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My Top 10 Most Wanted Games From the Nintendo Switch Presentation [top ten]
Well, that was exciting wasnít it? Iím not going to get into commentary on whether Nintendo did what they had to do to get the masses excited about their console, because Iím not the best at predicting what the masses want nowadays so itíd be rather useless speculation. Honestly I have no idea how well this sucker is going to do. All I can do is speak for myself, so here are my top 10 games from the Nintendo Switch presentation last night.

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 on: 01/14/17, 05:26:19
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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
If this were a brand new Mario Kart it would be much higher up on my list, but it's not. Still, looks like it will at least have an expanded battle mode and include at least one more Nintendo IP: Splatoon! Both a Splatoon and squid kids showed up in the short trailer Nintendo showed off. This game will have to add a lot to get me to drop my money on it again though.

1, 2, Switch
Iím still kind of hoping this comes as a pack-in, but even if it doesnít, itís an intriguing game to me. I feel like Nintendo botched the trailer a bit (there was way too long of a build-up just to show a mini-game that appeared to boil down to ďwho can press the button fastestĒ, something we have already seen in Mario Party and countless other games over the years), but the idea of social games that donít need TVs is already catching on a bit in indie game development, and itís neat to see Nintendo throw their hat into the ring.

Splatoon 2
Honestly I was a bit late to the Splatoon party and although I loved the game, I didnít get into it quite as much as a lot of others did. Still, it was a lot of fun every time I sat down with Splatoon, and I imagine a sequel would only be better. Itís tough to imagine what they could add to top the original but I have faith in Nintendo.

Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time
Iíve been waiting for a truly new Dragon Quest game for quite some time now. X never really made it over to the West (and was some weird online game or something?) and IX came out 8 years ago on the DS. Itís been awhile. To be honest IX wasnít quite as good as VIII for me but I still enjoyed it quite a bit, so Iím interested in seeing what they do with XI. It better make it to the West this time!

Suda51ís Travis Touchdown Game
I love Suda51, but man was his uhÖ whatever that wasÖ tough to watch. It may have been in part because of the translator, who didnít seem to understand a lot of what was being said, but it felt like Suda51 was just kind of rambling about ideas a bit without any clear idea of what his supposed game would be. But there is, apparently, a Switch game coming from Grasshopper that involves Travis Touchdown and also has fighting and wrestling and thatís about all we know. Is this No More Heroes 3 or something brand new? No idea. But I want it.

Shin Megami Tensei Game
Another vague announcement, but this one at least had a trailer that showed some monsters off. Iím putting this one high up on my list based on my faith in Atlus and their SMT games alone. Whether it is a mainline series game or a side game, SMT games tend to be great, so I have trust that this one will live up to the name as well.

Super Bomberman R
I may be overhyping myself on this one, but Bomberman has long been a popular series with the friends and family members that I play video games with, and the last one that we really got into was the WiiWare version many years ago. Super Bomberman R looks like it is sticking to the 2D roots while adding some verticality, which might make it an interesting mix between the 2D and 3D Bomberman games? Or it could fail miserably. The (apparent) pay to play stuff feels all wrong to me, but hopefully that wonít infect battle mode.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Admittedly Iím still trekking through Xenoblade Chronicles X (nearing the 100 hour mark) so itís tough to get excited about another new Xenoblade already. And I canít say that the switch to more anime-style character designs is very appealing to me. But everything else looked (and sounded) awesome. While X is great, the lack of a really solid story / sense of progression made it feel like a step back from the original, so hopefully Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will get back a bit more to what made the original so amazing.

Super Mario Odyssey
Well, I have to say, Nintendo surprised me with this one. Iíve been wondering what they could possibly do to wow me with Mario now that he has been to space and back, but they found a way. Mario running around the streets of a New York lookalike, complete with ďrealisticĒ style humans? Itís bizarre but it just might work, especially since it seems to be just a piece of a larger puzzle, with Mario exploring all kinds of strange (to him) worlds. Who knows what else we might see? Iím certainly anticipating finding out!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Itís a close one between Mario and Zelda, but Zelda wins out for a few reasons. A. Itís been a bit longer since we got a Zelda game than a Mario game (in fact the Wii U will be the first console without an exclusive {at the time} Zelda game.) B. Mario looks awesome but I need to see more to be fully sold on it. But the biggest reason may be C. DID YOU SEE THAT TRAILER? It looks so amazing. Iím not going to say that itís definitely going to be the best 3D Zelda ever, because really, who knows? But it certainly looks like it has that potential. Pretty much everything I have seen about it gets me excited. And itís going to be here in just a few months! Canít wait!

There were also a few other games shown off that Iím interested in, as well as games we know are coming that were not shown off last night: ARMs, Disgaea 5 Complete, Has Been Heroes, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, Stardew Valley, Yooka-Laylee, etc.

Can we talk about ARMs quick? It didnít make my top 10 list because I have no idea what I feel about it. Seems like it could be fun, but also seems like it could be shallow and gimmicky. The presentation values felt a bit weak to me as well. And apparently it is a full retail release? I donít know about that. Itís on my ďcautiously optimistic but probably wouldnít pay full priceĒ list.

Iím also curious to know what is going on with Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Back in October Igarashi made comments that made the fate of the Wii U version feel very tenuous. Is it moving to the Switch? I guess weíll find out.

