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How would you improve the Wii U UI? [roundtable]
Hey, that's almost a palindrome! (I'll stop spamming the board after this one... or the next one)

Anyway, what are the most critical improvements that you hope Nintendo makes to the Wii U's user interface/OS?

For me, the number one issue would be the overall speed. I seriously hope they can make every transition much, much faster. I think that it should be possible, and am totally willing to patiently wait through the hour-long update that might be necessary to enable it. The Wii U's crazy OS features would be exponentially more appealing if I quickly could access them. Particularly Miiverse.

I also want FULL universal remote functionality, including audio receivers. I mean, why not, right? It should be capable. I would even buy a Harmony-type app for five bucks.

I'd like to be able to create communities or 'boards' in Miiverse that aren't related to a specific game, including the ability to have multi-user threads, like in Swapnote.

TVii, of course, but that is coming. (Will it have voice search?)

More audio/video flexibility. Perhaps even Dolby Pro-Logic support.

I'd also like the ability to quickly turn off the Gamepad display (during things like Netflix playback). I know that you can turn the display off, but it comes back on as soon as you press a button.

That's what immediately comes to mind for me. But, yeah. Mostly speed. How 'bout you guys?

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11/28/12, 19:22  
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Well, for starters, I'd fix the display to get within industry standard safe zones. Because it's not, the image will never look right on my current TV (it always looks slightly zoomed). I don't even mind black bars on the sides, just give me the whole picture!

Speed is another issue, but that's supposedly being tweaked in a patch.
11/28/12, 19:25   
Friend List and Miiverse should be 1 thing.

We shouldn't need to go to Friend List first and if we did it should be a streamlined process guiding me there.

There should be some universal icon for game/app settings. Finding the settings to change Miiverse to English Only was a pain in the ass.

There should be a Mirror Screen option on the main screen so if I want to interact with the Plaza or menu I'm not limited to looking at gamepad.

Miiverse should have a zoom and save option for the pictochat image things
11/28/12, 19:37   
I think you should ask this question specifically of InfinityWave, so that it comes out as "Wii U UI IW".

I think the biggest issue is the speed. It's sluggish moving between apps, and speeding that up would improve things immensely.

I also think that the TV remote functionality should be improved slightly. My one beef with it is that it could use an enter button, since when I change the input on my TV, it waits like 15 seconds if I don't press the enter/select button. Also receiver stuff, but that doesn't really affect me.

Miiverse and the Friends List should be better integrated. What is the point of the friends list? I'm not sure I've checked it since the first day I got my Wii U, but I check Miiverse constantly. So just integrate them together. And adding friends shouldn't be any different than requesting friends.
11/28/12, 19:47   
Any time you do an action that would wipe a handdrawn post, I want there to be a 'are you sure' warning message.
11/28/12, 20:02   
Edited: 11/28/12, 20:03
The interface is inconsistent. You can use the Wii Remote on the main screens, but you can't use it with Miiverse or the eShop, and that's annoying if I'm not already holding the GamePad.
11/28/12, 20:05   
I think the friends list shouldn't be tucked away on the home menu, it should be on the home screen like on the 3DS. Audio receiver control would be really nice too. And of course, everything needs to be faster.
11/28/12, 20:09   
They should give you an option to be notified with the blue home button light, a quick notification on screen (like xbox), or both. There wouldn't be confusion as to what or who is coming online.
11/28/12, 20:45   
Have you registered your Wii U system yet at Club Nintendo?

I have copied and pasted all of your suggestions (most mirrored my own thoughts) into the impressions box (last question) in the survey you get for registering your Wii U deluxe system. I also commented on the freezing issues etc. Nintendo does these surveys for a reason, this is a good way to let you know what you think. Let them have it!

Ploot! (and everyone else) - For those wondering, a seperate survey for Nintendo Land comes up AFTER you register your deluxe system so 50 more Club Nintendo coins (for a total of 210) are up for grabs!

11/29/12, 03:04   
I basically agree with everything that Anand listed.

I also would like to have dashboard options similar to PS3 static or dynamic themes. A static theme would let you change fonts, icon sizes, background colors, and the like, while a dynamic theme would let you replace the WaraWara plaza with something else entirely.

I don't care much about the 3DS inherited icons interface. I'd prefer something like OnLive channels interface a lot better. At the very least, I'd want an option for custom folders along with several automatic sorting options like Demos, eShop games, digital retail, video, music, etc.

I'd want Miiverse to take over any other social apps including video chat, friends lists, TVii, etc.

I'd upgrade the whole Mii creation suite to have a lot more flexibility with shapes, options, costumes, etc.

Finally, I'd drop the "Wii Mode" interface altogether and simply integrate any Wii transferred content on WiiU's home menu. Treat Wii discs like any WiiU discs and treat Wii's digital content like any WiiU digital content. To that extent, the Wii Shop should be completely integrated with the eShop including license transfer, points transfer, credits transfer, download codes transfer, etc.
12/27/12, 19:49   
Edited: 12/27/12, 19:51
@anon_mastermind This plus also download management.

Also, make it so that managing friends in the friends list is the same as doing it in Miiverse, IE you can send a request and not need the other person to request you back for it to work. It's so weird that it is handled differently in two different places.

Another big one for me... VIRTUAL CONSOLE GAMES ON THE GAMEPAD, NOW. This can't be very difficult, can it?
12/27/12, 21:05   
Is the eShop better organized on the WiiU than the 3DS? It's pretty nonsensical on 3DS to me. The categories seem so weird. And then they have random things like "Staff Picks!" and it'll have a picture of Diddy Kong or something, with no games in that folder relating to Diddy Kong whatsoever. I don't really get how they design that thing.
12/27/12, 21:29   
I think speeding everything up would solve 99% of my problems with it. I think that also, yes, the 3DS eShop should look more like the Wii U eShop to be more effective. Fix those two issues and color me satisfied with the UI; my standards and expectations aren't too high going in to begin with regarding the UI. UI is not my favorite game on the system by a long shot.
12/28/12, 17:56   
Speed, and I would integrate Wii mode into the main UI. I mean if I put a Wii disc in Wiiu menu it should just go straight to the wii game, not Wii mode first. Wiishop needs to move over to eshop ASAP and it's contents should work on Wiiu mode. Pretty much Wii BC is clunky as all hell and it ruins the slickness of the console.
12/28/12, 18:41   
@PogueSquadron I think it is, although there are only the 5 eShop games right now, so it isn't tough to give them all spotlight.

I was on the Wii shop recently and man... that one is no good. The "editor's picks" were all garbage shovelware too, so I have no idea who picked them and why. 3DS shop is much better, and I expect Wii U shop to be even better.
12/28/12, 18:52   
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