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May 1st special: Top five working class representatives from the Nintendo universe [top five]
Yet again, the first day of May rolls around. We look to the past to celebrate those who fought and died for our rights, to the future in the hopes of catching a glimpse of a classless society, and to billion dollar multinational gaming company Nintendo for some major working class representation. Here are the top five Nintendo characters representing the working class and its struggles.
04/30/24, 22:32  

When Jobski first arrives on Earth, they perform manual labor out of their sense of compassion and duty, but once introduced to the concepts of market economy and fiat currency, those feelings are replaced by the desperation of the rat wheel that is modern society. Stuck taking on any odd job they can find in order to afford basic necessities like clothing and shelter, the only escape for Jobski is going back to the one place that hasn’t been corrupted by capitalism… SPACE!
Advance Wars Troops

When the interests of capitalism and nationalism converge, the state comes to the working class to fuel the war machine with the blood of the impoverished and the innocent. Lacking the financial means and life experience to resist, young workers of Orange Star and Black Hole alike offer up their lives in the feeble hopes that they may protect their fellow citizens and find financial stability for their own families on the other side of the blood soaked veil of armed conflict.

As this proud automaton toils day and night for the well-being of the Sanderson family, who occupy themselves only with the petty matters of their privileged lives, oblivious to the plights of the household toys, so do the workers of our society toil, maintaining the basis for the privileged lives of the willfully ignorant middleclass. Allow not the medium of Telly Vision to cloud our eyes, make us complacent and blind to what we all should be united in striving for.

Born straight into ruthless exploitation of their labor, the Pikmin are a perfect mirror image of the working class under capitalism. The flower headed masses live their lives only to generate profit for the spacesuit wearing ruling class, receiving nothing in return, save for the mere promise to see the sun rise another day. May the proud Pikmin one day realize the true strength of their collective power, cast away their shackles and join forces across color and creed to finally claim the freedom, dignity and happiness they all deserve.

Dude’s a plumber.
The list is meant to poke a bit of fun at intentionally controversial top lists, the pop culture sphere habit of politicizing the wrong things in ridiculous ways, and myself. But that doesn't mean that I'm being entirely insincere.
Happy international workers' day.

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04/30/24, 22:32  
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Captain Olimar said:
I wonder if these Pikmin were waiting for me to arrive. On this planet, they are a weak species, but if they're trying to use the power of an alien brain to climb to the top of the natural order... I have to wonder if it isn't me who is being used by them.

This is a real line from Pikmin 4! I'm still surprised the Treehouse hasn't been compromised yet...

Have you ever seen this video? You'll like it. I don't, of course, but I give it massive credit for keeping its cards so close to the vest for so long before revealing its devilishly propagandistic ulterior motive.

05/01/24, 01:28   
Jobski carrying Das Kapital is everything I didn't know I wanted, thank you
05/01/24, 03:14   
Pikmin 2 is definitely the clearest indictment of capitalism in any game ever made so this checks out.
05/01/24, 03:56   
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