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Nintendo's mobile games: worth the effort? [roundtable]
When the Switch was announced, plenty of Nintendo gamers felt we'd be seeing the best of both worlds--handheld and console--on a single system. And while the Switch's library is fantastic, it doesn't quite have the quantity of games that would match the combined libraries of the past systems. Now, part of that may be because every game is being developed for a more powerful, modern-day system, but the other factor in the equation are Nintendo's mobile games.

Ultimately, Nintendo's still developing for two systems this gen: Switch and mobile. Is the tradeoff worth it? Are these games fun for veterans like you? And even if they aren't, are they a necessary piece of the puzzle in that they help fund larger console projects? I haven't really tried any of their mobile games outside of Super Mario Run for a bit, but I personally don't enjoy playing games on phones. What do you guys think?

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Posted: 12/10/19, 18:46:32
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I'd rather they focused on the Switch, but Fire Emblem, Dr. Mario, Dragalia Lost, and Super Mario Run were alright in their stupid, gemmy way. Mario Kart has some interesting ideas, but its controls are kind of iffy.

I dunno. I'm never going to play these games long-term, so maybe I'm not the best judge...
Posted: 12/10/19, 19:17:48
I know some people who got very into Fire Emblem Heroes, but I feel like the rest came and went without anyone caring much. I mean, obviously a lot of people TRIED them, since it is Nintendo, but it doesn't seem like anyone is too excited about them.

I don't really play games on phones but even if I did, none of these look that interesting to me.

Now, is it worth it for Nintendo? I have no idea.
Posted: 12/10/19, 19:22:34  - Edited by 
 on: 12/10/19, 19:22:52
Super Mario Run was great. Couldn't care less about the others. Nintendo is the only bastion of ethical game design in this industry, so to see them stoop to the lowest of the low is gross. Now, granted, if that's what mobile gamers "want" (insofar as an addict "wants" more of their addiction), then I guess they brought it on themselves; Mario Kart Tour is doing way better than Super Mario Run did, so...

...but didn't DeNA develop most of those anyway, and now Nintendo has cut ties with them? It sounds like they might be done. I hope so; let's let this little experiment be a footnote in Nintendo's history and forget they ever tried to make games for any other console.

Ha, speak of the devil: I was curious why someone I'd expect to have a lot of integrity retweeted this onto my timeline, until I saw the name of the account...

Posted: 12/10/19, 19:53:50  - Edited by 
 on: 12/10/19, 19:57:07
I don’t think their mobile games have really impacted their software output one way or the other, honestly. And while I enjoyed Nintendo’s mobile offerings fine...the only one I ever really stuck with is Pokémon GO. Which isn’t even Nintendo anyway, so.....
Posted: 12/11/19, 19:47:51
I think it's very much worth it for Nintendo to support mobile devices. It's pretty low effort software that they can put mediocre talent in charge of and rake in lots of cash from a huge pool of customers.

I have no interest in mobile games personally though. I don't care for that business model, form factor, and game design. The only games you find on my phone are roms and isos, pretty much everything from Atari 2600 to PSP I'd ever want to play, and I just bought a neat product from Razer called the Junglecat that basically turns my phone into a Switch style device.
Posted: 12/12/19, 05:21:20
I'm not against phone games as a rule, but it takes a perfect storm for one to catch my interest, and it's unlikely I'll ever have more than one on my phone at a time, so it looks like I'm stuck with Fire Emblem Heroes until the game dies.

But I gotta admit, the absurdity of Dr. Mario Land has endeared me to the game, if not tempted me to actually play it...

Dr. Baby Rosalina! Incredible.
Posted: 12/12/19, 07:01:16  - Edited by 
 on: 12/12/19, 07:02:03
Dr. Mario is pretty underrated. It's more finite, too. More of a stage-based puzzler like Puzzle Bobble.
Posted: 12/13/19, 14:23:13
I actually really like Dr. Mario World. I should play it more often.
Posted: 12/13/19, 17:37:27
Well, I think we at least have a definitive answer on whether or not these mobile games are worthwhile for Nintendo...


It's mind-boggling that Fire Emblem Heroes could possibly make a billion dollars if they keep it going for a few more years. I guess the possibilities are endless when you leverage a beloved IP with decades of history and make players gamble for Christmas Bikini Tharja.

I've spent four dollars on Fire Emblem Heroes, and five on Super Mario Run. I'm helping!
Posted: 01/30/20, 01:36:19  - Edited by 
 on: 01/30/20, 01:37:00
I don't really care for Nintendo Mobile games, but if it helps them make money so we get more Breath of the Wilds and Luigi's Mansions and Pikmins (especially the PIKMINS COME ON MIYAMOTO WE NEED MORE) then fine. I will just ignore them mostly.
Posted: 01/30/20, 05:53:38
I think they've been worthwhile for Nintendo, if for no other reason than to appease investors.

For me personally however, I've still never been interested enough to try any of them.
Posted: 01/30/20, 19:05:22
I do like the fact that Nintendo’s mobile games earn me Nintendo Platinum Coins. That’s cool.
Posted: 02/01/20, 20:23:44
What do you use those on these days? 3DS themes?
Posted: 02/01/20, 21:05:44
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