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Top 10 Super Mario Galaxy music tracks (both games) [top ten]
Really like doing these lists. Anyway, this is my personal top 10 songs for both Galaxy games. It was very hard to put this list together.
Posted: 01/13/11, 03:12:32  - Edited by 
 on: 10/31/13, 22:36:38
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Sky Station Mission 2 (Galaxy 2)

You know these games have great music when my number 10 pick is so good.
Bowser Battle (Galaxy 2)

None of the Bowser fights from the first game made it in my list, but both from the second did. They did a great job on them.
Starship Mario (Galaxy 2)

Much, much better than the overworld theme from the first game. It's so cheerful.
Melty Molten (Galaxy)

Great level for the last song and great song. Starts off slow and becomes epic.
Honeyhop (Galaxy 2)

I don't know what makes me like this song so much. I guess those added instruments really help. I didn't really like it that much in Galaxy 1, but here's it's so good.
Buoy Base (Galaxy)

The song that took everyone by surprise. A little bonus Galaxy had amazing music.
Final Bowser Battle (Galaxy 2)

WHY is this fight so short.
Gusty Garden (Galaxy)

Not much to be said here. It's Gusty Garden.
Sky Station Main Theme (Galaxy 2)

I love, looove this song. I think I'm biased because the Galaxy 2 trailer made me so happy and it had this song in it. But, for whatever reason, I love it.
Cloudy Court (Galaxy 2)

Much better than Gusty Garden in my opinion. And better than everything else in both games ... what an awesome song.
I didn't include the credit themes!

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Posted: 01/13/11, 03:12:32  - Edited by 
 on: 10/31/13, 22:36:38
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Someone besides me made a top 10 list!

Good choices! Gusty Garden is so good. If I were going to add one to your list, it'd be this...

Posted: 01/13/11, 03:28:38
I did many top 10s! I like them. Here's another one.
Posted: 01/13/11, 03:39:11
I'm going to be honest. None of either Galaxy's musics really jumped out at me. Don't think I can remember any full song from either game, aside from bits and pieces of the main themes. It all mostly just sounds the same to me.
Posted: 01/13/11, 04:38:06
Very good list, indeed. And I imagine it would be a hard one to make, as I am struggling myself in trying to mentally think of my top ten favorites. I know for a personal fact, though, that if the SMG games featured the style/quality of music as used in SM64 and SMS, I wouldn't adore them as much as I do. There is simply no question that the music, for me, made these games.

Back to your list.... I would say that Melty Molten (Galaxy) is my favorite. I love how Mario lands in that level just as the music kicks in. His landing reminds me of Superman's on Lex's sky island. Just awesome.

If I could add one to your list, it would be my current favorite Super Mario Galaxy tune, Nemesis Bowser. When I received my CD set from PlayAsia way back when, and this song started playing... Wow. I cranked the volume, and conducted/boogied away. Amazing stuff to be certain.

Posted: 01/13/11, 04:39:43  - Edited by 
 on: 01/13/11, 04:40:22
I love threads like this! I spent about 40 minutes listening to each song in its entirety. Great list! These two games have two of my all-time favorite game soundtracks, no question. As for ones that didn't make it...

Both credits themes are marvelous too.

As is Melty Monster.

And Bowser's Galaxy Reactor.

And Bowser's Galaxy Generator.

I'm with NoName--the music of these games really makes the experiences feel grand and majestic.

Posted: 01/13/11, 06:32:11  - Edited by 
 on: 01/13/11, 20:35:43
@Dillo64 ... wut?

*insert Joker not sure if serious picture here*
Posted: 01/13/11, 06:36:08
Excellent work picking out your 10 favorite tracks. If I had to pick my favorites I wouldn't know where to begin!
Posted: 01/13/11, 06:52:42

If you had said that for Metroid Other M I would have agreed with you, but Galaxy!? WWWWHHHHHHAAAAAA?????????
Posted: 01/13/11, 08:47:51
@TriforceBun I almost included Galaxy Generator! And Lava Lair! And Digga-Leg
Posted: 01/13/11, 14:32:04
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