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Top 10 Things About Modern Gaming I Don't Understand (1989 Edition) [top ten]
Hey kids. Great-Grandpa Kris here to complain to the Aqua-Net scented wind here about all this newfangled nonsense in video arcade gaming.

Some of this new stuff probably makes sense to you youngins but I don't really understand it so it must be totally heinous, dude.
Posted: 10/28/15, 05:45:23  - Edited by 
 on: 10/28/15, 05:53:36
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10.) Too Many Colors
Look, I'm sure some idiot out there thinks a game is better because it has 256 colors or more. But all of us old timers know that's not true. Would Pac-Man look better with some gradient shading on his butt? No. And even if he did, the game wouldn't be better. Because you'd spend the whole time looking at Pac-Man's buttcrack.

Yeah, you'd probably like that, wouldn't you, kids. Butt Crack Man.

This country is going to hell.
9.) Better Pixel Resolution Doesn't Mean Better Games
I mean, that's the thing I always admired about gamers. We always had to use our imaginations. When Atari told us that a rectangle was really a giant killer metallic space wasp, we used our imaginations. Remember those?

NOW, these stupid kids need their giant space wasps to actually look like giant space wasps. Result? Stupid kids with no imaginations. This is why the Soviets are beating us, folks. It's stuff like this!
8.) This Obsession With "Beating" a Game
Hey, I've put probably 900 hours into Q*Bert. And you know what? I've never once thought about "beating" it. What a silly idea.

Do football players play football because they're trying to "beat" football? No. They play it solely for the love of the game, just like smiling Joe Montana plays it for the love of the game and not for any other reason you could mention.

What I'm saying is that Q*Bert is the Joe Montana of video games and that gay little elf boy Zelda is like some other quarterback who thinks he can "beat" the game of football. That guy is second string at best.
7.) They Let Girls Play Now
When I was growing up at the arcades in the late 70s, we took a lot of pains to make sure girls didn't come into the places we hung out. From the carefully cultivated body odor to the near pornographic backglass art on the pinball machines, we did everything we could to keep the girls away.

But now I find out that girls are playing these home consoles and there's no question they're going to start coming to the arcades, next. I mean, do you want to touch a Centipede ball that's been handled by a girl? Of course not. It might smell of Exclamation or Giorgio or something. Who wants that on his hands?

This is what happens when you let women become astronauts, though. First it's Sally Ride, then it's perfume on my Centipede controller, then it's a woman in the White House, then it's compulsory castration for men.

I'm just saying, this wouldn't have happened if we'd let Ronald Reagan be president for an extra term.
6.) Joysticks > That Plastic Plus Sign
Real men play with joysticks. And thumbs are dumb.
5.) No One Cares About My Q*Bert Score
I'm not trying to hammer this point or anything. I know I mentioned it upthread, but I think it's important. I'm really, really good at Q*Bert and it seems like no one gives a damn even though it's important. I'd even say I'm heroically good at Q*Bert.

Oh, 4 or 5 years ago, things were different. I was hot shit. All my bros were like, "No one can get a higher score than you at Q*Bert and I look up to you for it. You're the Joe Montana of video games and you should submit your score to the Twin Galaxies Hall of Fame in Iowa (or wherever it is)."

I mean, there you have it. I was a hall of famer. But now, all anyone cares about is whether I've saved a stupid princess. Look, I haven't saved the princess, all right. I tried, and I can't do it. I can get to that level where Mario swims, but suddenly it's like the designers got drunk and sandwiched in a totally different game. I hate that. It should be one board that repeats over and over until you get the high score. THAT'S HOW GAMES WORK!

You can bet guys like Gorbechev, Breznev and Yakov Smirnov know the score, here. They can see that the next generation is soft and weak and not interested in being the best they can be. And that's all part of their plan...
4.) Get Your Story Out of My Game!
So I played this game with my little cousin and it's called Ninja Gaiden. More like GAY-den, dude. Anyway, this game, if you can call it that, is more like a japanimation cartoon with little short bursts of so-called game in between its interminable ninja story scenes. (What's with all this ninja stuff, anyway? Everyone knows real games are about big chested guys in space shooting lasers, not short guys in their pajamas carrying swords.)

I don't want to hear a story, ok. If I wanted to hear a story, I would go to the library on Story Day. Which is Wednesday. Which is... tomorrow, actually. Groovy.

No, I don't want to hear a story. I just want to turn yellow cubes to blue, okay. That's it. That's all a video arcade game needs. Quit trying to cram books into my video arcade games.
3.) Everything's Made In Japan Now
My grandfather fought a world war to make sure this didn't happen, but here we are. Great video games from American companies like Atari, Activision and SEGA are being passed over for more games from Nintendo, who, newsflash, are from Japan.

I'm just going to let that sink in. If you want to live in a world where America is second to Japan (re: Russia), you just keep going down the same path to mediocrity we're currently on.

Me, I drive Ford cars, I drink Coors beer and I play Atari games.
2.) Communism is Infiltrating Games
I played this game the other day with my cousin. You wouldn't believe what it's called. You really wouldn't.

It's called Rush n' Attack. Now that sounds like a normal game title, like Bump n' Jump or something. But look closer. There's a hidden message in that title.

It's called Rush n' Attack. RUSH N' Attack. Do you get it, yet? Try saying it outloud.

RUSH N' Attack.

