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Top 10 games on a Nintendo Platform According to Negative World - First Time Ever! [top ten]
This isn't any kind of official Negative World top 10 list or anything, merely a quick look at top rated games as of this day and time, according to our user ratings. Some have more ratings than others, some good games missed the top 10 list from a sole "low" rating, etc. But it's a surprisingly "accurate" list, in my eyes, considering that it is really only based off of a handful of ratings.

And if you are a current Negative Worlder and want to go rate some games, what are you waiting for already? DO IT!
Posted: 07/17/09, 20:42:56  - Edited by 
 on: 10/31/13, 22:38:33
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Super Mario Brothers (NES) - 9.57/10 (6 ratings)

The game that pretty much started it all barely edges into our top 10 list. For those of us old enough to remember, Super Mario Brothers was, simply put, a complete paradigm shift. Sure there were good games before it, but when Super Mario Brothers released, it changed everything. It set new standards in controls, player/enemy interactions, stage design, game progression... you name it. In my mind, video gaming can be broken up into two major eras, before Super Mario Brothers and after Super Mario Brothers.
Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) - 9.58/10 (5 ratings)

There is something very interesting to me about the fact that the newest Super Mario game has edged out the oldest Super Mario game by the smallest fraction possible. Super Mario Galaxy gives Wii owners an amazing game from start to finish, with more sheer creativity than anything else out on the market. The juxtaposition of the two games is a great reminded of how far video gaming has come over the years.
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) - 9.59/10 (7 ratings)

Generally considered one of the greatest video games ever made and the game that truly brought both action and adventure into 3D in great form, The Ocarina of Time is a bit lower in our current ratings than I would have expected. I suppose this is what happens when you have a small sample pool of ratings, one or two lower scores can bring a game down fast. However, it is still without a doubt one of the best games on any Nintendo platform, and well deserves to be on any top 10 list.
Super Mario Brothers 2 (NES) - 9.6/10 (3 ratings)

Here is a surprise. The red-headed step child of the Super Mario series in front of the Ocarina of Time? Of course, it only has 3 ratings. Anyway, I've never understood all of the hate this game gets, though I'm not entirely sure it deserves to be on a top 10 list, I'm not complaining either. A great game that somehow managed to do something completely different and retain the Mario feel (despite not actually being a Mario game at all.)
Tetris (NES) - 9.65/10 (2 ratings)

I'm not sure if Tetris slipped in by only having 2 ratings, or if it is just that damn good of a game. It is pretty undeniable that Tetris is one of the trend-setters of the industry, coming out of nowhere with simple yet addicting mechanics and creating a whole new genre in the process. It is not only one of the most prolific games in the industry, but it has spawned off so many offspring that it is tough to imagine that at some point these type of games never existed. Bizarre.
Super Mario Brothers 3 (NES) - 9.7/10 (5 ratings)

I suppose this is technically a tie with Chrono Trigger, but as Chrono has more ratings I will have to give it the higher spot. Yes, Super Mario Brothers was an amazing game when it released, but Super Mario Brothers 3 pretty much took everything the original did and blew it out of the water, going far and beyond what anyone could have expected. It's difficult to imagine a same console sequel ever making such a leap again. And even though it released way back on NES, I honestly don't think many games since have beat it out in straight up core gameplay.
Chrono Trigger (SNES) - 9.7/10 (6 ratings)

Call me crazy, but I still believe Chrono Trigger is the apex of the progression of the Japanese RPG; the PS1 era came along and introduced dazzling visuals, but the gameplay never quite moved forward again. Chrono Trigger pretty much had it all, amazing visuals, an excellent soundtrack, loveable characters, and interesting storyline, and a battle system that was leagues above most everything out at the time. If you haven't experienced this game yet, do yourself a favor and pick it up.
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES) - 9.78/10 (5 ratings)

Oddly enough, despite being such a huge fan of the original, I pretty much avoided this game for a long time. Looking back on it, I have absolutely no idea why. When I finally got around to Link to the Past, it engrossed a week straight of my life, and when I was finally done, I was a changed gamer. This is a perfect example of the ideal NES to SNES progression. And it appears other Neg Worlders feel the same way I do.
Super Metroid (SNES) - 9.8/10 (6 ratings)

Another game I inexplicably ignored for a long time, which changed my gaming perspective once I finally got around to it. The perfect blend of 2D action and non-linear exploration, Super Metroid was a big and beautiful piece of gaming perfection. A super slick, high tech meets organic sci fi setting didn't hurt either. Several games have tried to mimic the Metroid formula since, but none have done it as well as Super Metroid did.
Metroid Prime (Gamecube) - 9.85/10 (6 ratings)

We seem to love the Metroid around here. I'm actually a bit surprised this game is sitting at the top of our ratings. Not that it doesn't deserve it. Metroid Prime was announced and skepticism followed, but Retro Studios managed to take most of the major elements of Super Metroid, add a few of their own, and combine it all into a huge and epic 3D adventure/FPS. Excellent graphics, sound, presentation, sublime world design, fluid combat and some of the most wicked boss battles ever make for a truly standout title. Others may disagree, but I firmly believe Metroid Prime is the best 3D game ever made, and apparently other Neg Worlders feel likewise.
Curious as to whether other games have landed in the ratings? Resident Evil 4? Super Mario 64? Final Fantasy III? Mega Man 3? Think the ratings are all off and you know better? Well, if not already a member, I suppose you will have to join the Negative World now, won't you? And if you are a member and have gotten this far, I bet you really want to go rate a few more games now, don't you?


