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My Nintendo: How do you like the service? How are you using your coins? What more do you want? [roundtable]
1. How do you like the service?

I think it is a very worthy substitute to Club Nintendo. The fact that you can earn coins by just playing mobile games and signing up to different services on a weekly basis is fantastic. And, they build up rather quickly.

2. How are you using your coins?
-Bought a Mario suit for my Mii
-Bought Wario Ware Touched
-Plan on spending 600 Platinum Coins for a 15% discount on the digital version of a Link Between Worlds (earns me 40 Gold Coins)
-Plan on spending 100 Gold Coins on getting a 30% discount on the digital version of Majora's Mask

3. What more do you want?

-More mobile games that allow us to nab more coins
-3DS games that allow us to earn coins
-Earning gold coins for physical games
-More rewards (especially games)
-Physical rewards

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Posted: 04/18/16, 02:53:30  - Edited by 
 on: 04/18/16, 03:09:38
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I'd like to earn coins for challenges within the console games themselves rather than just the mobile apps (ala an achievement system with tangible results beyond mere e-peening.)

Just not garbage achievements though, meaning:

- Nothing grindy.
- Nothing luck based
- Nothing Multiplayer based.

Real rewards should be earned with real challenges.
Posted: 04/18/16, 03:26:30
1. How do you like the service?
So far, so good. Though I see the limited appeal to Miitomo as it ages. I think Nintendo needs to throw in a bit more of classic Club Nintendo and provide as many ways as possible to earn coins and we're golden. OH, and cross-platforming the Virtual Console.

2. How are you using your coins?
- Bought My Nintendo Picross: The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
- No Future Plans for coin expenditure.

3. What more do you want?
- New ways to earn both kinds of coins. Games or apps or whatever.
- Codes for Physical games a la Club Nintendo
- Physical awards
- Cross-platform the Virtual Console (and where applicable, eShop games)
Posted: 04/18/16, 04:15:22
So far, no interest in the servive...have not even signed up, know almost next to nothing about it. Since I'll never play a mobile game, ever, looks like I'll have even less interest in the service and Nintendo as a whole.

Honestly, I only play my PS4, I honestly have very little interest in Nintendo in the last year or so. I sold my 3ds. Highly doubtful I buy Starfox 0 with the stupid gyro controls. Lost complete interest in Zelda U or whatever its going to be called, especially with all the rumors about the game, if true, I will not be buying.

Unless the NX blows my friggin mind, I'm probably done buying Nintendo products.
Posted: 04/18/16, 10:58:28
I think it sucks ass as a loyalty program, but I'm happy that Nintendo is finally tying everything together under this new account system.
Posted: 04/18/16, 11:08:41
It's slick, but a lot of the rewards don't make sense. There are some games that you can buy with platinum coins, and some that you can only buy with gold coins. And the rewards so far, are kinda weak compared to Club Nintendo. There are no physical things that you can get at all, and you can't even register physical games right now. Getting coins is a pain as well, because the most efficient way to increase your platinum coins right now is to play Miitomo, which I can't do because it uses a ton of space on my phone. So the few rewards that exist are even further restricted for me, as my coins are a scarce resource.

At the moment I am saving my points for Zelda Picross, almost there as well. Should be able to get it next week when my next weekly missions come around. After that, I am not really sure what to get as I have played and finished WarioWare Touched years ago. Isn't anything else really there to care about. Maybe if I could get My Nintendo points with other games I would care more, but you can't so the whole service is kinda boring to me. Hopefully it improves as the NX releases and they are able to use the infrastructure more, but at the moment I don't care about it.
Posted: 04/18/16, 11:45:38
1. How do you like the service?
It's fine so far. I like being able to earn things without spending money on games, and the website actually seems to work, so that's an improvement.

2. How are you using your coins?
I haven't spent any yet. It's nice to know I could redeem Twilight Picross or WarioWare DS at any time, but I'll save my coins and see what comes next.

