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Top Ten Things You Didn't Know You Could Do in Ocarina of Time [top ten]
If there's one game that I can safely say I know like the back of my hand, it's The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. A lot of you out there would probably say the same thing. Well, let's see how many of these tricks you know about!
Posted: 06/16/11, 23:33:52  - Edited by 
 on: 11/27/15, 01:22:18
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Fun with Gossip Stones

The Gossip Stones are a mystery in and of themselves. Hit them with your sword, and they tell you the in-game time. Talk to them while wearing the Mask of Truth, and they tell you some trivia.

But did you know that if you lay a bomb down next to one of them, it blasts off into the sky? If you hit one with the Megaton Hammer, it'll get pounded into the ground and then pop back up. Playing songs in front of them will have a variety of effects.
Stick + Butterfly = Fairy
Just in case you didn't know what a butterfly looks like.

This is a pretty well-known trick, but I've never actually been able to pull it off. In the Lost Woods, there are certain areas with butterflies flying around. If you can just barely touch the butterfly with the very tip of a Deku Stick, it'll turn into a fairy that you can catch in your bottle.
The Sinking Lure

To this day, Ocarina of Time is still the greatest fishing game ever made. They should just make an updated Zelda fishing game for the eShop.

That said, fishing can be aggravating. To make it a lot easier, you can find a sinking lure in the Fishing Pond. This lure will be hidden near either the logs or creek. It's not that hard to find if you know where to look.

When you first get the sinking lure, it will be illegal to use. To make it so that the fish you catch with it actually count, talk to the fisherman. Select the right dialog choices and he'll make it legal for you.
Stealing the Fisherman's Hat

Look at this guy! He just made the fishing lure legal for you, and now you want to steal his hat?

When you're a kid at the Fishing Pond, the fisherman has hair. As an adult, he wears a hat. Interesting. Just cast a line at him, and, if you land it right, you can snag it right off his head.

The Hylian Loach

Don't worry, this is the last fishing secret on the list.

The Hylian Loach probably isn't something you'll encounter on your first playthrough. It appears in the Fishing Pond randomly, and the only way for you to catch it is to cast your line when it comes up for air. Catching this bad boy is the toughest thing to do in Ocarina of Time. There are whole guides devoted to catching it on GameFAQs. And your reward? Nothing. It's endangered, so you're forced to let it go.
Getting the Dodongo's Cavern Heart Piece Early

See that sprout Link is standing next to? Wait seven years, and it'll grow into one of those hover plant thingamajigs that'll take you to a heart piece sitting on top of Dodongo's Cavern. But you want that Heart Piece NOW!!!

All you have to do is go up to the area with the bomb flower that you use to blow up the giant rock. Throw the bomb flower out of your way, then make Link stand in front of the small portion of the fence, but facing away from it. Hold down Z and do a back flip over the fence. You'll land right next to that sexy heart piece.
Secret Windmill Room

To some of you, this'll be blatantly obvious. But my mind was BLOWN when I heard about this. Looking at that picture of the windmill, you can easily see that hookshot point leading to the secret room. In-game, I never even thought of looking there! It's not like there's actually anything in that room. It's just a room. A hallway, really.

Giant Stalchildren

As young Link, Stalchildren will attack you at night time. You know this. You'll probably just attack them and then run to wherever you need to go.

If you stick around and kill a whole bunch of them, a bigger one will eventually appear. It will take all night to trigger this, and you have to act quickly. Supposedly this trick also works with the Guays (birds) in Lon-Lon Ranch.

It's also been discovered that the code that generates the giant Stalchildren doesn't have a limit. If you were to hack the game so that it's always night time, the Stalchildren would just keep getting bigger and bigger.
Killing the Skull Kid

As young Link, you can get a piece of heart by playing Saria's Song for the Skull Kid. As adult Link, YOU CAN MURDER HIM.

It's actually really easy. Just go to where the Skull Kid is, and he'll attack you. Smack him around a few times and he'll die, leaving behind a giant orange rupee, worth 200 rupees.
Giant Purple Leever

These things are, hands down, the most annoying enemies in Ocarina of Time (and Majora's Mask, for that matter). If you're like me, you'll run right past them. If you actually take the time to fight them, a giant purple one will appear. Kill it for a giant orange rupee.

