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Best Mega64 Episodes [top ten]
Mega64 is widely regarded as one of the funniest comedy groups on the internet- we even have a whole thread dedicated to them on Negative World. But what a lot of people don't realize is that Mega64 also has an ongoing series, currently at three seasons. I've finally gotten around to finishing the third season- here are my top 10 episodes.
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 on: 12/22/11, 02:33:49
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Ode to Sue
Mega64 excels at awkward humor, and "Ode to Sue" is a perfect example of it. Dr. Poque meets a girl online and has her over for dinner. Of course, Poque's roommates won't give him any privacy. It sounds cliche, but it works.

And Suddenly Ezra Didn't Feel So Alone Anymore
When I first saw this episode, I hated it. "And Suddenly Ezra Didn't Feel So Alone Anymore" shows how editing can be used to change the entire mood of a show. The cuts in this episode are all over the place- days at a time will be skipped before you even realize what's happening. Everything that could possibly go wrong for Dr. Poque does, and no one ever stops yelling. What's more, throughout the whole episode there is an omnipresent kid named Benny who somehow transcends time and space in his box in the corner of the screen, screwing over everyone whenever he feels like it. This episode is an exercise in annoyance, and I love it.

I don't consider Frankie to be a full episode as much as it is an intro to Version 3. It picks up immediately after the WTF end to the second season and follows the characters as they battle a monster let loose in the apartment complex. Oh, and the monster hunter's name is "Ted Geisel." Tell me that's not genius.

The Wizard II
Remember the Alabama Leprechaun video? Imagine that, except instead of a leprechaun, it's a wizard, and instead of some tree on the side of the highway, it's your apartment. And you're trying to dispose of a dead body without anyone noticing. Now you have The Wizard II.

Eyes of Skull Has a Secret
This is the only episode from Version 1 that made the list- it's also the season finale. Not only does it have some cool story moments, it includes a Zelda skit that's pretty epic. If this episode were, say, Chrono Trigger themed, I doubt I'd put it this high. But if you're a Zelda fanboy like me, you'll love it.

What the Hell Happened to Mega64?
This episode marks the first time we get to see any action outside of Dr. Poque's apartment. The jump in production values from the previous episode in the season to this one is insane. "What the Hell Happened to Mega64?" could be a short film in its own right.

The season finale of Version 2. A new character named John is introduced, and we get a look at Dr. Poque's backstory. This is probably the creepiest episode of Mega64, and it has a legitimately sad moment in it. Not gonna lie, I teared up.

"Delaware" is the season finale of Version 3 and the most well-produced episode yet. There are a ton of throwbacks to previous seasons, with some hilarious moments to break up the drama. The only reason "Delaware" isn't #1 is because there are a few plot points that I thought were either unclear or unnecessary. Other than that, it's an awesome season finale.

Project Whoosh
"Project Whoosh" is the perfect penultimate episode. The characters sit around hearing Marcus' backstory, which is actually quite touching- a miracle in and of itself. The episode also takes time to make fun of itself by pointing out a few of the weird quirks that the show has. Not only that, the ending will blow your mind.

I'm a sucker for musicals, and "Mega64!" doesn't disappoint. Every song, from Dr. Poque's opening number, "Ten Thousand Dollars," to Marcus' Scar-esque "Marcus is Rich," is fantastic. The final number, "My Name's Horatio, You Got Me, You Ain't Got Nobody Else, So Deal With It, And Love It" is even in Rock Band. And there's a little treat in there for you Misery fans.

If you're a fan of Mega64's Youtube videos, you owe it to yourself to check out the show that got them started. Version 1 kinda sucks, but if you can get past the terrible presentation values you'll be able to get enjoyment out of it. You'll also enjoy Versions 2 & 3 more, because you'll understand all the references. As Rocco Botte once said, "There's something great about a show that's so inherently s***ty becoming awesome by the end."

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Posted: 12/22/11, 02:08:23  - Edited by 
 on: 12/22/11, 02:33:49
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