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Top 10 Moments of the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct [top ten]
Wow, what a direct, huh? Letís just jump right into it. My top 10 moments from the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct!

06/11/19, 22:06    Edited: 06/11/19, 23:14
Animal Crossing: New Horizons gameplay trailer
I canít say Iím super pumped about Animal Crossing nowadays, and it isnít immediately clear to me in debut trailer what the exciting new features are, but itís still Animal Crossing, which means it will be a good time. However, it was delayed until 2020, which is a bit sad.

Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring the Legend of Zelda gameplay / release date tr
Whew, that name! A new gameplay trailer for one of my most anticipated games is sweet, but even better is finding out it is releasing in just 2 days on June 13th. Pumped!

Contra: Rogue Corps debut trailer
This isnít exactly what I would have thought a new Contra would look like, but itís still a really cool looking 4 player high octane shooter that could be a lot of fun.

Dragon Quest XI:Echoes of an Elusive Age release date trailer
The game has been out elsewhere for awhile so there isnít a whole lot new and exciting here, but we did finally get a release date of September 27th for the Switch version!

Panzer Dragoon Remake debut trailer
This is basically a remaster of the first Panzer Dragoon game, so it might feel a bit dated, but I loved the little I have played of the series so Iím excited to check out where it began. A remaster of the second game is supposedly on the way as well.

Luigiís Mansion 3 gameplay trailer
Luigiís Mansion: Dark Moon is one of my favorite 3Ds games, so Iíve been pumped to see more of it. Everything Iím seeing so far is great, and having 2 player co-op as well as 4 player bonus modes is all good news to me.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character debut trailers
We knew we were getting one Smash Bros. DLC character announcement, and the many heroes from Dragon Quest coming this Summer is certainly a solid one. But, that wasnít all.

Could it be? Yes! Banjo-Kazooie is not just a rumor but a real, playable character in Smash Bros! Or will be, this Fall. Now announce a Nintendo / Rare collaborative Banjo-Kazooie 3 next!

Collection of Mana North American debut / release date trailer
Secret of Mana (aka Seiken Densetsu 2) is one of my favorite Super Nintendo games and I have always wanted to play 1 (available in North America as Final Fantasy Adventure) and 3 (never before available in North America.) We have known about the collection of all 3 for awhile, but it was unclear if it would be releasing in North America. Well, not only was it announced for North America, but it is availableÖ RIGHT NOW!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel debut trailer
It might surprise you that this is not my first choice. Well, it is definitely now one of my most anticipated games, but itís not like we donít know that a new Zelda is pretty much always in the works, and they didnít show off a whole lot. What was shown, however, was definitely compellingÖ and super creepy to boot. Will this game take on a dark tone like Majoraís Mask did?

No More Heroes 3 debut trailer
I loved the first two No More Heroes games and honestly thought that after the No More Heroes side project debuting to not a whole lot of fanfare that we would never see part 3. But here it is! Finally, after 10 years, a true sequel! I canít wait!

So thatís about it for my list. There were, of course, some other cool announcements, including a lot of ports / remasters (Witcher 3, Alien Isolation, Resident Evil 5 and 6, etc.), some indie games, and more.

How about you, what were YOUR favorite moments of the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct?

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06/11/19, 22:06   Edited: 06/11/19, 23:14 
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I pretty much agree with your list, but I would add Astral Chain in there somewhere, and also the trailer for Fire Emblem because even though I didn't like the last FE on 3DS this new one looks much, much better, and that latest trailer got me excited.

Pretty epic year for Nintendo at E3! I'm crashing now from all the hype, so I guess I'll go find some food and go to bed early, lol.

EDIT: Also Dragon Quest Builders 2 because I have a friend who loved the first and maybe we'd be able to play together on the second since it has multiplayer.
06/12/19, 00:15   
Edited: 06/12/19, 00:16
Nice list! Few things can get me more immediately excited than a reveal of a Smash character I've been wanting, and this Direct had two! Zelda's sequel is probably my top choice overall in terms of quality game hours I expect from it, but I was also really excited to learn about the Trials of Mana remake and surprise Collection release. Dates for Zelda and DQXI were good (within a week of each other!) and Zelda's dungeon-maker feature looks to give the game some extra meat on its bones. AC is shaping up to be nice (although its best features were left for the Treehouse) and Panzer Dragoon was another nice surprise.
06/12/19, 00:38   
Can you send your Awakening dungeons to other people, a la Star Fox Guard and Castlevania... somethingorother? Not that I ever did that.

My top moments were definitely Travis and the Banj.
06/12/19, 04:12   
When it became clear to me that the teaser at the end was the new Zelda, I legitimately jumped up out of my chair and cheered. I can't remember the last time I did that for any video game announcement, but it's been a while. I really, really was not expecting that at all. I totally thought the Banjo announcement was the show-closer, and even after they did the whole "one more thing" bit, Zelda never even crossed my mind. I was thinking maybe Metroid (2D or Prime Trilogy) or Bayonetta or something from Monolith. Never thought for one second that this was going to be the show where BotW 2 made its debut.

In a year full of leaks, this was a beautiful, genuine surprise for me. Well done.
06/12/19, 05:05   
Definitely move AC up a bit for me man! I loved the trailer though it had me skeptical. The Treehouse footage elaborated and made me appreciate it a bit more.

The No More Heroes reveal though... I have no interest in that series but I told my wife how cool it is if that's a new game. I knew it's a cult classic. I thought for a moment he was going to be a Smash character and I felt that would be cool too. So I'm happy for you.

The BotW Sequel was a huge surprise. We all hoped it would happen but there were no indications. And it looks fucking phenomenal. I was hoping it wouldn't just be more DLC and I am very happy about what came out of it.

I've had experience with Final Fantasy Adventures and Secret of Mana. I never finished either. This is a tempting buy to try and rectify that. Those games are truly good eh?


Nintendo really knew how to surprise us. I'm so glad they're pretty talented at that.


Yeah, I am digging that Link's Awakening bonus content. I am excited to see how that pans out.
06/12/19, 05:07   
Edited: 06/12/19, 05:09
All good choices, and I canít disagree with any of them. Well done. And even though it wasnít a big announcement...I was very happy to see the Spyro Trilogy: Reignited collection officially announced for Switch. (what took so long?!)
06/12/19, 15:42   
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