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If you had to reassign each Nintendo franchise to a new developer... [roundtable]
...either first- or third-party, who would you pick for each? Mikey's Retro on Mario Kart U talk got me thinking.

To make it interesting, let's say that you CAN'T assign a team to a franchise that they have worked on. And try not to assign more to a dev than they can actually handle. Dream projects (like a galaxy-hopping Star Fox action game or a Captain Falcon third-person shooter) are eligible. I'll staaaart (and maybe even finish!).

Mario Kart (console) - Retro (w/ Sakurai consulting on features)

Star Fox - Platinum Games (either a traditional game or a fun, furry action game)

2D Star Fox - Treasure

2D Kid Icarus - WayForward

F-Zero - AV doesn't exist anymore, so... Criterion or the remains of Sony Liverpool or Bizarre Creations? I dunno. Monster doesn't seem like the best fit for F-Zero, somehow. And I'm not quite as enamored of Sumo Digital as everyone else.

Clu Clu Land - Paon

Balloon Fight - NST

Excitebike (3D) - Delphine (do they still exist?)

Urban Champion - Treasure

Punch Out! - Epic Games kidding!

Animal Crossing - ... Good Feel?

Mario Party - ...Hmm, most other party games stink.

Smash Brothers - ... uh. I guess it would be interesting to see a 3D, Power Stone-esque take from... I dunno, Eighting? Platinum Games?

Wario Ware - ...gah!

Paper Mario - Alphadream

Mario & Luigi - Intelligent Systems

StarTroid - Capcom?

Eternal Darkness - Some Indie Horror Dev (2D?)

Donkey Kong: Championship Edition - ... The Wario Ware team?

3D Metroid - EAD Tokyo (cel-shaded)

3D Zelda - EAD... Tokyo? Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing Retro give it a shot. On third thought, I'll say MonolithSoft, if they got some help on the action stuff.

3D Mario - ... this is super-tough. Shin'en?

Which would free up EAD to work on original stuff!

There are waaaay more franchises to cover, but my brain is tired.

And, now that I've thought about it more, it might be more interesting to just assign every franchise, without any limitations (except for the workload one). So feel free to do it that way, too.

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Posted: 02/16/13, 17:14:53  - Edited by 
 on: 02/17/13, 15:20:23
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Star Fox = Treasure
Yoshi = EAD Tokyo (hey I want another game that rivals Yoshi's Island!)
Mother = Retro Studios (ok not really, but at least this would almost guarantee a release in the West)
F-Zero = Retro Studios (some would call this a waste, but it would end up so sickkkkkkk)
Eternal Darkness = Talk Suda51 and Platinum Games into a team-up
Something Truly Brand New = Half the teams on the list

I feel like you cheated by just switching the developers of Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi around, lol.

How many franchises am I allowed to pawn off on Retro Studios?
Posted: 02/16/13, 19:33:49
Let's see...

The Legend of Zelda: Retro Studios / The settings that they created for Metroid and Donkey Kong are fantastic. They're visually engrossing and well-designed around enjoyable game play mechanics such as exploration and fast-paced platforming. If they were to make a Zelda game, I can already imagine moody, complex dungeons that inspire curiosity. Going by how clever the stages in Donkey Kong Country are, the puzzle design in such a Zelda game could be really fun as well.

Mario Party: Intelligent Systems / The Warioware series is crammed with quickie mini-games that are fun to look at and play. The Mario Party mini-games are different, but I think taking their Warioware know-how and applying it to Mario Party could be interesting. Also, they have a lot of experience making unique stage maps if we look at the Fire Emblem series. It's possible that they would have some fun ideas for Mario Party game boards.

Star Fox - Platinum Games / I think Treasure is another good choice, but I picked Platinum since Hideki Kamiya has mentioned on many occasions that he would like to make a Star Fox game. I wonder if he would try to incorporate more action elements into Ariel battles, such as Melee or team attacks, or go for a more straightforward Star Fox experience akin to the original game.