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Posted: 07/17/09, 20:42:56  - Edited by 
 on: 10/31/13, 22:38:33
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I'm going to have to rate some games. One will fall...
Posted: 07/20/09, 18:24:20

I hope you're not one of those people who is like "Hmm I was a bit disappointed by this game... 1/10!"

It looks like Super Mario Brothers 2 took a bit of a dip. And Final Fantasy III has moved up to take the #10 spot.

The main reason I did this is I figured it might be interesting to do it say... another 3 or 6 months from now or whatever and see if anything has changed much. But of course, people need to start rating some games!
Posted: 07/20/09, 19:58:35
I had rated some games in the past, but it's a tedious process. Rated some more after reading this thread, and it seems like I bumped a few games off the top 50 in the process, by simply giving them 8s or 8.5s. I guess that's what happens when there are so few ratings: suddenly my opinion matters way more than it should.
Posted: 07/20/09, 20:36:49
It's the democratization of the internets! Every opinion is either supremely powerful or totally insignificant, depending on the context. Zero should set it up so the list is heavily weighted towards whoever is viewing it at the time, to incentivize more rating entry.

Nah, I wouldn't give Prime a 1/10. Maybe an 8. Or a 7, if I was feeling particularly vicious. Which I am.

Probably an 8...
Posted: 07/20/09, 22:05:24
Going to rank some. >

I'll be fair.
Posted: 07/20/09, 22:51:26
'I had rated some games in the past, but it's a tedious process.'

Was this when it was one at a time? Now you can rate entire pages at once.
Posted: 07/21/09, 05:51:35
Nice list. I had already gave scores to all of those games, with one exception. I've never played The Ocarina of Time so I didn't think it made sense to assign a score to it. I do have to say that I am surprised that Resident Evil 4 is coming in at #72. That seems low to me.
Posted: 07/21/09, 18:17:09
GoNintendo has the top VC games every week, and it's pretty interesting to see how little movement there is in the list.

The games and even the order are pretty much set in stone these days. It gives you a good idea of the 'most desired' ranking of classic Nintendo games.
Posted: 07/21/09, 18:28:15
'I do have to say that I am surprised that Resident Evil 4 is coming in at #72. That seems low to me.'

Well you know, this is why a small sample pool is kind of meaningless. It probably got one 8 or something out of its 5 ratings, which dragged it down a bit. If we had maybe 10 or more ratings for each game I might take out the highest and lowest for an "adjusted" top 10 or something, but right now we don't have quite enough to do that...

Posted: 07/21/09, 19:04:36
No original Zelda in the top 10? How do I get off this site
Posted: 07/24/09, 06:38:11
I'm the asshole who gave RE4 a 7. I was kind of trying to use all of the 10 point for my personal ranking, not screw up its score for everyone.
Posted: 07/25/09, 00:03:43
wow, what a coincidence, I gave RE4 a 7 yesterday too. One of the most overrated games of all time, methinks.
Posted: 07/25/09, 01:15:15
Wow, Resident Evil 4 is down in the 8s! Amazing.

(I gave it a 9.9 myself...)
Posted: 07/25/09, 04:55:27
Hmm, the ratings have changed up a bit since I posted. I'm tempted to rate Tetris since I don't think it is quite a 9.7, but I have never played the NES version so that wouldn't be fair. Even though I doubt the NES version would win me over any more than any other version has. Though I did like the DS version...
Posted: 07/25/09, 05:12:17
Well, it's safe to say that I have absolutely rocked that list to its core. You guys had better start importing some shit if you want any hope of getting that top spot back.

I rated on an IGN-ish scale. What's everyone else using?
Posted: 07/25/09, 16:21:03
One comment: I had accidentally rated a game that I hadn't played, and, when I removed it from my collection, the rating remained. Get programming!
Posted: 07/25/09, 16:24:15
I call foul on Metroid 2 being listed for NES
Posted: 07/25/09, 17:52:48
Also, maybe you should put a rating guide in the corner, so we all use similar averages, and such.
Posted: 07/25/09, 19:23:07
'One comment: I had accidentally rated a game that I hadn't played, and, when I removed it from my collection, the rating remained. Get programming!'

Ratings and collections are independent of each other, you can just pick the blank option in the ratings if you want to unrate a game. The reason I made them independent is there are a ton of games I have played all the way through that I don't own anymore... in fact I don't really own much of ANY original NES games anymore, and I figured many people would have similar situations.

I hate ratings guides, I mean, even if you make them people have mental blocks against them anyway. For instance, I've noticed I find it next to impossible to give music and books less than a 3 out of 5 (unless they are just plain terrible.) Which ruins the 5 point scale because I have to cram everything I like into 2 ratings... either a 4 or a 5. Besides it's just fun to look at, I don't expect any real consistency anyway.

Anyhow, your 10ing a bunch of games no one else has played has ruined the consistency more than anything else! Ha ha. But longterm I will probably do something like gamerankings where a game needs at least 5 ratings or something to get into the official ratings.
Posted: 07/25/09, 23:26:13
It's true. I've ruined the whole thing. It's okay, though. If you guys had played those games, I'm sure you would have given them a 10, too.
Posted: 07/26/09, 00:30:56
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