It's flippin' RUSSIAN Attack. It's a whole game where you play as a Russian and you attack things. Kids are getting their first hypnotic exposure to the Motherland in a game. Joseph Stalin is smiling down from heaven about this, I assure you. It was his plan all along - Female Astronauts, Russian video games and then Girl Presidents then Forced Castration... death camps. Just you wait. That's how America dies, everyone.
1.) Seriously, I Was At Library Story Day Last Week and Kids Are Forgetting About Q*Bert
It's so depressing. I asked them and only one kid said he'd sort of heard of Q*Bert. All the other kids kept talking about something called Castlevania, which sounds too scary for kids to be playing. There should be a law.

You know, we have a scary new decade coming up. The 90s are upon us. I don't want to sound like I'm being too presumptuous or extreme, but I personally think this is going to be the last decade before the end of the world. All the parts are falling into place just like Karl Marx would have wanted. It goes like this:

Female Astronauts
Communist Japanese Video Games Hypnotise Children
Kids Forget Q*Bert
Kids Forget Joe Montana
Kids Forget Ronald Reagan
Kids Forget Jesus
Girl President
Forced Castration
Russians Attack and the Next Generation of Brainwashed Zombie Kids Help Them Win
Death Camps
The Robotic Anti-Christ Takes Over And Ends Capitalism Forever
Something Like Logan's Run meets Soylent Green meets Planet of the Apes meets That Macintosh Commercial Happens
Nuclear War, As Predicted in Yar's Revenge

It's inevitable now, unless we can somehow get back to the America I knew from when I was a kid (7 or 8 years ago).

When it all goes down, don't say I didn't warn you.

Me, I'm going to be in my bunker playing Q*Bert until the radiation goes away. You kids can all kiss my butt-crack, man.
Oh, Butt Crack Man. That's a callback to something I said earlier in the thread. Ha. That's sorta funny, and it ties the whole article together with a neat little bow. In no way do I think that's a comedic framing device that will ever be run into the ground.

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Posted: 10/28/15, 05:45:23  - Edited by 
 on: 10/28/15, 05:53:36
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I can't decide whether this is awful or fantastic.

BTW, Sega is a Japanese company too, you clod.
Posted: 10/28/15, 05:58:56
Shadowlink said:
I can't decide whether this is awful or fantastic.

You and me both, compadre.

After this, I'm going to try to chill on the "Kris plays a character who gets progressively crazier as the sketch goes on" jokes. This isn't my best work, but there's enough in here to make posting it worthwhile.

What I'm really saying is, you should see the crap I actually delete.
Posted: 10/28/15, 06:11:47  - Edited by 
 on: 10/28/15, 06:21:45

So I don't think you're that far off base. There's a lot of truth here, and I'm not just saying that because I don't understand how to play Call of Duty and am bitter.
Posted: 10/28/15, 14:19:23
Hahah, nice list, Cranky Kong. #8 definitely seems to have stemmed from that level-skip conversation we were having a week ago or so.

Now if you'll excuse me, IT'S 2015 and it's time for some Butt Crack Man (and his super high-definition cheeks).
Posted: 10/28/15, 14:19:55
Ok who wants to make the 70s edition?
Posted: 10/28/15, 15:54:57

Can anyone who posts here accurately do that?!
Posted: 10/28/15, 16:00:47

I could actually do that.

I still remember the transition from pinball machines to Pong & arcade light gun games.
Posted: 10/28/15, 16:01:43
Get on it gramps.
Posted: 10/28/15, 17:49:29
I'm curious, is any of this based on how you actually feel, but exaggerated to an extremist degree? Just wondering where you come up with this stuff.
Posted: 10/28/15, 19:51:38  - Edited by 
 on: 10/28/15, 19:52:04
@Mop it up

Almost completely fictional. If the 1989 me exists anywhere in this tirade, I'd be one of the kids talking about Castlevania (though I did love Q*Bert.)

If you're looking to source how I came up with the rest of it, I'd just say I live in Texas. 😜
Posted: 10/28/15, 22:29:26  - Edited by 
 on: 10/28/15, 22:41:11

Sega was originally an American company, but that was back in the 50's or whenever. But I'm pretty sure the American branch of Sega in '89 was pretty strong. It wasn't a NOA situation. It was more of a partnership and they had a lot of say.

Besides I think he meant it as a joke.
Posted: 10/29/15, 01:17:11

I suspected as much, but I was also digging at his reputation as the sites resident Sega fanboy .
Posted: 10/29/15, 01:32:47
I've almost bought Q-Bert Rebooted on PSN a hundred times. But it costs TWENTY-EIGHT quarters!
Posted: 10/29/15, 02:50:27

It was most certainly a joke, though I am aware of SEGA's origins as SErvice GAmes, an American company.

The whole faux anti-Japanese tirade was actually on my mind because I saw a video on YouTube the other day of an old local news report bashing the SNES and it reminded me, again, of the sad, racist, anti-Japanese mood of much of the country in the late 80s/early 90s. I've brought this up before, but it's one aspect of the console wars that's been little discussed in the games media - the degree to which anti-Nintendo sentiment was driven by widespread anti-Japanese sentiment in America. But I'm just bringing it up here as a point to ridicule. Of course. I'm sure everyone understands that, but I wanted it to be clear, especially since Mop It Up was asking if this reflects my actual opinion in any way. It doesn't. (I also don't approve of using the word "gay" as an insult, while we're at it.)
Posted: 10/29/15, 04:45:38
Definitely good for a laugh!
Posted: 10/30/15, 13:34:47
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