Metroid - Wayforward / If Wayforward and Nintendo creatively collaborated to make a Metroid game, I think it would be fantastic. Wayforward directors Sean Velasco and Matt Bozon have expressed that Super Metroid is one of their favorite games and it has inspired their design philosophies, so they already have the mindset and motivation for such a project. With their talent and Nintendo's direction, I have no doubt that the game would be good.

Mother - Alphadream / This developer already has a rich resume of colorful RPGs with a lot of heart, so I think they could make a smashing Mother game.

Ice Climber: EAD Tokyo / I just want to see a fully-realized sequel to this NES game. Popo & Nana are such endearing characters, and a simple concept like climbing mountains could lead to some great ideas for platforming. The team that made Super Mario 3D Land succeed in making short stages that have interesting geometry and are pretty fun to explore. That sort of concept would be perfect for a portable Ice Climber game.
Posted: 02/16/13, 22:37:47  - Edited by 
 on: 02/16/13, 22:39:08
I want HAL to make Smash Brothers again, otherwise I can't think of anything.

@Octorockin A Mario Party from Intelligent Systems could be interesting, as long as they flesh out the minigames. WarioWare's 5-second spurts wouldn't work in a Mario Party game.
Posted: 02/16/13, 22:52:12
Metroid - Infinity Ward
Zelda - Bethesda
Mario - Team Sonic/Naughty Dog
Pokemon - BioWare

Discontinue all other franchises
Posted: 02/16/13, 22:59:32  - Edited by 
 on: 02/16/13, 23:00:57
Zero said:

F-Zero = Retro Studios (some would call this a waste, but it would end up so sickkkkkkk)

Oooooh! Definitely not a waste. Can you imagine some of the track designs they'd come up with? I didn't even think of Retro for F-Zero, but...YES.

Zero said:
How many franchises am I allowed to pawn off on Retro Studios?

Haha. I wanted to just pencil in Retro or EAD Tokyo for everything, and also keep Metroid with Retro and Mario with EAD Tokyo.

This was a tough thread, because I think some franchises are in their best spot right where they are, and the franchises I'd like to see re-assigned I'd like to see get re-assigned to the developers who currently work on franchises that I don't want to see re-assigned.

Zelda to EAD Tokyo would probably be my first choice. I don't have any confidence left in Aonuma and his team to make a truly great Zelda game anymore, and new blood would be the best thing for this franchise.

I can get behind Grasshopper doing Eternal Darkness. For as much as I didn't like about SotD, they really nailed it with the game's visual style, and I think that style would carry over well to ED.

Other picks:

-- Star Fox: Platinum
-- Mother: Monolith Soft


Posted: 02/16/13, 23:04:03  - Edited by 
 on: 02/16/13, 23:04:56
Jargon said:
Pokemon - BioWare

Even after what they did to the Sonic RPG? (I've never played it, but I mostly heard bad things...)

/EDIT Oops somehow I took that seriously for some reason.

@TheBigG753 I wouldn't give EVERYTHING to Retro or EAD Tokyo. Intelligent Systems does a damn fine job with their stuff too.
Posted: 02/16/13, 23:17:35  - Edited by 
 on: 02/16/13, 23:25:30
Super Smash Bros. Battlefields (MOBA): RIOT

I'd never see the light of day again. I hate (not really) my friend for introducing me to LOL. I rarely finish any console game these days.
Posted: 02/17/13, 00:11:29
Everyone keeps taking Zelda away from EAD Zelda, but what are you going to reassign them to? Would you put them all on the street?!

Hmm, maybe they should get StarTroid...

Ooo, I figured out 2D Mario!! EAD Tokyo, natch! They could totally reinvigorate the franchise. Jungle Beat was fucking awesome.

Ooo, I like Retro on F-Zero. They have the technical ability and tight design necessary to pull it off.

But isn't giving Star Fox to Treasure redundant? They already have Sin & Punishment. Judging by this board, it sold at least 10 copies!

