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Top 10 Animal Crossing Non-Villagers [top ten]
Animal Crossing: New Leaf is releasing soon and thusly I wanted to take a look at the series in a few different ways. One of these ways happens to be a top ten list (perhaps a series of them). When one thinks about Animal Crossing as a series, you instantly think about the various characters that populate the town. Every town has them and really, without them, it would be nothing but a boring patchwork of acres.

Each town holds a maximum amount of guests who live in their own respective homes and borrow tons of things from each other. These characters are always different for each town and they change often. However, there are a select amount of creatures who are in every town. From mail-birds, to turtle mayors, to shoe-designing skunks, each and every town has a multitude of mammals and other animals to be at your every need. I want to highlight the top ten of these creatures today as we'll surely be seeing many of them back soon. Your opinions may vary, but I am basing this list off of a variety of attributes and I hope that even if you disagree, you still can pleasantly remember the good times you've had with them all.
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 on: 05/28/13, 04:55:02
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Mr. Resetti

Creature Type: Mole
In-Game Role: Lecturer

Yes, he did make the list. Most gamers wouldn't think that this grumpy little dude would be on a Top 10 list unless it was for the worst characters. For those who don't know, Mr. Resetti has been around since the dawn of Animal Crossing. If a gamer reset their game without saving first, he would make a special visit to explain to you just how bad doing so really is. He would drone on and on and on... being incredibly long winded. If you reset again after his first visit, don't think you're safe either. He comes back, for more.... and for longer. It was a pretty interesting idea and honestly made a lot of sense. The whole premise of the game is shaken and dismantled if the player can just rewrite their character's life willy nilly. Though for many, he was just a nuisance when your sibling a intentionally or unintentionally tapped that reset button.

There was always a rumor that you could go visit Mr. Resetti's home in the original Animal Crossing, which didn't actually come true until AC: City Folk where you could sneak in through the city. You might even on occasion see his thinner and much more subdued brother, Don.

Creature Type: Walrus
In-Game Role: Travelling Salesman

Many of the animals in Animal Crossing are pretty traditional, especially when it comes to your villagers. However, if you were lucky, you'd run into a rather hungry walrus who was eager to make a trade. Give him something to eat and he'd give you some rare wallpaper. It was the only way to receive many cool pieces and for that he was an exciting treat to have in town. If my memory serves me, the wallpaper you got was at least partially dependent on what you gave him to eat, whether that be a fruit or a fish and what kind. A fat ol' Walrus was a pretty cool sight to see even if he was always complaining. He was a bit of a glutton but in the end it benefited the gamer.

In later games his role changed a bit and for the worse, handing out patterns instead of wallpapers. I hope that in New Leaf he returns to his old self but something tells me he won't. The wallpaper role is probably permanently Saharah's. It's still pretty cool to get new patterns since his were a bit unique, but taking away the wallpapers did nerf his duties a little bit.

Creature Type: Boar
In-Game Role: Stock and Trade

If you had asked me to make this list before Wild World released, I would have never considered Joan. She's a boar, which is cool I guess... but her throwing-star pupils make her look like she's the walking dead. She's also obsessed with turnips. I haven't cared about those since Super Mario Bros. 2. However, once a gamer learns how to successfully play The Stalk Market... one begins to really appreciate her. Instead Joan is a sweet old lady who will help you get rich quick. I made millions with her help (and on occasion a friend's Nookington's over wi-fi). I remember using whatever tricks I could to keep my turnips fresh, including storing on tables in a spare room of my home.

It's been quite a while since I've played The Stalk Market and I urge everyone who buys New Leaf to give it a try. It can really be beneficial, especially if you have friends who also can check their prices and help you do trades. Take the risk.

Creature Type: Owl
In-Game Role: Museum Curator

Blathers is a bit unique. He's really true to his nature, always being asleep during the day. The term 'Night Owl' has never been more acceptable. Blathers would help players check in their fossils, expand their museum's collections, and provide useful insight on those items submitted. He became more useful after the first game in the series because while originally he would have to send off fossils to be analyzed, now he just does it himself. He's also adept at spotting fake paintings and getting excited over the unique fish facts he had to share. If Blathers has two faults though... one could the fact that he does tend to blather on a bit. The other is his complete ickiness regarding bugs. His entomophobia (or fear of insects) is so severe that one truly wonders why he bothers to keep them in his museum at all. Still, you have to give it to the proper owl for sucking it up in the name of collecting.

