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Top 10 Art Style Games (WiiWare/DSiWare) According to Negative World [top ten]
The Art Style series is full of clever gameplay concepts wrapped around unique style and presentation. Many are updated versions of games that were originally released on the GBA as part of the 'bit Generations' lineup, but just as many are new concepts developed specifically for the WiiWare and DSiWare platforms.

If you haven't checked them out, they're all pretty great. Here are the top 10.
Posted: 08/17/12, 21:33:37  - Edited by 
 on: 10/31/13, 22:30:46
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Here, you control a tentacled organism and must move around and spin to devour smaller organisms of the same colour as the tentacle, thus extending the chain. Level based and endless modes are included.

Using only two buttons - gravity and anti-gravity - you control a planet orbiting larger planets and avoiding obstacles, while gaining mass and absorbing moons into your own orbit. The music ramps up as you collect more moons to your orbit. Extensive amount of single player content to be had here.

Using the wiimote's pointer, you shoot blocks at the cubello, thus eliminating part of the structure when three or more same-coloured blocks are adjacent. The endgame can get tough as you have to watch your cartridge of ammo and it becomes a puzzle to complete the stage. The cubello robot voice is always entertaining. Level based and endless modes are included.

Use the DS d-pad to direct traffic. Think of the arrows as cars that must be sorted by colour into one of each possible direction. As you sort more of the same colour, your potential for points increases, and you can double your points by combining multiple storage into one. A very satisfying risk-reward type of gameplay can be had with this game. There is one main mode of play with leaderboards and unlockables, and a versus mode for two players.

Using the DS stylus, slide around the balls to place them in the matching coloured spots on the grid. New gimmicks are introduced with every world, and there is a goal # of moves to strive for in each stage. One single player mode is included.

A puzzle game where you play a factory worker making boxes by cutting and folding sheets of paper. Use the stylus to fold cartons and make a box that will be taken away by a factory crane. Level based and high score attack modes are included.
Base 10

Numbers can be moved and flipped vertically or horizontally with the stylus. Place numbers in a row or column that add up to 10, and you can eliminate them from the grid. Chain combos together by clearing successive rows or columns with the same digits. Features a level based mode, endless mode, (insanely hard) puzzle mode and multiplayer mode.

The only Nintendo-themed Art Style game, you position bit blocks with the stylus in order to eliminate the corresponding colour of falling bits, thus filling in the 8-bit picture on the top screen. The exscellent music is an 8-bit throwback as well. Lots of challenge awaits in the Dark Mode. Use coins to unlock music.

You control the little man, pushing and pulling blocks. The goal is to aim for a high score by walking on a row of five blocks to light them up, and then repeating this task. You need to maneuver the blocks because they fall at random. There is a punch powerup that lets you clear a row, and you can't let more than one block fall on your head. There are two modes in this game, and high score mode and a tower mode.
Light Trax

You control a track of light in a race to the finish. Choose your lanes wisely so you can slipstream competitiors and avoid obstacles or hit the warps. Excellent music backs up the trippy visuals in this stylish game. The racing mode is the main draw, but there are other modes to explore such as the freeway mode in which you aim for a high score.
Didn't quite make the top 10:


Note: Game titles may differ in Europe.

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Posted: 08/17/12, 21:33:37  - Edited by 
 on: 10/31/13, 22:30:46
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Wow, I could not disagree with these rankings more! Digidrive being so low should be criminal!
Posted: 08/17/12, 21:39:59
Orbient at #9 is kind of insane, it would easily be my #1. light trax would be my number #2 though, so that is ok. I'd probably go Base 10 for #3.

