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Top 10 Mega Man classic series robot masters I'd want as a roommate in my tiny overpriced Toronto condo [top ten]
Toronto rents are skyrocketing to beyond ridiculous proportions so many Torontonians are looking for ways to save some money. One way to help make ends meet is getting roommates to share costs. But what if your roommate could bring more than just cash to the table? Which Mega Man classic series robot masters would make the best roommates?

Yep, another top 10 based off of my All 94 Mega Man classic series robot masters ranked! list.

Let's see how many of these robots I can cram into my tiny ass space!
01/19/24, 01:01    Edited: 01/23/24, 00:57
Solar Man (Mega Man 10)

Let's start with a threefer. Are you paying too much for your cooking, heating and electricity? I know that I am! Enter Solar Man. He can take care of the cooking, the heating and with a few well-placed solar panels he can handle the electricity as well. You won't find many other robot masters who can contribute this much! The power of the sun in the palm of my hand.

Role: Cooking, heating & electricity
Dust Man (Mega Man 4)

With so many of us living in one small space it is sure to get quite messy. Dust Man is here to take care of that. He's basically just a giant vacuum. I'd feel bad about making him do all of the dirty work, but it really even a job for him? He probably likes vacuuming! That's what he was created for!

Role: Vacuuming
Pump Man (Mega Man 10)

My water bill isn't quite as high as some of my other bills but it can still get up there. Sure, it would be a little awkward having Pump Man standing over me pumping himself as I shower, but what can you do? Gotta save costs somehow!

Role: Sinks & faucets
Cut Man (Mega Man 1)

If you've ever lived with a lot of people before you will know how often important things go missing. Important things like say, scissors. Where do the scissors keep disappearing to? Well, it doesn't really matter anymore, because we have Cut Man living with us, and Cut Man is a giant pair of scissors.

Role: Cutting things
Flash Man (Mega Man 2)

When you're more or less antisocial but crammed into a building with hundreds of other people, you get forced into a lot of awkward situations. Weird guy trying to talk to me on the elevator? Someone's unleashed dog about to hump my leg? Landlord shows up talking about how you have to actually pay money to stay in a condo? Save me, Flash Man!

Role: Getting me out of awkward situations
Plant Man (Mega Man 6)

Those of us who live in the cold concrete hell of the city like to pretend that we're still connected to nature somehow. Usually with tiny little plants that we put near our windows. But the plants never get enough light and then they die. Why go through that grief when we can just have a sentient plant hanging around all the time?

Role: Decoration, I guess
Drill Man (Mega Man 4)

Whenever I put in a request for maintenance to come fix something it's at least a few weeks wait and then half the time they never show up anyway. If you want something done, you have to do it yourself, right? Or… you can just have a giant drill with drills for hands move in and take care of that stuff for you.

Role: Maintenance
Wind Man (Mega Man 6)

Every summer I blast the AC and multiple fans and end up spending way more money than I should just to not pass out from heat exhaustion. Yes, even way up here in Toronto. Summers are still hot, people! I considered Air Man for this role but Wind Man has twice the fans so, you know. Double your pleasure.

Role: AC
Turbo Man (Mega Man 7)


Have you ever tried to own a car in the city? Parking alone can run you $200 a month or more! Not to mention all of the various licensing and other fees. And god forbid you accidentally read that 4 paragraph parking sign wrong and park in the wrong place at the wrong time for 2 minutes. Wouldn't city life be so much easier if you had a roommate who could just turn into a car whenever you needed him to?

Role: Transportation
Cold Man (Mega Man & Bass)

I know that I called Cold Man "the absolute worst" and ranked him dead last in my original ranking of all 94 classic series robot masters, but I think that I finally found something he is good for. Cold Man is literally a walking refrigerator! I'll never have to get off the coach again!

Beer me!

I don't actually drink beer.

Role: Walking refrigerator
Seriously though, Toronto is great. Come visit me! You can sleep in our guest ro... ha ha ha ha just kidding, like we can afford a place that has a guest room.

You can sleep on our couch!

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01/19/24, 01:01   Edited: 01/23/24, 00:57 
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Zero said:
Seriously though, Toronto is great. Come visit me! You can sleep in our guest ro... ha ha ha ha just kidding, like we can afford a place that has a guest room.

You can sleep on our couch!
Sounds like a job for the latest Robot Master from Mega Man 12, Guest Room Man!

Another classic Mega Man style writeup. Keep 'em coming!
01/19/24, 01:38   
Now you're starting to get profound with these lists, well done.

No Sheep Man? How you gonna make clothes and blankets?
01/19/24, 19:04   
Somehow I saw this room mate one coming.
01/19/24, 21:33   
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