There is no doubt that he will make an appearance again in New Leaf and I'm sure he'll be the same owl we know and love, down to that green bowtie. I have no idea if there is more than the four standard things to place in the museum but even still, the facts this bird knows about biology and archeology is definitely worth the price of admission... which is.. free.

Creature Type: Seagull
In-Game Role: Adventurer

Personally, I can't stand most seagulls. Their caw is high-pitched shrieking and the nickname 'Rats of the Air' is pretty spot on. However, one seagull has always stolen my heart. That gull would be Gulliver, the ultimate traveller and adventurer. He's named after the famed fictional explorer of the same name. Gulliver has travelled the world collecting rare artifacts. These were some of the rarest items in the original Animal Crossing game, second of course to the elusive NES titles. Gulliver would be found shipwrecked and washed ashore needing a little mouth to mouth. In exchange for true love's kiss... or something... he would offer up one of his artifacts which you would then let collect dust in your tiny two bedroom on the hill.

In the later games he became an Astronaut who would work pretty much the same way but with a new theme. That's why I called him an Adventurer. I am not sure what he will be in New Leaf but I certainly hope he has more exciting items to collect. I just hope he's a bit easier to meet with this time. It was pretty rare to come across this dude but his goofy and rather klutzy charm definitely places him in the top ten best Animal Crossing Non-villagers. This is ground control to Major Gulliver.

Creature Type: River Imp
In-Game Role: Chauffeur

So far all the creatures on this list have been animals. Frankly a vast majority of all characters in Animal Crossing are some kind of animal. However... a sea-shanty-singing Captain that took us to far away places makes number five on the list, and he is not actually an animal as we know them. Kapp'n (not to be confused with Captain Crunch or Hook or 'and Tennille') is a river imp from Japanese folklore. When I first met him I thought he was some kind of frog/turtle hybrid but I have since learned otherwise. In the original Animal Crossing game there was a small tropical island that you could escape to if you had a GBA and some patience. It was inhabited by a special friend and coconuts. Kapp'n would take you there. In his rickety little boat he would sing you songs about the ladies of his life and other TMI stories. Still, he stole my heart just like the sea stole his.

I know for certain that he's back in New Leaf and it seems that he's back in his familiar role. After a brief stint as a bus driver, he's back as a sea captain... commanding the sea... with nothing but a silver tongue.

Creature Type: Sea Otter
In-Game Role: Philosopher

Pascal might be my favorite character of the series, tied with the character in the number one slot on this list. However, he's just a little less fascinating than the others ahead of him. Still, if he was reading this today, I don't think he'd care much that he didn't make the top spot. Pascal is an incredibly mellow philosophical sea otter who occasionally can be spotted longingly staring into the open water. His beige beanie hat and scallop hanging from his neck make him quite the notable character in design. Upon discovery of Pascal he would share a quaint sentence or two that would get you pondering the ways of life... then he'd offer you a ship-themed item. These were some of my favorite items of all the games. That paired with the notion he's incredibly adorable, and that puts Pascal deep in my heart, and also at number four on this list.

"The more you learn, man, the less you know." ~ Pascal
Dr. Shrunk

Creature Type: Axolotl
In-Game Role: Performer

Dr. Shrunk is a character that only made his debut into the Animal Crossing series with Wild World. He would occasionally pop into town to show you how to feel. You could then take this emotion and go get emotional on any players that would have it. A player can eventually hold a handful of different emotions which allow you to convey how you feel to your friends over wi-fi... because typing is often too cumbersome. I have to admit... he's a weird looking dude. I assumed he was another rare incident of a non-animal character being in the game but it turns out that he's an axolotl, a type of salamander.

It's his unique look that sets him apart from the rest and while he just might be on drugs... he's there to help us communicate. Perhaps in the next game he's a marriage counselor.

