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Video game pr0n parodies!! [roundtable]
Say what you will about porn, but some of those parody titles are pretty darn funny. Can you think of any good names for pornographic gaming parodies?

Some examples to get everyone started: Day of the Testicle, Head Rising, and Deus XXX.

The Legend of Smegma?

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Posted: 04/16/10, 04:49:39  - Edited by 
 on: 04/16/10, 04:50:46
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World of Goo
Posted: 04/16/10, 05:27:18
Peter North's Endless Ocean
Posted: 04/16/10, 05:28:45
Dragon Underage. ~=D~
Posted: 04/16/10, 05:33:00
We Spit, and its sequel We Spit Plus
Posted: 04/16/10, 06:06:54
My friends and I do this all the time with famous literature and movies. My personal favorite is "Catch Her in the Eye."

For a videogame one, there's always "Left 4 Head."
Posted: 04/16/10, 06:10:15
Army of Two: The 40th Day.
Posted: 04/16/10, 07:08:17
@Secret_Tunnel Also: The Twin Snakes, Four Swords Adventures.


Remember that PC game Jezzball? I can't be the only one who called it Jizz Balls...
Posted: 04/16/10, 07:15:59
Burningham17 said:
My friends and I do this all the time with famous literature and movies. My personal favorite is "Catch Her in the Eye."

For a videogame one, there's always "Left 4 Head."
There actually is a "Left 4 Head" out there.
Posted: 04/16/10, 09:43:55
Tears of Whore
Anal Lander
Pocket Monsters
Fat Horse Gem 'n I
Double Drag
Mischief Makers
Deadly Penetration
Donkey Show Country
Zombies Ate Out My Neighbors
Wild Buns
The Misadventures of Tron Bonne
Bed Space
Super Rash Bros.
Tony Hawk's Pro-stitution
Ninja Gay Den
Super Princess Bitch
The World Ends With Poo
Guilty Rear
Silent Pill
Cock Bloopers
Tales of Erotica
Zack & Wiki: Quenched for Barbaros' Pleasure
Face Invaders
Ram Paige: World Tour
Bum Her, Man
Operation C-men
Drag Quest
Posted: 04/16/10, 10:34:44

SexCity 4: Touch Hour
Posted: 04/16/10, 16:24:01  - Edited by 
 on: 04/16/10, 16:24:50
edit - Damn it, in the time it took me to find that exact same gif, someone else posted it before me.
Posted: 04/16/10, 17:01:13  - Edited by 
 on: 04/16/10, 17:01:58
That's awesome.

Holy shit!
Posted: 04/16/10, 17:17:49
Wait wait, I got one...

Bump N' Hump
Posted: 04/16/10, 19:00:12
Beat 'em and eat 'em.
Posted: 04/16/10, 20:09:46
Wario's Wang Touched
Posted: 04/16/10, 20:16:35
Are you guys familiar with Pac-Man's original title?


And a built-in sequel with Ms.
Posted: 04/16/10, 21:32:27  - Edited by 
 on: 04/16/10, 21:32:48
The World Ends With Poo and Face Invaders are my favorites parody titles so far.

But World of Goo is still the best.

I would think up some but I have a bunch of work I have to do in the next 20 minutes. Lol, I'm a horrible employee.
Posted: 04/17/10, 01:40:01
Warioware Do It Yourself
Halo Whores
God of Whore
Gears of Whore
Ratchet and Skank
Resident Evil Whore
Call of Booty: Modern Whore Fair
Tube Slider
Jism Heaven
Poking Man
Phoenix Tight: Ass Attorney
Tiger Woods MILF
Metal Gear Solid
In Megami's Sensei
Sonic the Sexhog
Kid Stickourass
Sac Ooh Ahh Whores
Ass Handycooch
Jack in Asster
Girth Pound
Space Invade Hers
Pisshole Command
House of Good Head
Touch Detective
Poon Raider
Slammin' Max
Squirtar Whore-O

...And I'm spent.
Posted: 04/17/10, 01:41:36  - Edited by 
 on: 04/17/10, 03:19:30
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