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3D on the 3DS revisited!! What are your current feelings about it? [roundtable]
Always on? Always off?

Do you feel like it's an essential feature? Do you want it to be in the next Nintendo handheld? Is there any chance in hell that it will be?

Nintendo seemed to be de-emphasizing it for a while, but... maybe not, judging by Zelda and Luigi's Mansion? Maybe that was just a perception thing? Or maybe these games just started development before the shift in focus.

Whatever the case, 3D still gives me a thrill. I still get excited to download a 3D trailer for a new game. The novelty may wear off once I start playing, but I'm still pro-3D. And I want to see games designed around it. That might be due more to my love of novel gameplay than 3D, though. Just like dual-screen games on the DS. I'm a fan of anything that shakes up the status quo and forces developers to design things differently. The promise of recent Nintendo platforms isn't always fulfilled, but I'm still behind the disruption, disappointing sales or not. Dare to dream!

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Posted: 05/08/13, 19:21:12  - Edited by 
 on: 05/08/13, 19:33:14
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I love the 3D. It works for me, especially on my XL. It adds so much depth to games. The only games I had to turn it down/off was RE Revelations and NSMB 2. Monster Hunter looks great in 3D, as well as Paper Mario.
Posted: 05/08/13, 19:24:58
I think it looks good when I can keep it still long enough to not look blurry. That doesn't happen often though so I usually play with it off unless that particular part of the game seems designed to really use it.
Posted: 05/08/13, 19:30:15
It feels strange to me playing just about anything on the 3DS without the 3D on. So I like it.
Posted: 05/08/13, 19:30:29
Really? I remember liking the 3D effect better on my OG 3DS. I think that preference varies from person to person. I've heard opinions on both sides.

That's true. 3D on the train gets pretty fucking hairy. Also, 3D with an unstable framerate. Actually, I got my 3DS back after 2 repairs (before sending it back again), and I was no longer used to the effect. I was getting dizzy playing ATV Wild Ride.
Posted: 05/08/13, 19:32:42
I love the 3D as well and never turn it off for my gaming sessions. I may turn it off when I'm doing something quick like opening my 3DS XL to see who sent a Swap Note or to check my Activity Log.

The 3D absolutely makes games look better and can really accentuate a game's already gorgeous graphics. It's always a fun surprise to see the gameplay in 3D after having gone months of seeing previews with 2D screenshots and videos.

Do I want it to be in the next handheld? Sure, especially if there's a way to improve glasses-free 3D such as not having a limited field of view to hit that 3D sweet spot.
Posted: 05/08/13, 19:40:32
Same as they ever were. Kind of neat, but nothing of great importance to me.
Posted: 05/08/13, 19:50:37
The novelty has worn off, so I only use it about half of the time. I never thought the 3D was going to revolutionize the way I played games, but I've always thought it was a neat trick. I like it.

Won't matter to me if it isn't in the next handheld. 3D in general is more of a party trick than anything I care deeply about.
Posted: 05/08/13, 19:55:12
I get acclimated to it really quickly. After a few minutes in-game, I tend not to notice it unless the effect is really dramatic or I lose the sweet spot.


Jargon said:
Same as they ever were. Kind of neat, but nothing of great importance to me.

Basically this.
Posted: 05/08/13, 19:55:38
I'm still really into it... play with it cranked up to full with pretty much every game. It's never really essential, but it's a nice little enhancement.
Posted: 05/08/13, 20:01:26
It's nothing revolutionary (was it ever pegged to be?) but I enjoy it. I have a 3DTV as well and mostly game with it. Has a pretty-OK 2D to 3D conversion feature for those peasant games without 3D support.
Posted: 05/08/13, 21:23:36
I'm intrigued. How does it work? Do you run a PC through it? Active or passive? How's the viewing angle?
Posted: 05/08/13, 21:35:30

It's a feature LG has on their 3DTVs, not sure if anyone else has it. There's a button on the remote that turns it on (remote is also like the shittiest copy of the Wiimote EVER). It's neat, but native 3D content looks so much better. I love the 3D effect, but a lot of people I know don't. Avatar (shit movie) in 3D is incredible. SotC "HD" is also great to look at in 3D, probably the best game IMO. I've got MLB the Show 13 which has 3D support but it's kind of bland.

I went with passive. A) It's so much cheaper (I got 10 free pairs when I bought my TV) and B) active hurts my eyes after awhile. Viewing angle isn't bad. I have a small 1 bedroom apartment so I can't judge, I know once you start hitting the sides it gets funky looking (the image fractures really badly). I'd say below 120 it's still good.
Posted: 05/08/13, 22:53:13
I have it off most of the time. I like the effect in a lot of games, but it's just more comfortable to not have to worry about keeping that sweet spot the whole time. In most games, the effect isn't worth it for me.

I wouldn't really mind if Nintendo dropped it for their next system, but it's a nice option to have.
Posted: 05/09/13, 00:15:11
I play with 3D on for 95% of the time.

I was recently playing Pilotwings Resort for the first time, and that game basically requires 3D. I tried playing it with 3D off and it was extremely difficult to play.
Posted: 05/09/13, 00:22:48
I like it when it looks good but it's not really a necessary feature. I do find that it's worse on the XL due to having a harder time keeping that sweet spot. Also the double image really tends to bug me in certain games.

There's very few games that actually take advantage of it I think. As @canonj said, Pilotwings Resort really helped out to have it on. Super Mario 3D Land is probably also helpful with the platforming. But that's pretty much it from the games I own. If they include it on the next handheld, I really hope the 3D is improved a lot. A bigger sweet spot, no double image and visuals that allow for the 3D to really stand out.
Posted: 05/09/13, 00:36:08
I feel that 3D is unnecessary, and I personally don't want games to be built around it. The only thing I have played in 3D is Soul Hackers. IMO, it makes some of the older sprites look better. If it wasn't for that I wouldn't even bother. Maybe when I get Zelda 3DS my opinion will change, but until then it will remain the same.
Posted: 05/09/13, 00:39:33
Still like it, but it has been reduced to about 50% of the time. Some games are too intense to keep the 3DS steady enough to keep me in the Sweet Zone, so I'll just switch it off and it will stay there for a while until I remember I disabled it.
Posted: 05/09/13, 01:48:40
On ALL the time. Love 3D for what it does for movies and games. Can't wait for Sweet, sweet Mario Golf in all it's 3D glory.
Posted: 05/09/13, 02:17:35
Yeah, I was looking at passive, as well. The LG ones, specifically. It seems hard to get a new 3D TV without it being "Smart", though. I have no desire to pay an extra $700 for features that will eventually be made obsolete by a tiny $50 cube. Or a video game system. Or, I dunno, a toaster.

120 degrees is pretty decent. It's better than the big ol' rear projection TV that I'm using now, probably.

So have you hooked your PC up to that TV? Did you get one of the video cards that renders and outputs in 3D? And how is the lag, generally?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but I'm in the market, and I had already kind of decided on an LG.

Speaking of which, I have to get a new receiver for the fucking Wii U, as well... I narrowed that down to Denon, Marantz, and Yamaha. And then I got tired of researching it.
Posted: 05/09/13, 02:50:47
I keep it on at least 90% of time. It's only when a part of the came causes me to accidentally move the 3DS around that I switch it off. It still feels amazingly unique to me.
Posted: 05/09/13, 02:53:45
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