Creature Type: Chameleon
In-Game Role: Contest Manager

When doing my research for this article, I barely remembered this character. He's the only chameleon to appear in the series and that alone makes him incredibly unique. I love catching bugs so you'd think I'd have spent more time participating in his contests, but I stopped doing those contests in City Folk for some reason. His design is incredibly awesome as a green chameleon in what looks like a safari outfit. Plus, I have to give him credit for planning up a big scheme to get people to catch his dinner. Chameleons eat plenty of insects... and he runs the Bug Catching Contest... it doesn't take long to see how this adds up.

Despite his on-screen resistance to eating the bugs, we all know he dips those little bugs in dessert chocolate once our eyes are turned. He would know too, since his eyes turn pretty close to 360 degrees. Nat is back in Animal Crossing New Leaf and I can't wait to really get to know him better this time around. I need to write my wrong here... and bring him the fastest Banded Dragonfly my town has ever seen!
K.K. Slider

Creature Type: Dog
In-Game Role: Musician

I hope this isn't too cliche... but K.K. Slider (or Totakeke as he's known in Japan) is just the obvious choice. He's a hip solo musician who has such dedication to his art that he never-ever misses a call time. He's very simple in design, which is part of his appeal and his vocal ability is bar none. I have found myself singing his nonsensical melodies for years now. Never have I ever collected EVERY one of his tracks but I will certainly correct that with the newest Animal Crossing installment. In the original game, every saturday night at 8 PM, K.K. would show up on a tree stump, lit with a lamp post, and play for you a tune. He'd stay there till midnight so your friends could come visit also. Afterwards he would give you a copy of his track for free. To him it's not about the money, it's about the music. When he took things indoors in Wild World, the premise was still the same. He's truly a creature we all should aspire to be more like... relaxed... dedicated... passionate... and punctual.

He's definitely gone through a bit of a change for the new installment of the series. He's become a Disc Jockey. I'm not certain how to take this change but I wont make judgments until I've seen him in action. Rumor is that he's only taking on this persona on days that don't start with 'Sat', and I hope this means that he'll be back to his old self for the weekend. However, Animal Crossing New Leaf continues to have new and fresh ideas, which are seen with this new DJ mechanic. DJ K.K.'s songs now come with album covers which can then actually be hung on walls for your liking. Fresh and original, that's the K.K. way.
That concludes this list. I hope that even where we disagree, we can still agree that Animal Crossing is full of charming life and interactions. As of writing, we are less than two weeks away from the release of Animal Crossing New Leaf, and I can't wait for it to turn over. Please take some time to comment on the list whether you have agreement with it or disagreement. Should someone else have made the list? Can you not believe someone did? What do you hope to see with our old friends in this new game? All I know, is that Animal Crossing is a rich game with a rich world, and I can't wait to start from scratch once more.

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 on: 05/28/13, 04:55:02
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Worst Animal Crossing character?

Posted: 05/28/13, 05:00:24
I'm not at all experienced with this series but this list gives me a great tid bit of what it includes. But wait, the one character I DO know about isn't on the list. Is Mr. Nook not cool enough to cut it?

Oh, is he a villager?
Posted: 05/28/13, 05:01:59  - Edited by 
 on: 05/28/13, 05:02:39



I wouldn't consider him cool per say. He's not really a bad character either IMO. Just... not unique enough. Plus most people have a distaste for him since you have to pay off debt in the original games. I think he's all right, but his kids freak me out. He'd probably be number eleven on the list if I had been doing honorable mentions. Are you planning to try this series with the upcoming installment?
Posted: 05/28/13, 05:05:45

It's possible! I shy away from games that remind me of Farmville. Not saying this is Farmville! I just get the sense that there's a lot of mindless clicking involved. Is this true?
Posted: 05/28/13, 05:24:55
Super great list! Can't say I have too much to add about the list itself since I've only ever spent considerable time with Wild World, but I loved reading it and I'm now even more jazzed for New Leaf!
Posted: 05/28/13, 05:28:24

Mindless clicking? No way. It's way more interactive than that. You don't even use the stylus for more than you want to. You can use it to move around but you don't need to. The game is seriously deep and mindless it is not. I would really urge you to take the jump into the series. It's got a lot of charm and the wifi-community we have here will be a great asset for a game like this.