Guys, don't freak out about the placement of the games, many of these games barely have any ratings here so the rankings aren't really a consensus.

light trax also has awesome music:

Posted: 08/17/12, 21:58:22  - Edited by 
 on: 08/17/12, 22:00:09
I've only played about half of those, but I'm so glad to see light trax at number one.
Posted: 08/17/12, 22:20:17
I've only played Cubello. Nintendo needs to put these games on sale or on Club Nintendo!
Posted: 08/17/12, 22:29:44
Yeah, Cubello and Pictobits were both excellent grabs from Club Nintendo. I'm saving my coins for more Art Style games.
Posted: 08/17/12, 22:39:42
Oh yea, I've played Pictobits too. For some reason I didn't think that was an Art Style game (despite being on this list).
Posted: 08/17/12, 22:48:17
Pictobits and Light Trax were both great. Base 10 was alright. The cool thing about it is that it's the only game that ever got stuck in my head to the point where I'd see digital numbers whenever I closed my eyes.
Posted: 08/17/12, 22:50:09
I didn't even know there were ten Art Style games. I've played Cubello, Orbient, and Rotohex, and I'm not a fan. Rotohex is too basic, and Orbient is far too random and feels like guesswork. Cubello is decent, but it, too, eventually becomes too random. I'd prefer it if the colours weren't random and there was more strategy involved. At first I thought the concept was somewhat similar to Tetrisphere, but I s'pose that nothing will ever come close to that game.
Posted: 08/17/12, 23:03:48
@Mop it up
I like randomness in games, it keeps things fresh. One game that isn't random is light trax. It's a straight up racing game. The endless mode can be random though. Zengage is also not random at all.

There are twelve Art Style games, actually, Aquia and Rotohex didn't make the list.
Posted: 08/17/12, 23:14:40
@anon_mastermind I like randomness in certain games (see: Mario Kart), but I don't like randomness in puzzle games, or at least, not too much. For example, I'm fine with the random pieces in Tetris and Dr. Mario, as the strategy in those games is figuring out how to deal with the pieces you're handed. But when every aspect is random, there's no real strategy there. It's like flipping dice. Then again, perhaps the Art Style games aren't really supposed to be puzzle games, and so I take the wrong approach to them.

And I know now there are 12 games, I meant that I didn't even know there were 10 to make a list with, let alone 12.
Posted: 08/17/12, 23:28:48
I feel like my opinion of Digidrive has decreased with time. It's a really solid score attack game, but it requires so much concentration and quick reflexes, that I rarely ever boot it up these days. I pretty much gave up on unlocking extra skins and stuff, the thresholds are way too high. Plus a game requires a good 15-20 minutes of time. I'd rather boot up Precipice where I can shoot for a high score in less than 5 minutes and it's much more forgiving in design.
Posted: 08/21/12, 19:47:12
Is there any chance we'd ever see an Art Style collection? I'd love to get all of these games all at once--the only one I've played is PiCTOBiTS and I love it.
Posted: 08/21/12, 21:02:49

I think you should just get them individually and play them at your own pace. Collections are sweet in theory, but in all likelihood you'd play each game once to check them out and forget to go back to most of them. At least that's what usually happens to me...
Posted: 08/21/12, 21:07:09
I'm surprised you haven't checked out any of the others. They're definitely worth your 5 or 6 dollars. I doubt Cubello sold that well as a freebie on Club Nintendo, if even you didn't pick it up. Does not bode well for others to become available...
Posted: 08/21/12, 21:11:10
PiCTOBiTS should be #1!
Posted: 08/21/12, 21:42:29
I haven't played most of these (lame!), but I want to.

I haven't played
Base 10
Light Trax

I love

I like
Posted: 08/21/12, 22:20:36
I'm an Art Style fan, and... I don't have a problem with the order of this list. Which makes sense, since my votes towards it are probably statistically significant. Aquia sucks.
Posted: 08/24/12, 02:34:34
Am I the only one who enjoyed Rotozoa? I think I even reviewed it here on NW. It's very fun to me
Posted: 08/24/12, 02:37:18
I didn't play it. Looks fun, though. Waiting for the Club Nintendo giveaway!
Posted: 08/24/12, 02:39:43
@GelatinousEncore I thought it was ok. Apparently I gave it the epic 7.9. Which means it was alright but just missed something. I think it got too repetitive, and the later areas were just... insane and it felt kind of like it demanded more luck than skill at that point.
Posted: 08/24/12, 04:14:18
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