Anyway, thatís my list. Agree / disagree? Want to post a list of your own? Do so below!

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Posted: 01/13/17, 23:11:11  - Edited by 
 on: 01/14/17, 05:26:19
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I'd obviously put Mario at the top, but that's a good list. (I think I'd swap ARMS for the DQ game, too.) Well decided! Lots to be excited for.

Speaking of the weirdness of Suda's translator, did anyone ever actually translate what he said after it was over? I'd love to know the full details. I imagine that not-so-great translator missed a LOT of info...
Posted: 01/13/17, 23:17:19  - Edited by 
 on: 01/13/17, 23:18:00
Nice list! Can't really say I disagree with much of it, except I'd squeeze ARMS in there above 1, 2 Switch (and I'd put more Dragon Quest in there, but I'm a nut. DQXI is the real macguilla to look forward to). Check out the Treehouse presentation on ARMS--looks genuinely fun and has lots of character. I wouldn't be surprised if Next Level was doing it.

For that matter, don't miss the Treehouse's presentation on SnipperClips.

Top 2 are pretty much indisputable! Unless you wanna switch the order I guess.

Also, what's this about pay-to-play Bomberman?? I'm considering it at launch but there's no word on the price yet, right...?
Posted: 01/13/17, 23:48:58  - Edited by 
 on: 01/13/17, 23:49:56

Well all online will be pay to play. I think that's what he meant.
Posted: 01/13/17, 23:52:10
Just re release Bomberman 64 on the VC and it would probably be my #2 most wanted Switch game.
Posted: 01/14/17, 00:31:22
This list is close to mine, but Mario is definitely number one. After almost 30 years, Mario is still my fave series, and the reasons are very apparent in this new game. It's never failed to surprise and delight me, with its simple yet deep mechanics, smooth gameplay, strong level design, and creativity. Even when the series was more iterative with NSMB, those games still retained enough elements to be great experiences, as well as adding the awesome multiplayer. Therefore, it's always going to be Mario that truly gets me to buy into a new system. Mario Mania. It's real. More and more Mario. It's Mario time, all the time. Yippee!

...Sorry, I think I just got hypnotised by that wizard in Superstar Saga. @_@
Posted: 01/14/17, 00:47:02
@TriforceBun @J.K. Riki I was watching some co-op on Treehouse and they died and some message popped up like "buy coins to continue" or something? It seemed to imply that there were microtransactions of some kind?

"pay to play" might not have been the correct usage of the term but this kind of thing would turn me off.
Posted: 01/14/17, 01:05:25
Zero said:
@TriforceBun @J.K. Riki I was watching some co-op on Treehouse and they died and some message popped up like "buy coins to continue" or something? It seemed to imply that there were microtransactions of some kind?

"pay to play" might not have been the correct usage of the term but this kind of thing would turn me off.
It's not real money, it's in-game currency earned by playing stuff and used to buy customizable cosmetic stuff or Continues or other things presumably. They seemed really proud of it.
Posted: 01/14/17, 01:17:29  - Edited by 
 on: 01/14/17, 01:18:06
Posted: 01/14/17, 01:34:45

But if they make the economy shitty and sell the in game currency that's effectively the same thing. Seems like a weird decision either way to make it necessary for continues.
Posted: 01/14/17, 01:35:28
@Stephen I seriously doubt the game will have microtransactions of any kind. I don't remember them mentioning them during the Treehouse thing, and their explanation for paying for Continues was that it was more "old school."
Posted: 01/14/17, 01:39:12
Good read. My Top 2 is the same, and after that, I'm really warming up to the idea of playing a lot more Splatoon on the Switch.

Those are the only really solid ones right now. Xenoblade 2 looks like something I might like, but I still need to start Xeno X and I didn't play the first Xenoblade Chronicles (not that it's mandatory that I play those first, of course). And as for NMH3, it's a big maybe. That first game really went out of its way to not respect my time playing it, and I thought the second one kinda sucked. I'd rather see Suda make another Killer 7-type game. That said, there are certain things about NMH that are great and if they stick to focusing on that and none of the other BS, I might be in for another round of it.
Posted: 01/14/17, 01:55:45
Someone less lazy should compile a list of all of the games that are likely or confirmed to be coming, but went unmentioned during the current pressjaculation.

Like that Image and Form joint.
Posted: 01/14/17, 04:38:49
I'm genuinely excited for your top three...and Splatoon 2. And Puyo Puyo Tetris. And Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. And Skyrim (since I haven't played it). Plus all of the unannounced stuff...E3 should be very interesting.


This is the best I can do.
Posted: 01/17/17, 17:17:13
I think my interest in getting Super Bomberman R at launch has dropped a lot since it appears to be a full priced retail thing. Bomberman Blast on WiiWare was $10! (I think, or close.)
Posted: 01/17/17, 17:51:16

*Ultra Street Fighter II*

*Not Found*

Posted: 01/17/17, 18:17:48
Stephen said:

But if they make the economy shitty and sell the in game currency that's effectively the same thing. Seems like a weird decision either way to make it necessary for continues.


Also what if the game gives you eye tumors? That might happen, so in conclusion, unreleased Bomberman game probably sucks. Thank you.
Posted: 01/17/17, 18:20:52
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