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How are there still no gimmick Joy Con?? [roundtable]
I guess we have some fishing and rifle shells for the Joy Con, but we still have no real gimmick JCs? JC!

I watched the newest Playdate presentation a few days ago. Rather than have the same collection of indies that you can get everywhere else, they really are getting devs to make bespoke games for the device. The most idiosyncratic hook of the hardware is the crank on the side. But a Playdate Collection could easily be pulled off on Switch.

With a Crank Con!

The DS had a bunch of weird control peripherals, like the Taito Paddle and the Guitar Hero attachment and a Tilt sensor and something that turned it into a freaking mouse, and they had to be stuffed into the GBA slot!

Switch has tons of arcade collections. Where's our Switch paddle? Our Switch trackball? Our rotary Switch controller? Speaking of which, I really wanted a Labo Arcade set...

Speaking of which, I suppose Labo fulfills some of that role. But not reeeeally...

We're being flooded by a torrent of questionably profitable custom mini-console/arcade hardware these days. And tons of retro collections are being released, too. Why not a questionably profitable Taito Paddle Switch collection, with Paddle Con? Or something similar for Atari? Why not include a Click Con with the Neo Geo Pocket Collection Special Edition?

Or, hell, go even further and have an electronic shell that turns your Switch into a powered pinball table or mini-arcade cabinet! With real controls!

There should be a Bop-It-Con!

We should be playing Wario Ware Breathalyzer!

Thank you. *bows*

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06/15/21, 16:06   Edit:  06/15/21, 16:10
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I definitely expected something like this to hit the market early on. I thought we'd have a joy con with no control stick, just a really good D-pad.

Or perhaps joy con with the gamecube analog triggers, lol. Something funky!

Besides the NES/SNES controllers that clip on like joy con, yeah we've had nothing.
06/15/21, 16:34
Great idea. Would kinda dig having a fishing rod JoyCon.
06/16/21, 01:56
I would also like to know this.
08/08/21, 07:45
For how popular it is the Switch still feels very barebones. With the Wii Nintendo, as well as 3rd parties, clearly went all out to try to sell it to literally any kind of human being that existed, so we got all kinds of wild stuff. The Switch is super popular but outside of some Nintendo experiments like Labo and such I don't get the sense that it is being seen as this expansive console that can do anything.

I'm not totally sure why this is but I feel like Wii Sports was just a massive, massive game for the Wii. Launching with Wii Sports really defined the Wii as this thing for ANYONE AND EVERYONE in a way that the Switch has never really defined itself. It also probably pushed Nintendo and 3rd parties to try to figure out what can follow Wii Sports.
08/09/21, 18:18   Edit:  08/09/21, 18:19
Wii Sports Switch!

I think that Ring Fit Adventure is probably the closest thing to an 'everyone' game. It might even be a better piece of software than Wii Sports, but... it's still an exercise game.

I got Game Builder Garage recently. It's also a very well-designed 'game'. But the market on that kind of experience will be limited, as well.
08/26/21, 01:25
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