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Top 10 Mega Man classic series robot masters I'd start a metal band with [top ten]
You might think this is me just trying to milk more content out of my All 94 Mega Man classic series robot masters ranked! list because I had to spend so much time and energy finding and preparing all of the robot master images and it felt like a waste to only use them once.

You might think that.

Anyway, let's goooooooooooooooooooo. Time to get brutal!
11/30/23, 01:04    Edited: 01/22/24, 01:55
Acid Man (Mega Man 11)

I really don't have much to back this one up with other than his power seems pretty heckin' metal.

Role: Rhythm Guitarist #2. The one whose gain is turned down a bit because he isn't actually that good.
Tengu Man (Mega Man 8/& Bass)

I guess he would fit more into one of those garbage nu-metal bands where everyone wears a weird mask but I think having just one guy wear a weird mask can work in a non-garbage band.

Role: Back-up percussion or something? What do these 10 person metal bands even do with everyone?!
Skull Man (Mega Man 4)

You want Skull Man in your metal band. He's worth it for the branding alone. Just slap his face on some merch and you've got a winner.

Role: Synths. Yeah we're having synths in this band, it's going to be epic!
Splash Woman (Mega Man 9)

Fine so our band is basically just ripping off Nightwish and we need a female singer. Sue me.

Role: Lead (female) singer. Who it turns out is also super artistic and ends up designing a lot of the merch.
Cut Man (Mega Man 1)

Cut Man already has a lot of scene cred because of the "scissors on his fucking head" song, so pulling him into our band just makes sense. But he is pretty metal on his own merits too. Like, for instance, the fact that he has scissors on his fucking head.

Role: Rhythm guitarist #1. The good one. But he breaks his strings a lot.
Guts Man (Mega Man 1)

Guts Man is an OG and although he sucks at playing instruments he brings the muscle. He really only got the job because he is Cut Man's bestie but he's pretty intimidating nonetheless.

Role: Security. Tech. Roadie. 4th player in epic tour bus Mario Kart battles. You know, the works.
Jewel Man (Mega Man 9)

Every metal band needs that one totally out of place looking guy where it's like, "this guy?!" And then he throws down ten times harder than everyone else and is shirtless and bleeding all over by the end of the show. That's Jewel Man.

Role: 7-string bass. He wanted to go even lower but the guitarists told him to cool it.
Quick Man (Mega Man 2)

Look, you might think Quick Man isn't that metal but the fact is that he can shred faster and harder than any other guitarist and we're making power metal baby!

Role: Lead guitarist, obviously. Probably lead songwriter too except he will write a bunch of songs only he can play and then we will have to dumb them down a bit for everyone else.
Napalm Man (Mega Man 5)

Napalm Man is the member who gets on stage and only talks about brutality and corpses and stuff and then you find out later that he volunteers at a clinic that takes care of sick cats and everyone there just knows him as good ol' Robert.

Role: Drums, and other assorted concussives.
Metal Man (Mega Man 2)

Metal Man is so metal he is actually made out of meta… actually I guess all of the robots masters are. But his name is pretty metal, man!

Role: Lead (male) singer. Frontman. All around cool guy.
There are too damn many members in this band, so I guess I'm just the manager now.

And yeah, you know darn well I'm going to make more of these lists. I'm warning you. We have only just begun...

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11/30/23, 01:04   Edited: 01/22/24, 01:55 
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Huh. No Fire Man or Heat Man or whatever? Who’s doing the pyrotechnics the shows?

Maybe they wouldn’t be part of the band, but part of the crew or something.
11/30/23, 22:08   
@GameDadGrant They can talk to Guts Man and see if he lets them into the tech crew.
12/01/23, 00:45   
@GameDadGrant Heat Man will be there.

12/01/23, 05:14   

Sounds fair.


Nate: "Heat Man will be there."

Me: "Which version?"

Nate: "Everyone."

Me: "Wait, what?"

Gary Oldman out of nowhere:
12/01/23, 14:17   
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