This one is very simple but it made it higher up on the list because of the art style. Seeing some Animal Crossing Drama in the form of a Looney Tunes dispute was too adorable and unique to miss. I guess sometimes even your neighbors don't always want to help you out.
K.K. Slider Concert by kGoggles

kGoggles' DeviantArt Page

This is one incredibly dense piece of art. It features tons of characters enjoying a performance by K.K. Slider at Brewster's Cafe. How many of us have done the same only to wish that more friends would show up for these shows? When our systems are off, and we're not there to see, perhaps this is what happens and we don't even know. I also loved how Pascal, Kapp'n, and Dr. Shrunk made the cut as far as who is enjoying the show. Totakeke is one major musician.
Animal Crossing Villagers by Crayon Chewer

Crayon Chewer's DeviantArt Page

This piece caught my attention for being simple, colorful, jolly, and pleasing... just like the Animal Crossing series. It also has a great mix of villagers and VIPs in the Animal Crossing world.
Untitled by Pureikiruku

Pureikiruku's Pixiv Page

I have a huge affinity for Pascal and I found myself falling in love with this piece of art. If there was anything I could think of involving wishful thinking in this series, it would be to have a chance to swim with Pascal. It's absolutely one of the most serene mental pictures I can conjure up and this Japanese artist nailed the visual representation.
Animal Crossing - Island

Cryptid Creations' DeviantArt Page

If there was any place that Pascal and I would want to swim to, it would have to be the tropical island. Traveling here was an absolute highlight of the original game and I am beyond psyched that it is making a return in New Leaf. I love the almost watercolors-look of this piece and luckily for anyone who enjoys it, there are many more like this at the artists' DeviantArt page. They aren't all from Animal Crossing, but still, this artist has real talent. This piece took them only 35 minutes to make; an impressive feat. Of all these pieces of art in this list however, this one makes me smile the widest and for that, it nails the number one spot.
I hope you enjoyed the list! For anyone craving more Animal Crossing Fan Art, be sure to check out the links below for various sources I found in my endeavor. The first link will take you to the post in this thread where I posted the Honorable Mentions (which should be the very next post after the OP.)

After all this, I can't wait any longer for Animal Crossing to release! Five more days!

Honorable Mentions
Animal Crossing Fan Art Tumblr
Nookling Junction

Thanks for reading!

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Posted: 06/04/13, 18:05:56  - Edited by 
 on: 06/04/13, 18:19:47
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Posted: 06/04/13, 18:06:04
I think my favorite one out of all 10 of them is the Pascal one, which you chose for number two.
Posted: 06/04/13, 19:18:40

Oh man, this one is awesome!
Posted: 06/04/13, 19:43:46
That guy's Dailies are impeccable. I'm going to use a bunch as backgrounds.
Posted: 06/04/13, 19:48:33
Only #8 captures the true horror of the game.

Posted: 06/04/13, 21:18:36
Man. I miss Animal Crossing.

This was a "Daily Play" for two generations.
Posted: 06/05/13, 00:55:08

Where will you be this time around?
Posted: 06/05/13, 01:41:33

On the sidelines, not playing a 3DS.
Posted: 06/05/13, 01:53:13

Why not? It's the perfect game to bring it back onto the field.
Posted: 06/05/13, 02:02:14

In case you haven't seen my dossier, I don't play handhelds. Maybe I'll play my GameCube again..
Posted: 06/05/13, 02:08:20
"I don't play handhelds" sounds so weird.

I like #10 the most, the parasol is an actual item in the game I believe.
Posted: 06/05/13, 03:22:09

Another great list. I really like #8 and #4, but...


That may be my favorite too. I love that one!
Posted: 06/05/13, 06:34:21

Welp, it confuses me, too, when folks here don't have a Wii U yet. Its a new Nintendo home console, what gives!

"I'm waiting for more games," as if they aren't coming? Oh, people..
Posted: 06/05/13, 23:44:33
You're entitled to your viewpoint but I wouldn't equate what you see as what Marsh sees.

To decide not to play any handheld games at all, regardless of the fact that you love various franchises which have games on them you want to play, that's different than waiting to buy a console until there are enough games to justify the cost.

Are you waiting for more handheld games before you play 3DS or are you absolutely against playing a 3DS? I always thought it was the latter but maybe I'm wrong.
Posted: 06/05/13, 23:50:40

"Absolutely against." It bothers my hands and my eyes. Who else messes with anything after just ONE of those deals?

You don't keep staring at the sun or wearing the wrong glasses,
and we don't pet cacti or hold hot pockets until they cool off a bit.
Posted: 06/05/13, 23:56:20

I never knew that was your reasoning against it. I think many of us perceived it as some kind of inferiority belief or something. Fair enough MrM.
Posted: 06/05/13, 23:58:29

Oh, I've said it plenty of times, but some folks find ways to argue against that either. I shouldn't be forced to play ANYTHING I don't want to, and others shouldn't either. I don't know why there is this deal against me constantly. If someone thinks the Wii U is going to harm them, I fully understand. (I don't even really like playing "Off TV" with it; sometimes I'll just start on it if Nikki is finishing up a show before I can switch over. My eyes feel like S when I'm done.)

And no, dating back to the Gameboy with worse graphics and music than the NES, and a lack of color, I haven't put handhelds on the same plane as consoles. Even stuff like "Super GameBoy" weren't that awesome, and I don't really want to have to use an attachment like that. I don't know why some people go so balls out on that stuff. If anyone else says "I don't want to play X," thats the end of the conversation. I'm certain I'm not the only person here without a handheld.
Posted: 06/06/13, 00:00:38  - Edited by 
 on: 06/06/13, 00:02:19
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