I also like the idea of the Wario Ware team on Mario Party, although I would switch it to the original Wario Ware team (who now makes Rhythm Heaven games), rather than Intelligent Systems, the Johnny-Come-Latelys. Alphadream on Mother would be a great fit, as would WayForward on 2D Metroid. Contra IV and Shantae were incredibly impressive classically-styled games.

Posted: 02/17/13, 00:17:20  - Edited by 
 on: 02/17/13, 00:22:27
@Anand Sin & Punishment isn't Star Fox though! It's just similar. But it's more like a 3D SHMUP at times. If Treasure were to take on Star Fox they could manage both, like Intelligent Systems with Advance Wars and Fire Emblem.

Except that realistically, Sin & Punishment is probably done for. Which is another reason why Treasure needs to do Star Fox. Nintendo needs to keep them close.
Posted: 02/17/13, 00:25:25
I'll do a few...

The Legend of Zelda - Retro Studios (#1 easy, most obvious decision)

Kid Icarus 3D - EAD Tokyo, after they finish Super Mario U
Kid Icarus 2D - Wayforward

Metroid - Platinum Games (I'd expect some interesting results here)

Star Fox - Treasure

Super Smash Kart - Sakurai

As to what to reassign Aonuma to? A completely new action adventure IP.

The Mario series is in good hands as it is. EAD Tokyo has two teams and could continue working with 1 Up Studios to release an interesting 3DS followup. The 2D team needs to drop the "New" series and be given a proper budget and team to make the 2D Mario followup we have all been waiting for.
Posted: 02/17/13, 01:03:40

I'd be up for Platinum Games to take on a 3D Metroid game. Other M did have its moments, so I would like for a new Metroid game to have some of the framework that Team Ninja laid down.

Aonuma directed a very interesting-looking adventure game on the SNES that did not release outside of Japan. In English, the title of this game seems to be Marvelous: Another Treasure Island. I think he's a very talented guy, but I'd like to see if he could get another great adventure series going at Nintendo.


The more I think about it, the more appealing an F-Zero game designed by Retro sounds. Topping or even matching Amusement Vision's F-Zero GX would be a challenge for any able studio, but Retro could be the wildcard that has it in them to do so.


I'd still give Intelligent Systems the honor, but either team's Mario Party could be a lot of fun!
Posted: 02/17/13, 03:24:26  - Edited by 
 on: 02/17/13, 03:30:20
I'd like to see a 2nd party take control of the Mario franchise, like Retro or WayForward. Would never happen but it would mix it up.
Posted: 02/17/13, 05:08:38  - Edited by 
 on: 02/17/13, 05:09:16
The Legend of Zelda -> Retro Studios

F-Zero -> Shin'en

StarTropics -> EAD Zelda Team

Metroid -> Valve

Urban Champion -> Dimps

Kirby Air Ride -> Sumo Digital

WaveRace -> Next Level Games
Posted: 02/17/13, 05:18:59  - Edited by 
 on: 02/17/13, 05:26:50

I like a lot of your ideas. To bring back Urban Champion as a highly competitive fighting game would be crazy, but awesome. I didn't think about pairing F-Zero with Shin'en, but it's a good match. They did make that futuristic racing game for Wiiware, and they do seem to like working on Nintendo platforms. At the very least, it's safe to say that the tracks would be visually striking.

A return to form for Startropics...yeah, that would be cool. NES games like Urban Champion, Ice Climber, and Startropics have so much untapped potential. Reviving those series wouldn't be too unlike making three brand new Nintendo properties.
Posted: 02/17/13, 07:43:30  - Edited by 
 on: 02/17/13, 07:45:40
Zelda = Ubisoft Montreal

What!! Ubisoft!!! Blasphemy, they are hated among circles now!!
Nevertheless, Ubisoft Montreal is a fantastic developer and I reckon if they had Nintendo helping to guide them they could make a pretty good Zelda game.