Yeah, this trick is pretty much exactly the same as #3. But it's a PURPLE LEEVER. Come on, that's cool.
So, how'd you do? What's your favorite Ocarina of Time secret? Did I miss anything?

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Posted: 06/16/11, 23:33:52  - Edited by 
 on: 11/27/15, 01:22:18
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I don't know anything about OoT, really, so this is a really cool list!
Posted: 06/16/11, 23:48:38

Ditto. Thanks for the post.
Posted: 06/16/11, 23:56:45
I knew EVERYTHING. Played this shit out of this game back in the day.

First time I played, I thought #5 was the only way to get the Heart Piece. Then I played further in the game and bean sprouts were explained.
Posted: 06/17/11, 00:03:07
I know #10, 9, 8, 7, and 2. I'm honestly surprised about the windmill room; I never knew anything about that before.
Posted: 06/17/11, 01:03:12
Too bad you couldn't kill the Skull Kid whlist you were a kid. We could have saved Link (& Termina) a HEAP of trouble.

Of course then we wouldn't have the awesome Majora's Mask to play.

Hmm. Is it okay to endanger an entire world just so I can entertain myself with the task of saving it?
Posted: 06/17/11, 01:05:54
Also, I was only able to turna a butterfly into a fairy ONCE. Did it with a butterfly outside Hyrule Castle. Took forever.

Easier to punch butterflies in Mario 64 for 1-ups.
Posted: 06/17/11, 01:33:34
Cool list, although I knew most of them.

I've never had trouble turning butterflies into fairies, but now that you guys say its hard I bet I won't be able to do it anymore.
Posted: 06/17/11, 01:45:38
I'm not sure I knew any of these. Cool stuff!
Posted: 06/17/11, 02:09:30
IGN stole your article!


Alright, not at all. But it's an interesting read.
Posted: 06/17/11, 05:04:40
Did not know about #3. I don't think I ever thought to stick around long enough to get it.
Posted: 06/17/11, 05:19:50
Het_Nkik said:
Easier to punch butterflies in Mario 64 for 1-ups.

...I always wished this was possible. You're telling me it is!?


I saw that too!

By the way, can anyone see the comments on that IGN article? On some articles they won't show up for me.
Posted: 06/17/11, 06:13:05
They're there.
Posted: 06/17/11, 06:18:33
I have never been able to get the butterfly->fairy trick to work. I have logged quite a bit of time trying to get it to work and never have.
Posted: 06/17/11, 06:25:37
I knew 9 out of 10. Do I get a prize?
Posted: 06/17/11, 07:32:16
Secret_Tunnel said:
Het_Nkik said:
Easier to punch butterflies in Mario 64 for 1-ups.

...I always wished this was possible. You're telling me it is!?

Only works with certain butterflies afaik, but yes. There's one outside on the right side of the castle somewhere that's the easiest. Just start punching it and it'll eventually turn into a 1-Up. No videos on YouTube.... I actually have all my capture stuff set up right now. I'll record a vid real fast.
Posted: 06/17/11, 08:06:41
Posted: 06/17/11, 08:35:42  - Edited by 
 on: 06/17/11, 08:36:59
I knew about all of these.

Some of them in my first playthrough of the game, like the Dodongo Heart Piece, the Windmill Room, and the purple leever. I also knew Skull Kid attacked you but he would always disappear if I attacked him back.... ?
Posted: 06/17/11, 10:45:16
Wow, I didn't know a lot about those. Pretty neat that "big brother"/mommy will come home to help out their smaller friends.
Posted: 06/19/11, 01:17:09
One thing I always wondered about OoT was that one house in Kakariko right before Death Mountain. It's the home of the little kid who you give the Dampe-esque mask to as a child and as an adult it's destroyed. Is there anyway to get in there?
Posted: 06/19/11, 01:27:41
Posted: 06/19/11, 01:36:11
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