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Top 10 BIT.TRIP Levels [top ten]
I've had BIT.TRIP on the mind lately (what else is new?). With the announcement of BIT.TRIP COMPLETE, I got to thinking about my favorite levels in the series. Here they are!
Posted: 06/11/11, 21:39:54  - Edited by 
 on: 11/15/12, 04:41:19
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I'm not a huge fan of CORE. It's first two levels are quieter, more subtle songs, and the gameplay just isn't my thing. The third level, however, is great. It's more peppy and has a reggae feel to it.

The first two levels of FATE aren't all that. Like CORE, they're quiet and gloomy. It wasn't until I reached DESPERATION that I started to enjoy FATE.

As the last level of BEAT, this is arguably the hardest level in the whole series. No checkpoints, plus a boss that will have you tearing your hair out if you're not ready for it.

Fun Fact: Art designer Mike Roush did the background for this level while high on pain killers. Which explains a lot.

VOID isn't that hard of a game. Its final level might give you some trouble at first, but it's really more of a celebratory stage than a challenge.

EPIPHANY, the first level of FLUX, is a total throwback to TRANSITION, the first level of BEAT. A beautiful song, no doubt.

RUNNER's three worlds, if you listen closely, are pretty much just different versions of the same song. TENACITY is my favorite.

The second level in BEAT. DESCENT feels like an adventure; you start out looking at a planet. The camera then zooms inside of the planet and goes on a roller coaster ride through lava-filled chambers, ending by entering a waterfall of lava and completely submerging the background with the color red- which makes it incredibly hard to see the blinking light-green beats that come your way. Of course, if you knew what was really going on, you'd see it in a completely different way.

FATE's last two levels, ANGER and FALL, have Commander Video venturing through a hellish cavern in pursuit of Mingrawn Timbletot, CV's arch nemesis. The final battle against Mingrawn is super-challenging and ends in a way that you'll almost certainly expect- making it much more difficult to watch.

There's not a lot to say about EGO other than it has awesome music, especially if you can get up to ULTRA mode. It's pretty sad and dark too.

The very last level in the BIT.TRIP series. CATHARSIS has throwbacks to both BEAT and RUNNER, and it sounds fantastic.

All the videos I used can be credited to AmbisagrusSA, who uploaded every single BIT.TRIP level to his channel. I recommend checking out his BIT.TRIP FLUX beta footage video too.

What are your favorite BIT.TRIP levels?

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Posted: 06/11/11, 21:39:54  - Edited by 
 on: 11/15/12, 04:41:19
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Now do music! Although you already sort of have, or at least, it looks like it factored a lot into your decisions.
Posted: 06/11/11, 21:48:54
This thread reminds me how badly I want to finish playing the rest of the BIT.TRIP games. I started playing CORE and VOID on WiiWare. Excellent games, but I haven't made it far. The second level of CORE is giving me a bit of difficulty at the moment! But I love it.

I'll definitely be coming back to this list (and your other BIT.TRIP articles) once I've had more time experiencing what the BIT.TRIP series has to offer and see if I agree with your picks!
Posted: 06/12/11, 19:19:36
Very cool list.

I need to play more CORE, never got to CONTROL.
Posted: 06/12/11, 20:09:51
Now that I've actually played all the games, I'm amazed you were able to rank these 10. I have no idea which would be my top 10, but I can absolutely agree with Catharsis as the #1 choice. It's the perfect finale to an excellent series that neatly wraps up everything in beautiful harmony. The music is truly phenomenal, especially as you start upgrading your mode higher and higher, and the instrumentation quality truly goes beyond anything the series has seen to that point.

Actually, unlike you Secret_Tunnel, I'm a pretty big fan of CORE, I find the gameplay compelling, and the music!... other than FLUX, CORE has some of my favorite music.

And thanks for sharing these videos, I love AmbisagrusSA's comments that are displayed as you watch them, not just about the gameplay but regarding the story too.
Posted: 11/12/11, 07:50:40

After playing the CORE challenges in COMPLETE, I can appreciate that game much more. Once you really master using your peripheral vision, you can get in the "BIT.TRIP zone" perfectly.
Posted: 11/12/11, 19:29:17
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