Metroid = Valve
Pretty self explanatory. They make fantastic first-person games and are really good at absorbing you in their world so if these guys worked on a Metroid game it could be glorious.

That's all I've got for now. May do more later.
Posted: 02/17/13, 11:18:22
2d console Mario - Alpha Dream
Zelda - Vigil Games with Nintendo overseeing or Retro studios
3rd person Metroid - Platinum Games
2d metroid - Wayforward with Nintendo
Mario and Luigi - Ubisoft Montepiller
Smash Bros - Capcom
3d Mario - EAD
Eternal Darkness 2 - Ubisoft Montepiller or Konami
Mario Party - Nintendo SPD
Mario Kart - Criterion Games or Bizarre Creations
f-Zero - Bizarre Creations or Criterion Games
Excite Truck/Excite Bike - Black Rock Studios
Captain Falcon/Samus Aran stealth bounty Hunter game - Kojima Productions
Punch Out - EA Canada with Nintendo
Kirby - Intelligent Systems
Posted: 02/17/13, 20:57:49
Jargon said:
Metroid - Infinity Ward

You cannot be serious, this will be on par, if not worse than the disaster otherwise known as Metroid: Other M. I second the Valve suggestion, however. That would be awesome.

Alright, I'm exaggerating. The game won't be that bad, but the story will be bland, although it might make more sense than Other M. The gameplay will be passable but it won't be what I would consider Metroid brand. I would rather perform the crazy shenanigans happening around me as opposed to watching them, thank you. I think Valve's brand of puzzle solving and humor would better suit the Metroid franchise.
Posted: 02/18/13, 00:53:19  - Edited by 
 on: 02/18/13, 01:04:00
I would give Metroid to FarSight and it would continue as a pinball series.

Discontinue all other franchises.

Because the big problem, right now, is too many games. I want to get Nintendo down to about .7 games a year. Maybe .6, but I think that's unrealistic.

Hope you like it. It's all you're getting for the next 14 months.

Actually, I've got an even better idea. One game per console. If you can't afford to buy all those consoles, that's your problem. It's the only way we can guarantee that developers get paid the amount of money they deserve.
Posted: 02/18/13, 01:29:28
Kirby - WayForward
F-Zero - NST
Smash Bros. - Capcom?
StarTropics - EAD 3
Zelda - EAD Tokyo
2D Mario - Sakurai
Eternal Darkness - Grasshopper Manufacture (w/ Nintendo)
Mario Party - EAD 2
Mario Kart - Monster Games
Metroid - Platinum
Star Fox - Shin'en
3D Mario - Retro Studios
Donkey Kong - EAD 4
Kid Icarus - SPD 1 / Treasure
Mother - Intelligent Systems
Wario Land - HAL
Mario & Luigi - Camelot
Fire Emblem - Monolith Soft
WarioWare - Nd Cube?
1080° / Wave Race - Sumo Digital
Battalion Wars - Ubisoft Red Storm
Advance Wars - Ubisfot Sofia (GR Shadow Wars, AC Liberation)
Animal Crossing - EAD 1?
Balloon Fight - Q-Games
Pokemon - 1-Up Studio
Punch-Out!! - Grezzo?
Ice Climber - Game Freak
Pikmin - Good-Feel (w/ Miyamoto)
Paper Mario - AlphaDream Corp.

EDIT: Added 1 more ^^^. *readies trash can lid shield* Also, i really need to find a spot for AlphaDream... EDIT 2: found one

I couldn't think of any good / reasonable ideas for some properties, i.e. Mario Tennis / Golf, Excite_____, Endless Ocean, Pilotwings, Xeno_____, etc. I'll add to this post if I can think of some more...
Posted: 02/18/13, 01:49:25  - Edited by 
 on: 02/18/13, 04:52:59

Dumb idea. Every game should be split up between at least ten different consoles, including iOS devices, Smart TVs, novels, Youtube videos, and cook books. Wanna be able to understand Halo 5's plot? Then be ready to break out the collander.
Posted: 02/18/13, 02:53:16
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