3. What more do you want?
It would be pretty radical if I could spend my Platinum coins on pizza.
Posted: 04/18/16, 16:24:24  - Edited by 
 on: 04/18/16, 16:24:52
1. How do you like the service?
It's fine so far. I'm not wild about it, but I don't hate it. Got some cool freebies, earning coins/credit is easy enough. Nothing has made me freak out with how AWESOME anything is, but...yeah. It's alright.

2. How are you using your coins?
So far I used them to download the Twilight Princess Picross game on 3DS, and download Metroid Fusion on Wii U. Now I have Fusion on both my handheld and console, and I didn't pay for either of them! I'm robbing Nintendo blind! Mwah ha ha ha!

3. What more do you want?
It seems to be a common theme, but like other have mentioned, I too want physical rewards. Cool figurines and stuff like that would be neat. I need more useless dust-collectors on my shelves!
Posted: 04/18/16, 17:15:03  - Edited by 
 on: 04/18/16, 17:15:42
So far, I like it. I like the idea of playing to earn coins to spend for discounts and free games.

I haven't used my coins on anything so far. I plan on getting WarioWare for sure, maybe the Mario and Donkey Kong theme. I was going to get Zelda Picross until I found out it has less than 50 puzzles. If they add more puzzles, I would get it.

I would like to know why NES VC games do not qualify for gold coins. The least amount of money you can spend to get gold coins is $5. Not $4.99 which is what NES VC games cost, but $5. It makes no sense that NES VC games would be excluded from games that can earn you coins.
Posted: 04/18/16, 21:04:07
1. How do you like the service? I like alright I suppose. It's functional. It's nice to have a reward system again.

2. How are you using your coins? I haven't used any yet. None of the silver coin rewards have been very appealing to me.

3. What more do you want? I think right now it's a little over-complicated. There's Gold My Nintendo coins, not to be confused with Miitomo coins, and then there's "Platinum" My Nintendo coins which can either have Miitomo branding or not have Miitomo branding. The rewards page is also confusing as to which rewards use gold coins and which use the silver ones. Is there a coin to dollar rate? Why are some discounts silver coins, and others gold? Some of the rewards use silver backgrounds in their images which is helpful, but some don't. It's kind of lame to me that you can use these silver coins on either an actual downloadable game, OR you can use it on some Mario outfit or something for your Mii. I have to imagine people have been tricked into getting the Mario suit through My Nintendo, not realizing that those points could be spent on discounts.

I kind of wish they could simplify it by having one kind of currency, and just give you a LOT of it when you buy a game. I also don't really like that the rewards are only for/from digital games. I mean I love buying games digitally, but there are so many deals out there every day that makes it hard to justify spending a buttload of coins on a 15% discount (vs. just getting that discount at Best Buy or Target or Gamestop).

Also any step by Nintendo to allow their whole library to be downloadable remotely is good. MS and Sony have been doing this for a while. Any move by Nintendo to catch up with them is welcome IMO.

It's a step in the right direction but I think they need to make the whole thing more streamlined and more transparent.
Posted: 04/18/16, 22:52:09
1. I don't
2. I haven't
3. Acknowledgement of physical purchases, less reliance on social media, boobs
Posted: 04/19/16, 00:43:36
I think moving forward, the social media thing won't be as big of a deal because we'll be gaining the silver coins within the games themselves (at least, I imagine My Nintendo Missions will extend to all of their games?). Will these Platinum coins be the equivalent of Achievements across all Nintendo systems? (Well, Achievements that actually DO something?)

I also have a feeling that Miitomo, or some evolution of it, will make online gaming WAY easier for all of us, like it is on other platforms. Want to play some Mario Kart? Just shoot Stephen a message, he'll get it on his phone and console immediately, and you're ready to go. I think you can give an eyeroll to the Social Media stuff in regards to the Facebook and Twitter stuff, but the mechanics of the app itself are FAR and away a huge step over what Nintendo has done before (seeing as it actually lets us talk to each other).

And we can curse on it which is pretty awesome.
Posted: 04/19/16, 01:39:07  - Edited by 
 on: 04/19/16, 01:42:56
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