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Top 10 Obscure Legend of Zelda Characters!!! [top ten]
Top 10 items. Top 10 bosses. Top 10 Great Fairy deviantart images.

The Zelda series is no stranger to Top 10 lists. But I think it's time we give the little guys some time to shine- when we're not fighting Ganon and watching super-serious cutscenes, we're talking to these NPCs. They give Zelda it's charm, it's PIZAZZ! We often take them for granted. Not any more!
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 on: 10/30/13, 00:16:04
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"People are disgusting... my own father and mother are disgusting... you must be disgusting too.

Dang. We're starting this top 10 off on a somber (and less obscure) note. Grog is the guy who sits under that one tree in Kakariko Village. At first he just seems like a random depressed stoner, but after a little bit of digging around you find out that he's the head carpenter's son.

When you return seven years later, Grog has journeyed to the Lost Woods. You're tasked with bringing his only friend, a blue cuccoo named Cojiro, to him. Afterward he gives you a "strange mushroom" to take to the potion shop lady so she can make him a cure for his "been sitting in the Lost Woods for too long and now I'm gonna turn into a Stalfos" syndrome.

You're too late and you probably end up killing him in the Forest Temple.
Twin Jugglers

Next up we've got a couple of Gigglin' Gusses. These guys just juggle and laugh and juggle and laugh.

That's it.

Here we have the man who runs the Sinking Ships game in Wind Waker. A proud resident of Windfall Island, Salvatore does his citizen duty by holding up cardboard cutouts to his face and portraying several characters, all for the sake of bringing new life to the boring game of Battelship. What a hero.

Salvatore has a bit of a cult following. At first I didn't see why... then I read quite possibly the greatest quote of all time, spoken by the legend himself when you lose his game:

"Oh no! The enemy is retreating... or something..."

Sale is a blue crocodile who sells bananas and eats dog food while wearing a badass hat.

It makes sense when you beat the game. I mean, that's what I dream of.
This Particular Guard

Remember this room? Of course you do. Infinite pots means infinite rupees! I'm pretty sure there's a Gold Skulltula or two in here also.

Oh, and this guard. But he doesn't do much. When you talk to him, all he talks about is how he wishes there were more troubles in the world and how much he loves studying ghosts.


The Zora from Majora's Mask who's looking into Lulu's dressing room
Uh, nope. I'm not Google image searching that. Not gonna happen.
Fox McCloud

Yeah, that's right. Hidden deep within Ocarina of Time's code is an Arwing enemy. You can fight it and everything... if you know the right tricks. It's pretty safe to say that Fox attacked Link on the set of Ocarina of Time while they were filming, and then Link was all like "Oh no you didn't!" and blew up the Arwing, and then sued Fox so that Nintendo couldn't make Arwing games anymore and Star Fox would be ruined.

That's what happened.
Michael Jackson




thumbs up if you agree
Kidnapped Child

In Zelda II, you meet a woman in Darunia who needs you to retrieve her kidnapped child. So you go to Maze Island, kill the douchebag Lizalfos who stole the kid, and then HOLD THE TODDLER OVER YOUR HEAD BY HIS ANKLES AND THEN SHOVE HIM INTO YOUR INFINITE POCKET OF ITEMS.
The Shark

Lurking at the bottom of Lake Hylia's Lakeside Laboratory...



Seriously, if The Shark isn't in the next Smash Bros. I'm gonna flip my lid.
You might have noticed that a lot of these characters are from the N64 Zelda games. Well, that's because I'm biased.

Still, there are plenty of obscure Zelda characters out there that I probably never even thought of.

What are some of your favorite obscure Zelda characters? Leave a comm- ...huh? What the hell i OH GOD NOT YOU

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Posted: 05/31/11, 01:30:44  - Edited by 
 on: 10/30/13, 00:16:04
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#7's link is broken.

Hmm, no snot-nosed pig chasing kid?
Posted: 05/31/11, 01:36:13
@ Secret Tunnel

You shouldn't have done that.
Posted: 05/31/11, 01:40:58
How about the lady in Kakariko Village in who turns into a fairy when you hit her with some magic powder?
Posted: 05/31/11, 01:43:51
No Beetle? Or he's not obscure enough? He's awesome.
Posted: 05/31/11, 01:50:30
Wow, I never thought about "Grog" becoming a Stalfos, or that guard becoming the Poe salesman. Hmm....
Posted: 05/31/11, 01:56:34
The complete lack of Missy is sickening. Best character from Wind Waker.
Posted: 05/31/11, 03:09:09
I guess Error is not very obscure at this point. How about the hungry Moblin to represent the original? Grumble grumble.
Posted: 05/31/11, 03:15:57
Glad to see Grog on the list! His character also showed up in Termina (Majora's Mask) at Romani Ranch, where he gives you the Bunny Hood if you shepherd his flock with the Bremen Mask so that the baby birds mature into full-grown cuccos.

Salvatore is hilarious, definitely providing some laugh-out-loud moments in Wind Waker.

Fox, why did you go and mess with Link... Look at the turmoil brought upon the Star Fox team!

Michael is still a fantastic dancer, the legends never really die.

Appreciate the effort in getting that image of the kidnapped child, you set the bar high for the rest of us!

Seriously, there's a shark in OoT's Lake Hylia? I didn't know.

Anyway, I can't think of an obscure character of the top of my head.
Posted: 05/31/11, 03:32:00

I thought about him, too. The characters in the original Zelda don't really stand out from each other though. I think I like the "Lets Play a Money Making Game" guy the best.


The lack of Twilight Princess says a lot. I approve.
Posted: 05/31/11, 04:47:13

I wanted to have the two guys who were looking at each other from across the alley in TP, but they just didn't make the cut.
Posted: 06/01/11, 08:31:18

Posted: 06/01/11, 08:38:36

*Warning, Warning. Incoming enemy*

It's leftover code in OoT ;) You can't access it without a cheating device.
Posted: 06/01/11, 08:55:48
I didn't say anything the first time around, but I like this list.

Sale is awesome. Doesn't he eat the can along with the dog food?
Posted: 06/01/11, 15:23:57

always found this s&m couple a bit messed up
Posted: 06/01/11, 15:58:29


Easily the best obscure Zelda character, IMO. A guitar-playing, singing, traveling prophet? How do you top that? The Zelda series has never even had a prophet before Sokra (unless you count Zelda with her premonitions).

Also up there: Link and Link(-goro)

Posted: 06/01/11, 19:53:45
Nice list. I submit this one:

Tingle's Father
Posted: 06/01/11, 20:05:04

I think it's hilarious how you just so happen to have the same name as a Goron who has a reservation at the same hotel you need to get to.
Posted: 06/11/11, 21:46:17
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