Great! I'm glad I can spread the excitement! I don't know too much about New Leaf's new stuff but I can't wait to see all these familiar faces. I'm going to do more top ten's soon I think. At least two more I can think of.
Posted: 05/28/13, 05:46:56
Ah, no love for Celeste? She was one of my favorites! Though, maybe this is the case simply because I loved the tune that played when you entered the observatory - and hassling her to learn her secret! The Able Sisters are also two of my favorites (especially Mabel). So many wonderful characters! I look forward to meeting them again in New Leaf, and to meet all of the new faces. I can already tell I'm going to have a soft spot develop quickly where Isabelle is concerned.
Posted: 05/28/13, 05:59:32  - Edited by 
 on: 05/28/13, 06:00:53

I had a real hard time NOT putting the Able Sisters on this. They were constantly begging for my attention. I love how the two (original) sisters worked in the original. One being the strong silent type you could win over. Such great characters. I always loved visiting them over Nook each day.
Posted: 05/28/13, 06:02:08
Weird, I don't know a few of those guys. Did I just forget them, or are they post-original-GCN-game additions?
Posted: 05/28/13, 06:08:47
Not a bad list, but NoName reminded me of my favorite AC non-villager: Sable! Visiting her every day and seeing her gradually come out of her shell is one of the most rewarding subplots of AC and makes her seriously memorable.

Nook, Resetti and Slider would be up there for me too, and I've always enjoyed the guard dogs for whatever reason.
Posted: 05/28/13, 06:26:58  - Edited by 
 on: 05/28/13, 06:27:10

If that's the case then I'll definitely consider this as my next purchase. I've been wanting a game that would entice me to take my 3DS on the go.
Posted: 05/28/13, 07:29:44

Dr. Shrunk and Nat only arrived after the original, but I think the rest have been with the series the whole time.


I almost put Cooper on this list. His dedication to his position and importance with the wi-fi made him almost make the list.


While I do enjoy the console installments, this game is made for handhelds. It'll be tons of fun for you I think. I wonder if you'll play for a year straight. One of the cool things about the game is the real time clock. Playing the game nine months from now will mean weather/seasonal changes, different holidays, and other differences.
Posted: 05/28/13, 13:41:23
No Brewster!? I'd probably have him and Blathers higher on my list.
Posted: 05/28/13, 15:52:02

Yeah, I do like Brewster. I like how you had to form a relationship with him in order for him to open up to you.


Yes! He didn't bother me in City Folk, but his scams in Wild World drove me up the wall. I wonder what he'll be doing in New Leaf...
Posted: 05/28/13, 16:06:12
Man, Dr. Shrunk is terrible.. I couldn't stand him.

If this was a "worst" list, and you put him at #1, I'd go "HA!, yeah, totally forgot about that awful guy."

No love for the Police / Guards? They're pretty awesome I think...
Posted: 05/28/13, 20:21:34
I would have put K'appn higher on the list, but otherwise I concur! Nice Top 10!
Posted: 05/28/13, 20:56:54
Mr_Mustache said:

No love for the Police / Guards? They're pretty awesome I think...

I see what you did there!
Posted: 05/28/13, 21:47:20
Nice Top Ten Stephen! And nice images. I'm not sure who would make up my list, but your #1 is definitely a worthy choice, for sure.

Your #7, Blathers, is a favorite of mine. I love his dialogue very much and especially the severity of his disgust for insects of any kind (even the cute ones). I always anticipate his reaction to any new bugs I catch.

#5, Kapp'n: I loved his role in the GCN game whenever he would take me to the island and sing his "songs about the ladies of his life and other TMI stories," as you wonderfully put it.

#3: I had no idea Dr. Shrunk was axolotl... so that's a type of salamander. Learn something new everyday!

I didn't remember Nat in your #2 spot, but I agree, he's a pretty cool dude.

Looking forward to New Leaf!

@NoName and @DrFinkelstein

Yep, the Able Sisters are very likeable indeed!
Posted: 05/28/13, 21:59:07
I kind of feel like doing a top 10 for the villagers now, except it'd just be Iggy at #1 and then who cares about anyone else.
Posted: 05/28/13, 22:00:23
Zero said:
I kind of feel like doing a top 10 for the villagers now, except it'd just be Tangy or Woolio at #1 and then who cares about anyone else.
Fixed for truth.
Posted: 05/28/13, 22:07:22
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