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Team 17 is easily one of the best third-party publishers on Switch. [roundtable]
Seriously. And they're having a huge sale RIGHT NOW. Let's highlight some of the gems:

Yoku's Island Express - As of three minutes ago, it's the highest rated game on NW. Well-deserved! A freaking masterpiece of elegance in level/world design. Pinball Metroidvania Perfection.

Worms WMD - Easily one of the most robust multiplayer games on Switch. Hotseat Play, LAN Play, Online... classic Worms gameplay, endless customization, random level generation, vehicles, crafting, 6-player support, teams, AI bots, 1080p/60fps, tons of unlockables, free DLC and substantial updates, a freaking Rocket League car... hell, it even has a slew of single-player challenges. What more could you possibly want?!

Yooka-Laylee - The first game was decent, and the new 2D platformer looks amazing! Best of all, Playtonic puts REAL effort into their Switch ports.

Overcooked - A fixture on the top seller charts, for good reason. It's a co-op classic. Perfect for Switch!

Blasphemous - Haven't played it yet, but I will. It looks awesome. A gruesome take on Castlevania.

Automachef - Looks like a super-fun puzzler.

Mugsters - A rare disappointment. Can't win 'em all!

The Escapists - Intriguing, but haven't tried.

And more! The other day, I noticed that I had almost every single Devolver Digital game on Switch. This will eventually be true of Team 17, as well. I love their values as a publisher. They're like the anti-EA.

In conclusion, if you don't have Yoku and Worms, get them immediately. No Switch library could ever be complete without them.

Let's Worms it up online!

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Posted: 11/18/19, 05:38:01
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I saw a new roundtable and immediately knew it was Anand.

I still really want to play Yoku's Island Express. It looks like such a unique and inventive game. Worms is always great as well, last one I played a bunch of was Worms Revolution on PC.
Posted: 11/18/19, 06:09:09
Dude, Yoku is SO GOOD. It's on sale for a criminally low price, too!
Posted: 11/18/19, 08:41:29
I was kind of so so on the Yoku demo, but it feels like something I should like, and it is cheap, so I bought it.

I also got Overcooked 2 because these games come up a lot on the best Switch multiplayer game lists. I still have no idea what these games are. Co-op? Competitive? Should we play it at the party?!

Also, not Team 17, but Crypt of the Necrodancer is on sale for $4 so I figured hey, might as well give that one another shot. I kind of sort of liked it on PC but I don't play PC games much.

I had just cleared out a bunch of my backlog too! Gah!
Posted: 11/18/19, 08:55:12
Overcooked is mostly co-op. Up to 4p. (There's also a competitive mode.) We could do that. We should play Crawl, too. And Astro Duel Deluxe!

Hey, should I bring Ring Fit Adventure?
Posted: 11/18/19, 15:52:24
@Anand Hmm I don't really play much co-op, I wonder if I'll get any play out of it.

And yes, bring Ring Fit!
Posted: 11/18/19, 16:13:22  - Edited by 
 on: 11/18/19, 19:05:49
Posted: 11/18/19, 18:39:40
Yeah, co-op's not really a Chicago thing...

Posted: 11/19/19, 13:55:24
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